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Super Sav says, “Thanks”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 28, 2008

Scotty Stacey and his farewell banner at last weekend’s Indochina Cup in Phnom Penh

Super Coach and Saigon President of the Vietnam Swans, Scotty Stacey sends out a big thank you following his farewell tour at last weekend’s Indochina Cup in Phnom Penh:


Guys, can I just say an enormous thanks to Phil, Greg, Gus and everyone on tour (and for all those who wished us well before we left) in making this a truly awesome tour personally for myself. 


I certainly didn’t expect it to be all about me, and of course it wasn’t, but the effort you guys made to make it special for me was unbelievable and really appreciated. I was certainly touched.


And the tour itself, well, they just don’t get better than that do they!


If anyone who wasn’t on the tour ever gets the chance to do a bus tour to Phnom Penh for the Indochina Cup again, don’t think, just do it. It was certainly one that will go down in history.


For details and photos, you guys in HCMC are gonna have to turn up to the Xmas show at Danny’s house in HCMC on 14th.December


Cheers again, Scott


Some photos of the Indochina Cup are now available on the .

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A message from the new Tigers’ Prez

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 27, 2008

The Swannies and Tiges slug it out in the heat on the weekend


A message from the new Tigers’ President, Andy Teague


Phil (Swans President), it was good to team up with you and the Swans on Sat night and I’m pretty sure we won the Best off ground awards. We’ll have to make sure we hold that title on Anzac weekend (when Thailand will host the ANZAC Day match against the Vietnam Swans in Kanchanaburi).


Marty (Lao Elephants President), thanks for the contact and ditto on a great weekend by Eggo (Cambodian Kangas President) and it was also great to see Cambodia get a team together and play so well which gives us the opportunity to talk this up and turn it into a “must do” Football / Netball annual event. We were planning to host a weekend in Pattaya / Thailand next year so this may fit the bill.


The Laos invitation sounds great though we do have a domestic season early next year. So, if it was going to work, then the 21st Feb would be our best chance to get over there with a full team as we have a Bye that weekend.


Looking forward to a successful football future with all and thanks again Eggo for being such a great host.


Cheers Andy

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A message from the Lao Elephants

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 27, 2008

Marty Sharples at last year's Tri Nations' Cup in Hanoi

A message from Lao Elephants’ President, Marty Sharples:


Mornin’ all,


I’d like to echo Rhino’s thoughts by giving a big thanks to all for such a great fun weekend.


Eggo (Kangas’ President), thanks for pulling it all together. We all know what’s involved in putting on a tournament and its often a thankless task – so thanks! I hope the Phnom Penh guys can carry on over the coming years – you’re always welcome in Vientiane.


I thought the footy was a good standard on Saturday and played in great spirit. Rhino (Tigers’ President) good luck back in Melbourne and hopefully catch up for a kick and a beer sometime in the near future. I hope the Tiges can get up to Lao for a tour soon. You’re always welcome.


Phabbo (Swans’ President), as usual – aaaawwwwwwwesome work pal. See you very soon and keep on honkin’ that horn for footy in Vietnam – ya hearin’ me?


It all started for the elephants last year at the tri-nations in Hanoi which Phabbo generously invited us to. To culminate in success a year later with a tournament involving four sides shows that footy in the region is looking good. As we all know it’s easy to gain and lose players quickly in this lifestyle, but let’s hope this tournament can be penciled into the calendar each year.


Finally let me introduce Henry who’ll be taking over for future tours. He is cc’d in this email. I know the boys have been talking about hosting a game early next year so if you guys are interested please get in touch.


Good luck to all and hopefully catch up soon!



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A message from the Thailand Tigers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 27, 2008

Rhino at last year's Tri Nations' Cup in Hanoi

Thailand Tigers President, Rhino, sends a message after the Indochina Cup:


G’day gents,


Eggo (Cambodian Kangas’ President), well done again for your efforts to get the games happening on the weekend. A fantastic atmosphere, spirit and camaraderie amongst all involved.


To Marty (Lao Elephants’ President), it’s been great seeing the Elephants grow and continuing to prosper under your leadership and you’ll be a big loss (when you return to Australia) but you will leave them in a great position.


Phabulous (Vietnam Swans’ President), it was good to see you and the boys mixing it with the Tigers after the Gym Bar festivities and its great to see that footy in the ASEAN region is well and truly thriving, for which you have been a big part.


As it was my final game as President of the Thailand Tigers I would also like to officially welcome Andy Teague who will be taking over the reigns after my departure. Andy has been involved heavily with the Tigers, particularly with organizing touring parties to Thailand and our tours abroad.


