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Tipstar Goes – Blind Freddy!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 22, 2008

Well gents – the tipstar thought to spice things up a little, we would make the last 3 rounds of the season blind. So you wont be able to view the competition ladder and you will have to log on to the Swannies website to see who has won the cash! Catching up the last few rounds, before round 20, there have been come eye catching tipstars.

Round Winners:

  • Round 15 – Kutch bags 8
  • Round 16 – Golden Boot Gus and Jonh Tatnell tie at the top with 7.
  • Round 17 – Golden Boot Gus – smashed the competition with a ridiculous 7.
  • Round 18 – Danny Armstrong, The Boz and Micky F all share the chocolates with 8.
  • Round 19 – John Tatnell – the perfect 8.

So it is down to the business end of the season – the group has bunched at the top of the table and it is that tight that anyone of 14 blokes could win. So hang in there – 2 rounds to go – check the teams, watch the weather, and take your time to choose very very carefully. We all know someone will take a risk and win, someone will choke, and there will definiftly be Gus at the end of the season saying, “I was gunna pick them”. Good luck and go the Vietnam Swans Tipstars!

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Kutch Takes Stage 15, The Bloke Keeps Yellow Jersey

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 16, 2008

Geelong's Cameron Ling, king-hit by Dean Solomon who copped 8 weeks

It looked like an easy round of tipping – or so we thought.

Kutch was the only tipstar to grab all 8 and took this round’s tipping honors in style. Muzza snagged a lazy 7 and el presidentai, “uncle crow” got 6 and the third spot on the podium with the best margin selection of the round for those with 6.

The overall standings are still tight at the top with no change. “The Bloke” out in front, followed by Deesboy and the Troggs. “Becareful” you are only “1 Dean Soloman brain-fade” away from throwing your season, so hang in there and watch the teams before putting in those tips.

Good luck with this week’s tips. There are some shockers. City of Churches derby (who cares); Richmond V Essendon – both on the up, but never far from a down; Kangas vs Pies – only a brave man bets against the Shinboners; and the top of the table clash at Kadina Park – Cats v Doggies – will Ablett play???

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Damo on top of Round 14!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 7, 2008

Adelaide are gone, so is Barry Hall, but Damo is on top of Round 14. Tipping 6, there was nothing but daylight separating the rest of us. It was another tough round where not doing your tips was better than doing your tips. It is pretty hard to find the positives, but I will try.

New City Committee men in Saigon, Gus and el Presidente’ Scotty Stacey came in stone motherless with a score of 2! Can you beleieve it!

“Becareful” was, you guessed it, too careful. Mr MBA, Brian O’Reilly was probably hitting the books too hard all week, and “Snaggs” probably should stick to, well, cooking. All scored a total of 3 for the round.

Overall though there was little change at the top of the leaderboard. I might be calling the winner from the clocktower at Flemington (any Spring Carnival man know this to be foolish), but only those in the top 10 can win.

“The bloke” out in front by two on 87 is flying. “Deesboy” and “Troggs” on the podium either side, are going to have to do something creative. Matty Johns and Tony Morwood are in touch, but are known for getting the yips late in the season.  A host on 81, “The Boz” just could have the luck. Micky Francis is up and down like a yo-yo. “The Stray” moving to month-on month-off out on the oil rigs off Vung Tau will run into a logistical nighmare, and Mr Armstrong might just get a call from the bank! On 80 and rounding out your Tipstar Top 10 is Chris Batchelor. Like any Collingwood supporter, Chris will get the “wobbles” the closer we get to September.

All the best for the next round – Vietnam Swans Tipstar

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Un-Australian to Miss Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2008

Whats worse, putting your tips in and getting less than the automatic score for the away teams (Gus, Phil, 45% of the swans tipstars), or not making an appearance at the Miss Australia training session Saturday morning? (Drew and Sam). Surely it is un-Australian to Miss Australia. Anyway enough of that life changing experience and back to the Tips – Sorry for the disappearance for a few weeks, but here we go.


Round 10 – 3 votes, “The Bloke” – smashed everyone with the only 8.

Round 11 – 3 Votes, “The Bloke” – was 1 of 3 to get the 8 – but also selecting the correct score, you can’t get any better than that.  Phil and Matty (Bobby Brewers) Johns the other 2 to nab 8.

