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Supercoach and footy tipping for Swannies in 2012

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 22, 2012

The Swannies' 2012 AFL Supercoach and Footy Tipping Competitions are now open!

Ah McRae, what are you up to this time?? Ross McRae tells us all about the Swannies’ 2012 AFL Supercoach and Footy Tipping Competitions.

Will Timmay's GWS investment skyrocket??

Dear all Tippers and Fantasy Coaches,

This is it. This weekend has the kick-off with the opening match of Sheedy’s teenagers taking on the other great Swans club in what will be a momentous occasion for Australian sport. And, perhaps Timmy’s sly auction purchasing last year (of a GWS jumper at the Grand Final Party) will see his investment sky rocketing.

Supercoach 2012

We already have our first Supercoach league full and what a great league it looks to be!  Ryan ‘dark horse’ Evans looks to be the man to cause quite a stir this year and Shagger is looking to come back from a disappointing showing in the Grand Final (perhaps he needs another whistle).

You can join up in the Vietnam Swans’ Magoos league by searching for 965281. 10 spots remaining. No cash – just a whole lot of Glory!!

It’s even bigger with it’s very own Twitter account – 

Footy tipping 2012

As part of tradition, we are also running a Swannies’ Footy Tipping league. Same entry fee as last year of 250k or 13AUD direct debit.  Entry fee is optional although, if you want the cash prize, that you intend to pay or have paid. Only those who pay will be be eligible for the prize money, even if you come first!!

Just follow this link to join – .

So bring on the AFL season, bring on the Swannies and bring on the HOOTs!!

Supercoach out!!
Coach of the Reigning Premiers, the Ahs.

Ed’s note: Ah McRae, will you win it again??

Ah McRae's been designing again. The logos for all the Supercoach teams. Yes, the Muppet's team is Timmay's.

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Where do we start this week??

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 12, 2012

16 Vs 18. "That's the problem!" Fabbo at the post match formalities. Photo Joe Garrison.

National President, Phil Johns, gives another energetic update on all the big happenings around Vietnam with the Swannies.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

  • The Cambodian Cannonball Run
  • Hanoi – Battle of the Codes
  • Hoi An/Danang – Swing to Swim
  • Saigon – Gaelic Aussie Rules Football Match etc
  • Nha Trang – Auskick
  • Wotcha Binh Duong? Footy business as usual in the Binh
  • Memberships
  • Supercoach
  • Final thought

The Cambodian Cannonball Run

Sometimes, it’s a game of two halves and Saturday a week ago against Cambodia, it was a game of five quarters – with the first three being declared null and void. It was originally advised that each team would field 18 players. However, a week prior to the game, Cambodia advised yours truly that it would be reduced to 16. I failed to communicate that message to the coaching panel on the day which could possibly be described as a basic footy mistake. Meanwhile, all the holes in the layers of Swiss cheese lined up beautifully and we therefore entered the game playing 18. Just prior to the three quarter break, Cambodia discovered we had the two extra players. The Cambodian President proposed that we just continue the game – with 16 a side – as “we’re not playing for sheep stations”. The Swannies’ counter offer was to wipe the scores of both teams and play a new game of 2 x 15minute halves which we did and the Eagles won comfortably. It was a nguyen-nguyen result out of a poor situation.

There’s lots of reasons why the above happened. Collectively, they are the single reason why our preparation for the Club’s next international, the biggest of the season, the 2012 ANZAC Friendship Match on 21 April, will be razor sharp.

In Cambodia, we also awarded the Rick Trewavas Medal. However, the medal has now transformed from “Bloods Breed BOGs” to “Butter up Bloods” which translates to “Get up and have another crack”. Rick has done that with his fight with cancer and that’s exactly what Micky J did all day against Cambodia. Congratulations, MJ (see medal attached).

Hanoi – Battle of the Codes Quiz

Next Thursday, 15 March, the Vietnam Swans will co host the 2nd Annual Battle of the Codes Charity Fundraiser, together with the gaelic, netball and rugby clubs. Last year, collectively we raised $2,500. This year, all money raised will be donated to Swim Vietnam (swimming) and Little Tigers (orphans). Sponsored items for raffle/auction are welcomed.