Finally, I wish you all the best for the coming years and I hope to hear of plenty more success stories for footy in ASEAN. (Asia Champs would be nice!)


Good Luck and if you are ever in Melbourne, let me know, email will be the same.


Cheers, Rhino

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Indochina Cup and Super Coach Send Off report

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 26, 2008

Captain Gus

Captain Gus McEwin – Angus to his work colleagues – files this report on the Indochina Cup held last weekend in Phnom Penh. It was also the farewell tour for Scotty Stacey.


It was billed as the tour of the season and it did not disappoint.  On Sunday evening the green tour bus returned to HCMC after a successful tour.  As the players disembarked outside the Café Latin, faint but discernible traces of the sponsor’s product, Jim Beam, could be smelt in the air indicating it had been an enjoyable trip back from Phnom Penh.

This was the Swans’ first foray into Cambodia and the first Indochina Cup to include the mighty Cambodian Kangas.  The Kangas squad of 24 or so were captained by the ball-magnet Greg Eggins who was best on ground for the Swans at the Asian Champs earlier this year.  The football slut Rooster also lined up for the Kangas.  The Laos Elephants squad of 24 included the amazing Marty Sharples, an institution in Asia, who learned about football playing for the Swans in years past.  The Thai Tigers had a squad of 15 and the Swans also 15 which left just one on the bench.

Amongst the Swans squad were Colin and Jerry playing their first games of Aussie Rules, 3 players over 40 years old and one, Micky J, over 50.  Larry the token pom was also about to play his first full games of AFL.  And of course, there was Scotty Stacey, the Little Guy, the Super Coach, the Filthy Dog, call him what you will, on his last tour with the Swans.  Young Zak Stacey was also there to take part is his father’s send-off.  (There is a chance he may need therapy after this weekend).  The tour was all about Scotty and the Swans had prepared a massive banner to honour his huge contribution to the club over the last 5 years.

After a beer soaked 8 hours with Danny Armstrong and Scotty leading the way, the Swans arrived in Phnom Penh intact at around midnight on Friday.  Colin ventured out and started earning his tour reputation.  Saturday was a beautiful sunny day of about 40 degrees in the shade and the ground was resplendent.  The Thai squad were late to arrive which meant that the Swans were first up against the Kangas.  It was a must win for the Swans and after a miserable start the Swans came home by 4 points despite some truly woeful kicking in front of goal.  Greg Gregson and Monkey got plenty of it with help from Danny A in the ruck.  Larry the hooligan was surprisingly brilliant in defence and seems to have ‘come of age’.  We are not going to talk about Phil’s ‘Daicos-like’ goal.

After a short break, the Swans took on the Tigers and played some of our best football so far.  Greg Gregson was on fire and starting baulking and throwing dummies and arrogantly squeezed in a couple of bounces as he weaved through the Tigers.  Derrin was getting plenty of it up forward.  It was neck and neck throughout the whole game.  Euan pulled off some big marks but then kicked it out of bounds in their forward 50 which lead to a goal on the final siren for the Tigers…but it wasn’t enough and the Swans won by a point.  Euan wept with joy.  History was made as this was the Swans first ever defeat of the Tigers in about 6 clashes so far.  The Swans were on a roll.

The Elephants had disposed of both the Kangas and the Tigers by a couple of goals and they were looking the in-form side.  The final match between the Swans and the Phants was the grand final for the coveted Indochina Cup and the Swans wanted it badly.  The Swans 15 players were all still walking but it was reduced to a hobble for many, with Nick twinging his infamous groin, MJ with wooden Achilles heels and Danny A audibly creaking.  This was our last game with the Super Coach Scotty Stacey and our shot at the Cup.  Scotty rallied the troops and we flew into the Phants with everything we had left.  Everybody had to stand up and everybody did.  One of the Phants stood on my back.  Jerry was thrown in the deep end and seemed to enjoy getting tackled and thrown into the pitch.  MJ still had plenty to give and Colin took over in the ruck against Asia’s tallest man.  Scott Stacey was seen to catch and hold his first mark for the day (first ever?).  Monkey, the ring-in Matt and Damo were superstars.

But alas, the Phants with 8 on the bench were just too good and too fit.  The Swans ran out of legs and continued to kick like retards in front of goal.  The Phants went on to win comfortably and take the Cup with their captain Souk kicking his first ever goal.