Round 12 – 3 Votes, “Bobby Brewers Johns – obviously with the opening of the new store on his mind and looking for any free publicity he can get, he dominated this round with 7 and the closest margin of 3. Micky F came in a close 2nd

Round 13 – Considering he wrote a list after this weekend, to come out as the number 1 tipstar is devine intervention. The No 1 Drew snuck in with a lazy 6. M Johns, Damo, The Stray and Lockett 1300 all posted 6’s as well.

So the Leaderboard – 1) The Bloke 83, 2) Deesboy 81, 3) Troggs 81. There are still plenty in the hunt – remember there are millions riding on this competition. Also note the last 3 round are silent – so unless you are Gus or Matty Johns and tell everyone they see who they picked and a game by game summary all across the weekend – it should be exciting. 

Hang in there and keep tipping – TIPSTAR

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Tipstar – Round 8

Posted by Vietnam Swans on May 21, 2008

We are starting to see the quality rise to the top. Some massive efforts in this edition of the Vietnam Swans Tipstar.

Starting to really stamp authority on this comp are “Troggs” and “Deesboy” – Lucky 8’s for the 2nd time in 3 weeks – tough to beat. Slowly lifting and climbing back into the title race are Uncle Crow (yes we here you coming), Boz, Chris B, Tony Morwood (Celebrity Tipstar) and Snags – all with 8. The competition overall is on the improve with the average for this week being up about 6. So enough about the heros – what about the villians from this round?

Well…….”The number 1 Drew” is quickly becoming the Fremantle of the comp – good on paper, but just can’t get over the line.  Andy Wall – starting to choke a little like Port, Fabo Phil in need of a name change, and “The Stray” – acting a little too much like his beloved Saints – seasons over. Gone, either tanking or looking for an early footy trip are the Matts – “Johns”, “Ball” and “777” are off the pace and need a bigger sprint home than Kiwi in the 83 Melbourne Cup.

Tipping looks much harder this week – plenty of injuries and suspensions. How long before the CATS or HAWKS lose? Port vs Sydney – who cares?. Will the Tigers be able to put away the Dons? What ever the answers, think long and hard this week – we need to catch the 2 at the top that are starting to pull away.

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The Tipstar strikes back – Rounds 5,6 and 7

Posted by Vietnam Swans on May 13, 2008

Sorry for the delay lads – its been 3 action packed weeks since the last post and there has been plenty happening. Lets get into it!

Round 5 – What can I say, “The Stray” – brained the lot of us – the only bloked to get 8! A clear winner – take some time to check out the cracking photo of the Mighty Joe on the site. Daylight to everyone else – Damo and the Vietnam Swans, not so Fabo with 3.

Round 6 –  what a week a difference makes in tipping – Tipstars all round.  8 got 8. G Train Gus, A Wall, Troggs, Deesboy, Chris B, Tony M (not Boney M), RS (Rory) and the out and out winner – Jason Dunstall Walks on Water.  Almost could be called a “Bevy or a Wedge” of Swannies – look it up, apparently that is the term for a group of Swans – bevy who would have thought!

Round 7 – much tougher this round – for some. Fabo Phil, Damo, Snags and Mark Procter (all with 3)- bit early to start tanking – especially considering there is no last prize in this elite comp. Consistancy coming though with Rory S taking the chocolates with a game margin of 5(eye). Deesboy, Uncle Crow and Be Careful all starting to make their move up the ladder. Speaking of…………

Ladder – at the top of the heap – Deesboy is the leader with a better total margin, closely followed by Troggs – both on 45. They are setting a cracking pace, only to be hottly chased by Tony M, who is “That Bloke” and who else but, “The Stray” round out the top 5. The bunch has started to settle nicely and I think that it is time the Tipstar made a few…………….

Predictions – “Boz” is making steady ground. He is on the move and is a smokey for the title. Also up there at a bit of value is “Be Careful’, but I think that “The Bloke” is the 1 to watch. Hates being a front runner so get in his ear.  May champions are an easy pick – Golden Boots Gus (pressure) and the “Stalwart” from the country will fade to mid table.

So – last but not least – it is time for me to chase the coin – in the next week I will hunt everyone who hasn’t paid down – probably a few who have. (Yes Danny Armstrong I know I owe you 50,000 dong. ) Next week I will tally it all up and see what the stakes will be. Hang in there and keep tipping.

PS – for the not so die hard Aussie Rules supporters – this picture is of JEZZA and is accepted as being the greatest mark to have ever been taken in the history of AFL!

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Tipstars – Round 4 Wrap – Tony or Paul?