Hoi An/Danang _ Swing to Swim

Next Saturday, 17 March, the 2nd Annual Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day and Evening will be held at Montgomerie Links, Danang. $25,000 was raised last year and was shared between Swim Safe (Royal Life Saving Society of Australia) and Swim Vietnam. It’s only a week away and there’s still time to sign up for this amazing tournament and cause that has been co organised by Montgomerie Links, Royal Life Saving Society of Australia, Auscham and the Vietnam Swans.

Several schools have offered to help support the initiative of an unofficial “Water Safety Week” by running their own swimming programs in the next week to help raise awareness. They include Danang’s Singapore International School and HCMC’s International School of HCMC. How big will it be next year??

Saigon – Gaelic Aussie Rules Football Match and more

Next Saturday 17 March, Saigon’s Inaugural Bi Annual Combined Gaelic Aussie Rules Football Match will be held at RMIT. Sponsored items for raffle/auction are welcomed. It will be a mega St Patrick’s Day in Vietnam.

On Saturday, 7 April, the ABC School Day in District 7 will host a Family Fun Day. It will run from 8.30am – midday and they’re keen for Aussie Rules to be represented through an Auskick session. If you would like to help out, please advise.

The feel good story of the week: Swannies’ skipper, Dukesy has reported that congratulations are due to his friends, Laurie and Beth, who have just had a baby. What makes Laurie and Beth special is that they met each other at the Swannies’ 2010 AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon. As former Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello once said, “It’s fine to have a baby for mum and for dad but just make sure you have one for the Swannies”. How good are those Swannies’ babies?

Nha Trang

On 1 April, an Auskick clinic will be run in Nha Trang – and it would be awesome to have any Swannies in Nha Trang help out.

Robert Costabile is a friend of one of the Southern Dragons, Tung. Robert lives in Nha Trang where he runs a restaurant and works with eight local orphanages to provide food, support and school fees. Robert is putting together a day where they will bring together all the children from the orphanages in the province for a lunch and sports day, with local games and activities for kids of all ages.

If you can help out with the Auskick, .

Wotcha Binh Duong? Footy business as usual in the Binh

Dave O (I need another Swannies’ function) Shea continues to run training sessions on Thursday nights in Bing Duong.


Player’s memberships are now available. Details of social memberships will be announced this week.

We’ll give you the tip, wearing a Swannies’ top is the most fun you can have between Swannies’ functions.


For all your Supercoach needs and application forms, please contact (Ah McRae, you’ve done it again). Ross is also trialling twitter for Supercoach as the Swannies move towards the 21st Century.

Final thought

It’s been a big week: another big week in Asian football and, with the teachers not being on holidays, a big week in education (as Nat reminds us).

Honk! Honk!

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President Saigon Sammy brings jumpers and more news

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 9, 2012

Saigon Sam brings new footy jumpers and other good news this week. Photo Joe Garrison.

Saigon President, Sammy Conroy has loads on his mind: from the Cambodian Cannonball Run to membership packages, Gaelic /Aussie Rules tournaments, Swing to Swims, Supercoach…

It just keeps gettin’ bigger.


Well after a mega trip across to Cambodia which resulted in a controversial loss (not really; we stuffed up) we are now none from 2 this year so far. My Mum has been watching our progress via the media and she seems to think that I am to blame so will be at training this week to sort me out. Coaching committee will have us all in their sights as well, for sure, but expect a lighter run this week after getting knocked around for 5 quarters last week.


Training will be at the usual time of 2:30 at RMIT on Saturday but if you need some extra work, turn up at 2pm and we will run through Matt Natalotto’s pain session for a warm up.

Gaelic Game

The Irish lads are pumped about our game on the 17th (click here for another Ah McRae… poster special) and are looking to make a real event of it. Can everyone if you’re in or out for the weekend so we can get an idea on numbers and teams.


Memberships are finally sorted out with what has been a slow process turning out to be a great result for players. Jumpers will be available this week with the rest of the gear arriving in a few weeks.

Membership last year was VND1 million plus VND1.5 million for a jumper. However, based upon us sourcing a new supplier, we have been able to get the membership down to 2 million this year including a jumper which is awesome work by Phil and Alex. New sponsors, better materials and more choice is also a bonus.

