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Vote for Miss Australia. Now!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 8, 2008

Miss Australia and her National Costume

Things are really hotting up for the Miss Universe Pageant with the Grand Finale happening next Monday morning at 8am in Nha Trang.

Jerry Springer will be the host of the show to be screened live on NBC (you may remember Jerry from the Jerry Springer Show with such hard hitting episodes as Midget’s Big Problem, I’m Pegnant by a Transexual, I’m Marrying my Sister and A Cross Dresser wants My Gal).

Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic, has been absolutely magnificent for the Vietnam Swans (to see how much media coverage we’ve had, click on ). And now we can help her by voting online for her “national costume”. Yes, now!

Click onto the . Then click on the button that says, “Vote Now for the Best National Costume”. You will then be taken to a screen where you simply pick your 3 favourite national costumes.

The Blog understands that Miss Australia’s “National Costume” looks a lot like a costume and nothing like a national dress - but it dosn’t matter. One you’ve chosen Miss Australia and your other two favourites, close your eyes, imagine Miss Australia in the Vietnam Swans jumper – and click “Submit”.

Now, let’s return the favour to Miss Australia and go to the !

2 Responses to “Vote for Miss Australia. Now!”

  1. said

    Why oh why… when she could have dressed up in true national costume as graceful as a swan… why did she chose to dress up as a shark egg ???

    still gets my vote though.

  2. Stray said

    Laura’s official fashion consultant may be off with the fairies but, as her ‘unofficial’ consultants, Big Rooster and the VN Swans have helped her out.

    Took Fabbo’s advice and ticked Laura’s box for best national costume, imagining her in VN Swans top, denim shorts, fishnet stockings, cfmb’s . . .

    Little Lek ticked Miss Thailand and, Eddie the Mexican will be pleased to know, Miss Mexico got our third vote.

    Miss Australia for Miss Universe. Bring it on!!!

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