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 15, 2008

Holly Hell – what a round we witnessed on the weekend.  Some big efforts from the guns up forward. Fevolution (7 goals) , Bradshaw (5 goals) and Richo (4 goals and match winner) – and an absolute brain fade from Big Bad Barry Hall – that without doubt has been blown out of proportion. Although Staker still thinks he was hit by a herd of Elephants! Some are saying it is the worst hit of all time? Anyone heard of Neville Bruns – perhaps someone should ask him?

To the tips – the standout this week was “The Bloke” – the only tipstar to pick 7 which moves him 2 points clear at the top of the leader board, he was one of only a handful to pick the Tigers to beat Freo- Danny Armstrong (Richmond supporter) of CBA fame is 0-2 when the Tigers have won this year. But Danny was the only tipstar to correctly select the margin of 30 points for Friday nights match.

There was plenty of movement throughout the leader board. Dunstall and Lockett may have been 2 of the best goal kickers of all time – but as tipstars, “Jason Dunstall walks on water” and “Lockett1300″ could put more time into researching the game instead of coming up with creative names.  They are in the bottom seven with a few other big names – “Andy Wall, Hawksfan, John Tatnell, Damo and the Vietnam Swans”

So the ladder is starting to open a little. A few suprises last week has meant than tipping is getting a little harder – how long will it take for Port to win a match? How did the Vietnam Swan tipstar know that Barry Hall would get 8 weeks and how will it affect Sydney? The Tigers are they the real deal or a 1 week wonder?

Almost forgot to mention – celebrity tipstar Tony Morwood continues to impress holding down 2nd position again this week.  The Tipstar was able to find an old Scanlons footy card of the champ, or so I thought. Apparently on the photo shoot Tony was unable to tame that classic 80’s mullet and asked his brother to stand in. 

Happy tipping for round 5 – Vietnam Swans Tipstar

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Round 3 – The Tip Star’s footy tips and insights

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 6, 2008

Up until this point The Vietnam Swans tipping comp has been flying – stand out performances all over the park, mostly good, a couple bad. With Round 3 just gone, for some there were a few games that obviously looked a little tough to pick – there was plently of spread in the numbers, the highlights and lowlights below

The Good

Mark Procter, Matthew Johns and Rory Spreckler tipping a classy 8 from 8. R. Spreckler manging to double his previous combined tipping total. Obviously 3 to watch over the up and coming weeks. The money is on “1 more Matty Johns” to probably fade to mid table – probably like the Hawks will do.

The Bad

Uncle Crow (Scotty Stacey) and “The # 1 Drew” have managed the devils number 6,6,6 so far this season.  There is a word about town that there is a little bit of devil in these 2 off the park as well. From 2 blokes who have been talking up their tipping skills, probably need to do a little more.  A couple of 1 hit 1 wonders, “The Quang Ngai Stalwart” and “The Hawks fan” who both plummetted from 8’s last week to a lazy 4 this week.   

The ugly

The Vietnam Swany is currently placed 262,744 out of the entire comp – 262, 914 and with a lazy 7 from 3 rounds is starting to ask why there isn’t a prize finishing last. At this stage he will need a bigger comeback than the Blues in the 1970 G-Final – Jezza-linko, You beauty!

Overall – The top 5 of the comp is starting to take shape – The Bloke, Matt Ball, Mark Procter, Tony Morwood and Side Door Fabbo Phil. So the rest of us, how about a lift. Study up this week and get those tips in nice and early. The blokes out in front are solid contributors and their consistancy is paying off. But there is a whisper about Saigon (probably started by Golden Boots Gus (G Train, Capt) that they can get the shakes when under pressure and go off the boil – so get in their ear !!!

Until next week – or Saturday at training D7 RMIT Saigon South 2.30 PM Sharp, or 7.30pm Thursday at Dead Cat Stadium in Hanoi – good luck with the tipping and support the Vietnam Swans.

The Tip Star

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Vietnam Swans TIPSTARS – RD 2

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 4, 2008

Muzza the Tip Star makes his long awaited return to commentary:

Short but sweet this week lads.

Highlight of the week – all 30 participants in the comp all on board and got their tips in.  Lowlight of the week, the early fall from grace of the Vietnam stalwart – the “Stray”. He slumped from a Top 5 in round 1 to bottom 2 in Round 2. Hell!.

Plenty of boring blokes in the comp. Matthew Ball, Kutch, Boz, Muzza, Drew, Mick the Dick F, Johnny Tatnell, Locket 1300 (most of them kicked in the bog at Morrabbin when where no one cared), Rory Sprekler (fake name) – all tipped the same number across both rounds and need to break out and grow some B#lls.