Bring your VND2 million tomorrow to training and if you want to keep a loaned No. “10” jumper, we will sell these for 30 bucks (Little Nicko’s running everywhere). We also have supporters and junior memberships available.

Annual Swing to Swim Charity Golf Fundraiser

This event is turning mega with word that Rowan Luke and Ross Munn from our sponsor, the Commonwealth Bank, are locked in for the weekend. Swannies numbers look to be stronger than last year which is fantastic as it only adds to support this great event. Get on board the Swans train this weekend with two Swans’ functions on the same weekend (what are you going to do Dave????).

Super Coach and Tipping

Super Coach has got so awesome that Ross has had to put a second comp on to meet demand. The Swans’ tipping comp is also getting good numbers and if that’s not enough, get on board the tick tick Boom comp as well. Ross sent details round earlier and there will be an update on next week, you can also collar Ross at training this week.

See you all at training with no doubt more details and stuff I have forgotten.

For additional details, please contact the Saigon President, .

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Swannies Supercoach gears up for 2012

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 20, 2012

Swannies Supercoach is on for 2012

Ross McRae is Supercoach Ross to all his friends in 2012. He now gives us an update on what is happening this year.

Just wanted to let you know that places are filling up to join the elite coaching comp.

500kVND / 25AUD entry fee, the prize money split between first and second.  Last year Shagger and I went 60/40 (you decide before the GF).

18 coaches (-1 for Gus), so that’s 8,500,000VND as a nice finals drinking kitty to split.

With the likes of legendary supercoachers such as Scott Stacey, Mark ‘Willy’ Williams, Paul ‘Livin the Dream’ Koch, Dave ‘Angry’ Hadley, Danny ‘Monkey’ Monk, David ‘just Daisy’ Bourke and Shannon ‘Crow-Shagga’ Leahy, how will new comers to the league fair?

Moggy, Dave O’Shea, Ryan and VT legend Timmay  are all joining the mix looking for bragging rights against the old blood.  Also wild card entry Shagger’s dad, Michael, pitting his acumen against his son (perhaps its just another team for Shannon on the sly?).

With the NAB Cup having kicked off already, Swannies’ training sessions in full swing, it’s time to get leather poisoning!

So drop me an email to  if you want in!

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Sign up for Swannies Supercoach and tipping comps for 2012 AFL Season!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 8, 2012

The 2012 Swannies' Supercoach and Footy Tipping comps are now open!

The 2012 AFL Season is getting very close – and that means you need to start thinking about excel spreadsheets and dartboards: spreadsheets for the Swannies’ Supercoach comp and dart boards for the Swannies’ Footy Tipping comp.

Swannies’ Supercoach

If you think you have too much time on your hands, this is the competition for you.

If you ‘re sick of listening to your mates talk about more trades more often than any broker on Wall Street in a bubbling economy, you’re not alone. But don’t worry. Now you can fight back. Thanks to Ross, we’re going to have a weekly Supercoach newsletter, jam packed with vital tips and analysis, that will help you smash anyone not on his mailing list. Ah McRae, you’ve done it again.

Supercoach Details

  • Elite League – VND500,000 (AUD25)  and limited to first 18 people who sign up. Modest amount of prize money available. Immodest amount of bragging rights also available. Please pay the Swannies’ Treasurer, Rowan Luke. If outside of Vietnam, you can transfer money to ‘s Australian bank account.
  • Casual League – If more than 18 sign up for the Elite League, we will run a separate “Casual League”. No entrance fee – and, alas, no prize money.

To join Swannies’ Supercoach, you will need an invitation from Ross at

Footy Tipping Competition

Last year, we had multiple comps going on here. This year, we want everyone to be in the same competition. It’s at

  • Entrance fee: VND250,000 ($13AUD)
  • Payments may be made to Treasurer, Rowan Luke. Outside of Australia, we will advise separately.
  • If you haven’t paid entrance fee by Round #2, you will be ineligible for any prize money.
  • If you would like to be the “administrator-facilitator” of the footy tipping, please contact .

