A fact of any footy club is that you can’t enjoy the time on the field without a core group dedicated to organizing everything behind the scenes. From field bookings, scheduling, sponsorships and actual playing gear the committee is often seen but not recognized. If you get a chance give all our 2018 (and past) committee members a pat on the back. Their thankless work is what helps our club grow and prosper!

Without further ado, our 2018 committee is:

President – Eric ‘Kerro’ Kerrison returns as el Presidente and after successfully staging the Indochina Cup in Hanoi and furthering local development in 2017 is ready for some huge steps for the club in 2018 most notably in the masters and women’s space. Of course the local development will remain a core focus of the club’s development at the same time.

Treasurer – Steven Diep has kept the Swans books in great shape while all around him look to sink the club financially whether it’s another round on the the club or some hairbrained scheme to organize a club sponsored event. Steve doesn’t just manage the finances but gives great direction to all other committee member decisions and is a huge help in organization across all our events. Great to have him continue in 2018!

Sponsorships North – Tracey Johnston oversaw Swans sponsorship growing hugely in 2017 especially due to an increase in support from Aussie businesses based in the North (Tracey lives in Hanoi heading up Wide Eyed Tours Marketing). She will continue the momentum in 2018 and beyond.

Sponsorships South – Shane Macfarlane has moved from key player to key sponsor and now key committee member since arriving in Vietnam. He will help develop long term connections and value for existing sponsors nationally with a Southern focus in tandem with Tracey Johnston in the North.

Football Ops – Vaughan Swart again will take care of all things footy, fields, balls, training times and game setup. Perhaps Canadian but he remains the most physically daunting of all Swans players and will continue to utilise a no-nonsense approach to keeping us all out on the field throught the season.

Comms/Media – Billy Crang in the South (with his Sexytary Lachlan in North) will take care of digital communications. As skipper Billy is looking to get the good word about the Swannies activities out on a regular basis and make sure the whole world knows how Awesome footy is in Vietnam. He will be ably assisted by Lachie who has become an integral cog of the Northern Swannies development both on and off the field.

Footy Development – Chia Sabbatucci has seen the light and joined the Swans from the Jakarta Bintangs. Her inside knowledge of the Garudas development and some great off field events in Jakarta will play a huge part in our 2018 season. Welcome to the club and straight into the engine room Chia!!!