Bony M – also known as Tony M. Finally lived up to his rep. Nice one slotting in a lazy 7.

Can’t forget the awesome 4 some – blokes who jagged 8 last week included, Griggsy from somewhere in the middle of Nam, Troggs, Mr CBA and Hawks fan.

So onto RD 3. At the moment it looks as though the Hanoi TIPSTARS are far from it. How about you blokes lift your game and start getting ready for the “STATE OF ORIGIN” in Nha Trang later this month. Can’t promise a shoot out similar to Dunstall V Ablett V Lockett V Who cares, like in the mid 90’s – but get your act together and pull on the shorts. Huge bragging rights that will last for the entire year.


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From Tip Star to Wang Kar

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 3, 2008

Controversy has struck the Swans Footy Tipping competition in just its second week of the season.

Last week it was all good. Muzza the Tip Star kicked off the season with his weekly wrap of the weekend’s AFL footy tipping action. We all knew what had happened.

This week, the people are asking, “Where’s Muzza?”. Spontaneous demonstrations have flared with some protestors carry placards that simply say, “You’re fired”.

A Club Spokesman said they were unsure what had happened to the Tip Star but added that Muzza’s day job had got far busier in the past couple of weeks.

The Spokesman added that the Tip Star still enjoyed the confidence of the Club but perhaps he need to refocus on the work-life balance. Too much work for the boss and not enough for teh Swans could make the Tip Star a very dull boy indeed, warned the spokesman.

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Round 1 – The Tip Star’s analysis

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 25, 2008

Muzza, the Tip Star, will provide an in-depth, comprehensive and timely analysis each Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday or whichever day) of the preceding weekend’s footy action. And, more to the point, he will tell us how the Vietnam Swans’ punters fared with their tipping. Expect the insightful, the pertinent and the outright ridiculous. Here’s the Round 1 analysis:

Well, well, well. The footy season did arrive and it is a shame that some of the Vietnam Swans alleged tip-stars didn’t. Blokes don’t forget to put your bloody tips in – yes you Fabbo Johns.

And whose great idea was it to have celebrity tipsters? The comp is now lead by none other than one of the legendary “Ball Boys”, Matthew Ball. With a margin on the Thursday night game of 7 points, he is in front of “Stray”, “The Bloke” and “Matt777″ who all picked 7.

To say the least, there were some interesting efforts on the weekend.

  • Richmond supporter, Danny Armstrong picked 5 – pity 1 of them wasn’t the team he supports!
  • The Vietnam Swans through the Herald Sun “Kiss of Death” managed a pitiful 2.
  • The Sydney Swans legend, Tony Morwood is mid table with a solid 5.
  • The Vietnam Swans legend, Silver Fox Johns is also mid table with 5 – but was assisted by 2 away tips!
  • Matthew Johns is still lost somewhere in the footy tipping system but has been singing all weekend about the Hawks – a shame he didn’t even get his tips in! (Ed’s note: haven’t you seen his hair recently?) 
  • Luck of the Irish was with “The Boz” who tipped a handy 6 as did Mr Jim Beam, Andy Wall.

So, Round 1 has been run and and won. Well done to all of those who have joined so far.

Remember anyone can join up, follow the details below. The more that join the bigger the prize pool – so far, the winner will pick up 3.5 million dong!

Muzza, the Tip Star

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The Footy tipping comp is back!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 2, 2008

A message from Muzza the Maestro re this year’s Vietnam Swans AFL Footy Tipping Comp.

Hi everyone.
In 2008 the Vietnam Swans are again running an awesome AFL tipping competition. It is quick to join and easy to submit your tips each week through the
.au website.
In the next few hours you will receive an invitation to the exclusive Vietnam Swans Tipping league. Sign up and then start studying your clubs pre-season form to try and find out who is going to be the big movers, up and down the ladder this year. If you don’t receive the email and would like to join, contact .
What you need to do is sign up via the website, and so that you are eligible for the awesome prizes, pay either Scott Stacey, Phil Johns or myself by the start of round 7. The fee to join is 250,000VND or 15 USD.
The competition prizes will be 1st, 50% of the pool, 2nd 20% of the pool, and 3rd 10% of the pool. The remainder will go towards helping the club throughout the year.
Wait for the email directly from the footytips website – follow the instructions and links and away we go.
If you have any questions regarding the footy tipping competition, contact me, Muzza, at the new and exclusive email address, . You can also log them under the Vietnam Swans Tipping league.
Happy tipping!


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