Another big year in footy is starting…

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Senior Coach wraps up the footy tipping and Supercoach comps

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 9, 2011

Mick Malthouse to loan crown to Supercoach winner, Ross and Footy Tipping star, Dez-ar. Maybe. In the future.

Retiring Swannies’ Senior Coach, Josh Little, does a wrap up of the footy tipping and Supercoach competitions that both concluded last weekend.

As the finals heat up in the AFL, the Vietnam Swans are already celebrating their champions. When the home and away season concluded last weekend, there were two clear winners in the Supercoach and Footy Tipping Competitions.

Supercoach had it’s own fierce battle between old friends, Shagga and Rossco. In the end, Ross came out on top to take out the Supercoach championship (Ed’s note, Ah McRae, you’ve done it again). Those two will be sharing the prize money in the coming weeks and I’m sure it will go to good use…

The Footy Tipping had a spectacular ending to it with RIP (Chris Lawrence) leading for the majority of the end of the season. Derrin Limbrick has been close the last couple of years and was coming home hard. With a big upset and some potential upsets brewing over Round 24, Dezza just got over the line by one tip to finish on 146 for the year (Ed’s note: Is this “All Asia” bloke going to leave any silverware on the shelf in 2011??). Chris Lawrence and Fleur Limbrick took out equal second with 145, just one tip behind Dezza. Considering Fleur has only started tipping within the last couple of years, you would have your money on her to take it out in 2012!

Congratulations to Ross McRea and Derrin Limbrick for being the 2011 Champions!

Prize money will be awarded at training in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for everyone who participated in 2011. It was a great year and we can’t wait for 2012

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Supercoach winner Ross McRae thanks and tells all!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 8, 2011

Even the Lao Elephants were paying attention to Ross Supercoach at last month's Asian Champs. A natural.

Last weekend, the Swannies’ Ross McRae who designs all the Swannies’ posters and banners and everything else, picked up the Supercoach title. Below, he reveals all in a “thank and tell all” email.

Firstly, thank you Josh (the Swannies retiring coach) for running Supercoach again for the year and providing us with your ‘weekly’ updates.  However your final odds were certainly off.  Personally, thank you for getting me into this, now with it all over I am able to focus on…, well…, something…

Shagger, congrats on runner ups.  We did what we set out to do and that was to finish 1st and 2nd in, whichever order, it doesn’t matter.  As well as putting those ‘more experienced’ coaches in their places. Lower down.  Next year I won’t be sharing as much information, since you’ve found your legs and, with little nudges, was able to field a team I had a feeling was going to go missing in the finals.

Meatholes, condolences for the 3 point loss in Batch’s league. ‘Boomer’ Harvey certainly lifted for the last game with a Personal Best for the year.

Daisy, you made your choice on leaving Vietnam so chin up. You just need to find your ‘Martinis’ and you will be okay.

Josh has already asked Shagger and I to run Supercoach next year, so I look forward to taking this on and will be pushing early to field a league of people who actually pay money… Gus…

Thanks again for the competition gentlemen, and see you at the Draft, NAB Cup and GWS training seasons.

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2011 Supercoach Grand Final on this weekend

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 1, 2011

2011 Supercoach Grand Final: Shagga V Rossco

Josh Little previews this weekend’s Supercoach Grand Final.

Swannies. It doesn’t get any bigger than this! The 2011 Supercoach Grand Final is upon us and it’s a big clash this weekend with Shagga v Ross. Not since the round 17 showdown between Melbourne and Port Adelaide at TIO stadium has there been such hype surrounding a match of AFL football. Ross did what he simply had to; beat Daisy and get into the Grand Final. Shagga did it with ease and booked himself in a Grand Final in his first ever finals series.

Batch bowed out with no trades, unable to account for those zeros. We know Batch will be back next year and ready to go.

Daisy almost did it again for the second year in a row. He almost stumbled into another Grand Final. His opponent wasn’t scoring well and he almost got over the line. Unfortunately Rossco just got there in the end to cap off another eventful finals series for the Daisy chain.