It was an absolutely awesome day and the games were played in a fantastic spirit – a fit send off for the Swans star Scotty.  The Swans were undermanned but our performance on the field was inspirational and courageous and there were even some patches of good football.  But as we all know, the game is played in 2 halves – on and off the field – and our performance off the field was just as good.  Colin’s pole dancing was eye-catching, Greg Gregson showed shades of Hugh Heffner, and Phil Johns contributed $400 to Cambodia’s GDP.  But it was really on the bus trip home that the Swans hit their best form.  Larry lost the fines sheet and was duly fined by the new self-appointed fine-master, none other than Super Scott Stacey.  And fined again.  There was a 6 litre bottle of Jim Beam (soft like a kiss), chants of Jerry-Jerry-Jerry, a ferry, and no-one remembers much else.

All in all it was a cracking tour and will go down in history as one of our best.  Thanks to all those who played for us and against us and all those who supported the tour.  Goodbye and good luck to Scotty Stacey, may there be many happy returns!

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Lao Elephants win Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 24, 2008

Triumphant Lao Elephants trumpet

The Lao Elephants, who formed a team last year and won two of their 4 matches at this year’s Asian Champs, have gone on to claim the Indochina Cup. They were undefeated in their matches against the Swans, the Cambodian Kangas and the Thailand Tigers.

The Swans performed strongly winning against the Kangas and Tigers.

It was a great farewell tour for the Swans little guy, Scotty Stacey. It was also the farewell tour for Elephants President, Marty Shaples; Tigers former President, Rhino and for Cambodia’s Mr Football, Eggo.

Great weekend. More to follow.

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Swans salute Scotty at Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 21, 2008

Scotty’s match day banner

Five years ago, in November 2003, Scotty Stacey played in the then Hanoi Swans historical first tournament, against Thailand and Hong Kong.


Tomorrow in Phnom Penh Scotty will again play Thailand, as well as Lao and Cambodia, for the Vietnam Swans. However, this will be his last match. Scotty returns to Australia on 15 January after 17 years in Asia – the last 8 in Vietnam.


When it comes to footy in Vietnam, they don’t get any bigger than the “Little Guy”. He was pivotal in resurrecting footy in Hanoi. He was pivotal in resurrecting footy in Saigon and forging a national footy team. Vietnam played in our our first Asian Championships last year with a few blokes from Lao and one guy from Cambodia to boost our numbers. The blokes from Lao have gone on to build their own active footy club, the Lao Elephants (Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!). The guy from Cambodia, Eggo, has scraped together a team called the Cambodian Kangas which will host the Indochina Cup this weekend.


On the field, the Little Guy’s a goal sneak in the forward pocket. Off the field, he has been the Saigon President and our Super Savvy Coach. He’s also the man to organise everything else that everybody else wouldn’t have a clue about. AFL goal posts, for example!


The Vietnam Swans will travel by bus to Cambodia late this afternoon for tomorrow’s Indochina Cup. It will be a great weekend of footy action and a fitting opportunity to salute the Little Guy.


As the Vietnam Swans have to pay registration fees and medical insurance for this tournament, it is timely to again acknowledge the support we have received from our generous sponsors during the previous 12 months:


  • Linfox
  • Loscam Pallets
  • Jim Beam
  • Blue Ink Asia
  • Bobby Brewers Coffee (400 Le Van Sy Street, District 3)
  • – Real Estate Search 
  • Pest Free
  • LaVie Water
  • Fosters
  • No. 5 Bar
  • JVK Asia

Honk yer horn if you love the footy!

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The Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 20, 2008

The Cambodian flag

Plans are well and truly underway for the Vietnam Swans invasion of Cambodia tomorrow night.

It is expected that the Swans will cross teh border tomorrow at about 6pm in their chartered bus from Saigon. Bring it on!

Meanwhile, internet and blog sites are buzzing with news that the Cambodian Government has changed its National Flag for this weekend only, as part of the celebrations surrounding the Australian Rules Indochina Cup between Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

It is rumoured that the flag will carry an extra stupa so that the famous Angkor Wat has a faint resemblance to a set of goal posts.
The Swans Blog won’t be surprised to hear the Cambodians express their love for footy by honkin’ their horns. Hearin me? 

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Junior footy surges in Indonesia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 17, 2008

Chris Bandy and Auskick in Indonesia

The AFL website has run an article entitled, . The article, written by Graeme Carey from , interviews Australian Youth Ambassador, Chris Bandy and looks at the country’s and Jakarta Bintang’s impressive achievements in junior footy and how they are being achieved. 

Chris Bandy has been in the job as Head of Australian Football Development in Indonesia for a year, after an Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development grant allowed for the introduction of Australian Football into Indonesian Schools.

The initial results have been highly encouraging, and it is expected that a fully-functional junior competition will be set up in Jakarta next year. recently interviewed Chris on his adventures in what is a challenging, but most interesting and rewarding environment.

WFN: What’s been done so far, where are we today?