Grand Final

Shagga has spent very little time with the Vietnam Swans in 2011. People are wondering why but when you’re a number 1 contender heading into the Grand Final, you don’t need too many excuses. He has been focused all year, whilst some players hit the gym to work on their guns, Shagga hit bigfooty and fanfooty to find the best players to pick up for his team. And boy did it pay off in spectacular fashion! Shagga held top spot on the ladder for some time before being beaten by Ross in the final round of the home and away season. Now, Shagga has a chance at revenge and an even better chance to take home a premiership. In a forgetful year for South Australians in footy, Shagga has a chance to restore some pride for his home state!

Ross claimed that this would be his year, he spent 2010 finding his feet in supercoach and always claimed “don’t underestimate my ability to find information on the internet”. Geek. But Ross was right, he was able to get a greater understanding of the game and its players, pick the right guys and become one of the strongest teams in the competition. Ross set up his finals with a big win over Shagga in the final round of the season and a massive first up score to secure his place in the Prelim. Ross will be sidetracked with posters for the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Parties but he will be sure to be glued to a computer screen all weekend.

TAB Sportsbet Odds:

Adelaidecows $1.50 vs Hoosiers $2.35


The Supercoach Grand Final is on this weekend between Shag and Ross.

Josh’s prediction:

Rossco is flat out of trades. That’s a fact, he used up everything he had to get into the Grand Final. Shagger is a little sneaky, I know he had quite a few trades heading into the finals and might still have 1 up his sleeve. This is huge given it’s the final round of the home and away season in the AFL, there will be a lot of stars rested before the finals. Shagga had a massive score last week and Ross struggled a little. You would have to say that Shagga might have the upper hand in this battle. Shagga by 100+

BUT WAIT, there is a little more.

Gus made the Grand Final in the “everyone gets a gold star” finals series. The best of the rest have faced off and now Gus will be taking on Lucas to see who will be the champion off the bottom 8. Gus finished ninth and is keen to restore a bit of pride. Lucas had a very unlucky year and really should have been in the top 8. Whoever wins will be taking some momentum into the 2012 season.

My pick is Gus because he needs to win something this year! How bad is “Gus luck”?

That’s all from me for 2011. Thank you all for putting up with my annoying e-mails and bad jokes. Come back in 2012 and we will do it all over again!

Honk your horn if you love your Supercoach… and the Swans of course!


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Swannies National Update

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 20, 2011

Read all about the Swannies!

National President, Phil Johns, gives us the National Update. As always, there’s plenty going on.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

  • Swannies
  • $36,116.06 raised for Queensland Floods Appeal
  • Sponsors Dinner, Thursday 24 February, Saigon
  • Hoi An Swimming Program – Brochure attached
  • New Sponsor – , Vung Tau
  • Sponsor offers $200 Australian Tax Returns
  • Swannies’ website to record its 200,000th hit
  • And finally…

Swannies 2011 AFL Footy Tipping Competitions

Josh Little has organised the Vietnam Swans AFL footy tipping competition for 2011 – as well as Supercoach 2011.

You do not need to pay to play but if you want a chance to win the big bucks, the entry fee is 250,000VND or AUD13 direct debit for remote Swannies. To be eligible for the prize money, you must have paid prior to Round 2.

Please visit our now. The password is “hoot”.

For details on Supercoach 2011, click here for full details.

$36,116.06 raised for Queensland Floods Appeal

Further to my email of 31 January, we received an additional AUD1,100 for the Swannies/Auscham/Jaspas/VINO/Commonwealth Bank/Ulyesses Club Queensland fundraiser which took the grand total to AUD36,116.06. The Commonwealth Bank has already remitted to the Queensland Premier’s Appeal, fee free, $21,116.06. The remaining $15,000 is being remitted separately by the Boomerang Restaurant and Meinhardt Engineering.

After work on Friday 25 February, the Social Club at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi will also hold a fund raiser at Matilda’s (located in the Embassy’s grounds). To gain entry to the Australian Embassy, you must bring photo identification.

Sponsors’ Dinner – Thursday 24th February, Saigon

Jaspas for a Sponsors Dinner on Thursday

On Thursday evening, the Saigon Committee shall host a dinner for our Sponsors at Jaspas Restaurant in Hai Ba Trung Street. The purpose of the dinner is to discuss and brainstorm two major events coming up for the Swannies:

  • The ANZAC Friendship Weekend on 23-25 April (click here for more information).
  • The Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day at , Hoi An, on 14 May (click here for more information).

These two events are already generating considerable and escalating interest. By working so closely with our sponsors, we will ensure that the interest is justified.

Hoi An Swimming Program – Brochure attached

Brochure for Hoi An Swimming Program

As you will be aware, the Vietnam Swans are very pleased to be a supporter of the Tribob Hoi An Swimming Program. With the support of Knight Frank, we have just completed the attached

Hard copies will be printed this week for distribution.

New Sponsor – , Vung Tau

The new look Tommy's Bar

Last week, in Vung Tau confirmed that it will be a sponsor of the Vietnam Swans in 2011. Publicans, Glenn and Trang (see picture below) have already filled up the Sports Bar with Swannies and Asian Footy memorabilia. And now, as of two days ago, two giant Swannies logos adorn the doorway to the Sports Bar (see photo below). It looks fantastic. So, if you’re in Vung Tau, make sure you get to Tommy’s at 3 Ba Cu Street and check out all the memorabilia. It’s a hoot!

Sponsor offers $200 Australian Tax Returns

Odyssey Resources

Swannies Sponsor, Odyssey Resources is an Australian owned, Australian registered tax agent based in Saigon. In Australia, Odyssey is the recognised Australian owned market leader in the provision of back office tax work to hundreds of Australian accounting firms. Each year, the staff at Odyssey complete thousands of Australian tax returns. Their staff are competent and experienced in all areas of Australian tax work – individual tax returns, self managed superannuation fund returns, trust and company returns.

If you would like to discuss the lodgement of your 2010 Australian tax return (or are a few years behind!) contact or David Carter. As a guide, starting price is Aus$200 for a standard Australian personal income tax return.

Swannies website to record its 200,000th hit

On Tuesday, or possibly even tomorrow, the Swannies website will record its 200,000th hit. That’s the equivalent of two Grand Final crowds at the MCG. The website records nearly 200 hits per day.

And finally…

If you’re not honkin’ yer probably not breathin’.


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Supercoach 2011 is now open!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 3, 2011

Gus eyes Miss Australia as closely as his Supercoach results

Josh Little is the Swannies resident Supercoach. He’s also organising the Swannie’s AFL Supercoach 2011 competition. Read on if you want to be part of the action!

Well boys, it’s on again!

After speaking with many participants in 2010, this was an absolute HIT last year. So the Swans will do battle again in 2011 and fight for the ultimate prize, the Vietnam Swans Supercoach Championship!

Will Gus continue to be obsessed with this game and spend every Sunday night crying over another lost opportunity?

Will Daisy fly to another country and some how fall into the Grand Final again this year?

Will Shagga understand that picking an entire team of Adelaide Crows players isn’t necessarily a good thing?

Will Willy continue his weekly banter and vocal support from the North?

Or, lastly, will Josh (that’s me) continue to show his strong form in this game and claim his much deserved first crown in Supercoach?

All these questions will be answered when the season kicks off!

I have already set up the Swans league and it’s just waiting for all the participants to join. Given the success that 2010 delivered, I suggest registering your team early to avoid disappointment.

I think before we start the league, we should all agree to the fee this year. I think 500,000VND (USD25) would be fair for everyone who joined, making it 6,00,000VND for the winner and 2,000,000VND for the runners up. I’m open to ideas so let me know your preference.

Reply to this e-mail if you’re keen to play and I will send you an invitation. We will sort out the payments later when trainings start.

Honk your horn if you love Supercoach (and, of course, the Swannies).