The first thing we did, we were able to get on-side three Indonesian development coaches, Boy, Ardy and Rian, and with the help of these native Indonesians we have entered and conducted clinics in nearly 50 schools and had almost 6000 kids, boys and girls, exposed to the game. From this we have obtained a core group of between 200-300 children who regularly come to training at various grounds we’ve hired in the greater Jakarta area. Signs are promising for the establishment of a fully functioning schools based league by the end of next year.

Aside from the Indonesian component and Indonesian schools which comprises 90% of the work we undertake, we’ve also been involved in coaching an under 16 team from the British International School who play under the moniker of the ANZ Jakarta Bulldogs.

They recently travelled to Singapore with the senior team, where they won the inaugural Asian Under 16 Championships. Comprising players from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Indonesia, Finland and of course Australia, this is yet another way of expanding our game globally.

The only issue with these lads is they have do not have enough competition. Their enthusiasm is tremendous, they just need to be able to play more often and that is going to be one of our challenges.

We’re in the process of putting a new proposal to AII and it is hoped that we may be able to secure more funding from them for another year.

Click to read the rest of the article.

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Troy says the jumper is – Awesome!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 16, 2008

Troy, on the right, says the new jumper is the dux nuts

Former Swans player, Troy Lanigan, pictured to the left in the match against Malaysia in Hanoi, March 2006, has finally received his new Vietnam Swans jumper in the mail.

Troy, now living in Perth, wrote to the Swans during the week to say,

My jumper arrived today. In one word, “Awesome!!!!’

It is one smart jumper and looks a million dong better than the pics (except when Miss Australia wears it).

Thanks heaps, Troy aka #18

For anyone interested in purchasing a jumper, contact . The price is USD65 (+USD10 for postage if required).

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Captain Gus throws down the gauntlet

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 14, 2008


Captain Gus in 2006 with longer hair and longer legs

One week prior to the Indochina Cup, Captain Gus challenges the Vietnam Swans to increase our numbers for the last tournament of the year which will also be Scott Stacey’s last match for the Swans.

For those in Saigon, training is on tomorrow at 2.30 at Parklands.  This is the final training until after Tet next year, so your last chance for a kick for a few months.

This is also the last training session for the Swans who will be battling it out in Phnom Penh in the inaugural four-nations extravaganza next Saturday.  The Thai’s and Laotians are sending big squads but we are struggling for numbers even though we are only 6 hours away in the bus.

So far we have 15 players only, with the older stars holding us up again, which leaves no real bench for three games and no real legs. This is also the last hoorah for Scotty SuperCoach Stacey who has given his all for the club over the last 4 or so years.

Scotty has promised us all that he will Vietnam earlier if we win…

So if you can, please sign up for what promises to be an epic weekend.  Bus leaves Friday 4pm-ish.
Remember, ask not what your club has done for you, but what you have done for your club.

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Update on Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 11, 2008


The first time since WWII that we haven't had a rep from St Pat's

The Vietnam Swans are about to play in, arguably, Asian Footy’s biggest tournament for Q4 2008, the Indochina Cup.

Equally arguably, we’re facing our biggest challenge since the end of WWII. For the first time, we are unlikely to have any representatives from St Patrick’s School, Ballarat.

Sam Grigg has already departed for India in a belated effort to save the Border-Gavaskar Cup. Drew Franklin will be in Australia for an important wedding. Micky Francis is still to return from Australia. Will Martin is still lost in Wagga Wagga looking for Vietnamie Vietnamie. 

Now is the time to step up. Now is the time to lead from the front. It will be a cracking tour to Phnom Penh. It will also be Scott Stacey’s and possibly Charlie Williams’ last tour for the Swannies.

We’re hiring a bus that will leave HCMC at 4pm on Friday 21 November and return at midday Sunday 23 November (or fly if you prefer). Visas can be purchased on the Cambodian border. Hotel accommodation is as cheap as $15 per night. Too easy. 

If you’re not on the list below or if you’re on the list with a question mark, can you please confirm. If you want to bring a friend, bring it on. All are very welcome 

Saigon: Scott, Phil, Nick, Danny Monk, Larry, Damo, Paul Koch, Greg Armstong, Gus, Derrin, The Boz?, Matt Johns??, Issac??, Muzza??, Richard Beecher??, Dave Kainey (Singapore),  Hanoi: MJ, Potsy, Willy, Matt, Charlie??, Dan Kindness??

Just as with St Pat’s, this footy tour will be all about Faith, Tradition, Excellence, Joy.

Footnote: The Blog has just learnt that apparently Sam was not a St Pat’s Boy. According to Drew, “he was a Ballarat & Clarendon College Homo”.

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