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A Swannies mega update from the National Prez

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 19, 2010

National President, Phil Johns sends out an update on what is happening in the Land of Swannies.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

A b-i-g week just finishing. A mega month about to be unleashed…

1. AFL Superstars Nathan Buckley and Gary O’Donnell join Swannies footy clinic at RMIT
2. Lao Elephants Vs Vietnam Swans, tomorrow
3. ANZAC Weekend, Hanoi Vs Saigon, Vung Tau (near Saigon)
4. Footy tipping
5. Tomorrow in Netball: Saigon Vs Hanoi

1. AFL Superstars Nathan Buckley and Gary O’Donnell join Swannies footy clinic at RMIT

In Melbourne Victoria Street, Richmond is known as “Little Saigon”. Last Sunday, RMIT University, Saigon looked like “Little Melbourne” when AFL Superstars Nathan Buckley (Collingwood) and Gary O’Donnell joined the Vietnam Swans for a footy clinic. The players were mobbed by squillions, young and old, Vietnamese and Australian, for autographs and photos. Amazing scenes – especially with the Vietnamese kids from KOTO whose ears were joined by the biggest grins. Despite having just arrived from Australia, Nathan and Gary were both generous and genuine with their time. They both made it look like the footy clinic was the only place they wanted to be. Fantastic.

To see photos, visit the .

2. Lao Elephants Vs Vietnam Swans, tomorrow

Today, the Vietnam Swans set off for Lao to take on the might of the stomping Lao Elephants. Stomp, stomp, stomp. The big game will start in Vientiane at 4pm tomorrow.

When the Vietnam Swans played in our inaugural Asian Championships back in 2007, five top fellas from Lao joined us. Since then, those fellas went on to form the Lao Elephants. Elephants founder, Marty Sharples, says that regardless of the tournament, whenever our two teams play each other, it is the “Marquee Event”.

The Lao Elephants have forwarded a schedule for the weekend and, as expected, the hospitality will be first rate. The Elephants will return to Vietnam in November for the 4th Annual Indochina Cup which will be held in Saigon.

3. ANZAC Weekend, Hanoi Vs Saigon, Vung Tau (near Saigon)

The Vietnam Swans will host an ANZAC footy match between Hanoi and Saigon at the Vung Tau Greyhound Race Track on Saturday 24 April. This will be our inaugural ANZAC Match. Swannie and Warrant Officer from the Australian Embassy, Dan Kindness, shall take us on a tour to places of significant interest to Australia on the Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we will play the footy match which will be followed by an informal function. On the Sunday morning, we shall attend the Long Tan Dawn Service. Dan shall show us several more sites before we head back to Vung Tau to watch the Collingwood Vs Essendon ANZAC Day match on the TV.

The Vietnam Swans will play the footy match on the Saturday as a mark of respect to all who have fallen in all wars and to celebrate life in Vietnam in 2010.

This will be an extraordinary event and going forward, we expect it will become an annual event that connects communities. As part of that, we shall also announce full details of a local swimming program that the Vietnam Swans will support (in Vietnam, approximately 40 children under the age of 15 drown each day).

Coincidentally, last night, Swannie Phil Murphy (Hanoi), who is currently in Melbourne on business, attended a function with Hawthorn players.  Phil spoke with Luke Hodge and Brent Guerra (see photo). He says that “Luke was fascinated that there was a very active AFL team in Vietnam and they (wished us) the very best for the year ahead – especially for our ANZAC event.”

Details are still being finalised butclick here for the that has been put prepared by Dan Kindness. As you can see, it is a very comprehensive program and already, 75 people are confirmed to join the weekend from Hanoi.

To register your interest in attending, please contact in Hanoi or in Saigon.

4. Footy tipping

It’s still not too late to join the Vietnam Swans AFL footy tipping competition for Season 2010. For full details, click here or email .

5. Tomorrow in Netball: Saigon Vs Hanoi

Tomorrow, the Saigon Shooters Netball Club will host the inaugural clash between the Saigon Shooters and the Hanoi Oi’s at the Australian International School in D2, Saigon. The Swannies enjoy a very close relationship with both these teams and both have toured with us before. Both teams will be part of our Indochina Cup weekend later in the year. So, if you’re in Saigon tomorrow, get out there to AIS and barrack your lungs out for…

As long as netball is the winner, the Swannies will be happy.

Finally, honk yer horn if you love Aussie Rules in Vietnam!

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2010 The Swannie’s first update

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 23, 2010

Read all about it!

The Vietnam Swans National President, Phil “Fabbo” Johns sends out the season’s first global email. Read on!

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

In the Vietnamese New Year, well may we welcome the Year of the Tiger, because nothing will save them from the Year of the Swannie!

2010 is shaping up to be another big year and we are hoping to make a couple of big announcements very soon. However, during the interim, please see below for an update on the Swannies Calendar:

1. Lao Elephants Vs Vietnam Swans
2. ANZAC Weekend, Vung Tau
3. Footy tipping comp and Supercoach
4. Training in Hanoi and Saigon resumes this week
5. Big Day Out recap
6. Making the news
7. National Sponsors

"Well may we welcome the Year of the Tiger, because nothing will save them from the Year of the Swannie!" Gough Whitlam, February 2010

1. Lao Elephants Vs Vietnam Swans

The Vietnam Swans first match for Season 2010 will be played against the Lao Elephants on 20 March in the land locked country of Vientiane, Lao.

2. ANZAC Weekend, Vung Tau

It is official. We will play a football match in Vung Tau (near Saigon) on ANZAC Weekend. The match will be played between Hanoi and Saigon at the Vung Tau Greyhound Racing Track on Saturday 24 April. The following morning, there will be the opportunity to attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Long Tan. We will return to Vung Tau for breakfast, watch the Dawn Service from Gallipoli on the Australian Network and then watch the Collingwood-Essendon match live from the MCG (before catching the ferry back to Saigon).

The first ever footy match in Vietnam was played by an Australian regiment in 1966 and then again in 1969, 1970 and 1971 (click here for full details from Wikipedia). If anyone knows the contact details of anyone associated with any of these matches, could you please forward to me.

More to follow.

3. Footy tipping comp and Supercoach

The Vietnam Swans AFL footy tipping comp is about to kick off for season 2010. It’s easy to play. Check here for full details.

If picking winners is too easy, you may want to get involved in all the detail and the strategy. If that sounds like you, you need to sign up for Supercoach.

Full details on these two Swannies Comps can be found here.

4. Training in Hanoi and Saigon resumes this week

This week, the Vietnam Swans resume training after the TET Lunar New Year holidays in both Hanoi and Saigon.

Hanoi -     Thursday nights starting at 6pm: Gym session at the Australian Embassy
Saturday afternoons at 1.45pm: Real footy training with Tommy Sherrin at the UN International School

Saigon –     Saturday afternoons: 2.30 – 4pm at RMIT University

5. Big Day Out recap

On 30 January, the Vietnam Swans ran Auskick Sessions at Auscham’s Big Day Out in Saigon. The Saigon Shooters also ran some netball clinics. It was a great success (see photos below).

On display, we had a certificate of appreciation from the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League thanking the Vietnam Swans and broader community for the money raised last year in support of the victims of the Black Saturday Bushfires. Also, for the first time, we had the Phoenix Perpetual Cup on display. It was donated to the Vietnam Swans by the Captain of the Australian Naval Ship, HMAS DARWIN. This trophy is played for each time an Australian ship visits Vietnam.

6. Making the news

Would you believe that last year, the Swannies appeared in publications such as the Bangkok Post, the Melbourne “Age”, Vietnam News, the Jakarta Globe, the Sydney Swans AFL Website, the Australian Embassy’s website, the Saigon Times and WA Today  – as well as appearing on a Saigon television station’s program? To see the full list and to read their stories, click here.

7. National Sponsors

Thanks very much again to the Vietnam Swans National Sponsors:

  • – Jumper Sponsor. Transport logistics.
  • – Jumper Sponsor. Keep your premises clear of pests.
  • – Jumper Sponsor. JB, just the best bourbon.
  • – Jumper Sponsor. Fly me there cheaply!
  • – Travel Bag Sponsor. Now in Vietnam.
  • – Shorts Sponsor. All your accounting needs answered.
  • – Training singlets. We can shift you anywhere.
  • - Medical provider. Giving the community peace of mind.
  • – Graphic Design. Vietnam’s on line real estate portal.
  • – Stubby holder sponsor. Performance trimarans and catamarans

Can’t get enough of a Swannies’ footy fix? Not surprised. Log onto for more.

Beginning, middle and end of the day, we’re all honkin’ our horns for one reason: we love the footy.

All good!

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