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Grand Final Replays & other news

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 30, 2010

The Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Replay Parties

Nasho Prezo, Fabbo, gives the Grand Final replay update.

Dear Swannies Sponsors and Supporters

Last weekend, The Vietnam Swans had the AFL Grand Final Parties – and it was a draw! So, this Saturday, they’re back out again for the People’s Grand Final Replay.

Hanoi Grand Final Replay Party

Will be held at the seriously awesome JASPAS from 10am – 3pm. 500,000VND for big buffet, free flow Foster’s, wine and spirits.

Saigon Grand Final Replay Party

Will be held at LesudGAUDIR, 4 Thao Dien Street, District 2 from 10am until whenever. Details are still to be finalised but it is expected to be ‘pay as you go’ with beers/ house wines/ cocktails no more than 25K/ 55K / 60K respectively. Meals will be approx 100K. As this is the People’s Replay, dress casually in your favourite footy colours – and board shorts/bikinis for a swim in the pool. There will also be raffles, giveaways, competitions, face painting. Strong rumour: Gus McEwin, former Swannies Captain, will make a surprise visit.

September sees fans flock to MCG and Swannies website

If you think the Swannies Grand Final Parties this year have been mega, you’re not alone. This month, the Swannies website has had an average of 295 visitors per day (8,265 visitors for the month so far). All up, they have had 172,000 visitors: that’s nearly twice the size of last weekend’s Grand Final crowd. Also this month, the Saigon Times has run a story on the Swannies, and both Radio Australia and the ABC Radio Vietnamese Service have conducted interviews.

Asian Champs & Training on Sunday

It is only 18 days before the Vietnam Swans will play in the 11th Annual Asian Championships in Shanghai. Accordingly, the day after the Grand Final, the Swannies in Saigon will be back on the training track. Training: 2.30pm, Sunday 3 October, Parklands.

Auskick will be held at 1.30pm at Parklands.

American Jerry, Jerry, Jerry back home in the US

American Superstar for the Swannies, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, returned to the US a couple of months ago. Today he left a message on our Facebook Page:

Gentlemen – thought you might like to know, I finally got my act together this weekend and found the local Aussie Rules League… I showed up at the pitch on Sunday morning thinking I would just watch, but they asked if I wanted to play. A jumper, shorts, socks and boots were provided and I played the whole match. Fairl…y successfully too – with two goals, two behinds and a couple of shepherds. Good to get a run in.

I feel sorry for the Collingwood supporters who will have to endure two Grand Finals of losing football in one season… Sorry I can’t make it for the party. Best regards to everyone.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry


If the Swannies ever decide to set up our own independent, island state, we’re gunna call it Honk On.

Ooooh. Giddy Up!

See you at JASPAS in Hanoi or LesudGAUDIR in Saigon for the Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay Parties!

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Saigon’s Grand Final Replay Poster

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 29, 2010

The Saigon Grand Final Replay poster

Ross McRae has delivered us another stunning poster/banner with full details of the Official Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Redux! He’s also included the logos of our magnificent Club Sponsors and Event Sponsors from last weekend.

The Grand Final Redux Party starts on Saturday at 10am, LesudGaudir, 4 Thao Dien Street, D2.

The Redux Party will be chilled out. Free entry and pay as you go prices (beers & soft drinks 20K, wines 50K, food 100K etc). Dress casually in your team colours and bring along your bathers if you want to jump into the pool. Get ready for the face painting, raffles and competitions as well! Busy, busy!

Last week was awesome. This week’s Redux Party is expected to be seriously awesomely awesome.

Honk yer horn if you love the footy!

See below for details of the Swannies party in Hanoi.

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Hanoi and Saigon announce details of GF Replay Parties

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 28, 2010

Details of the Swannies / JASPAS 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay in Hanoi are announced

Hanoi – has just announced details for the Grand Final Replay between Collingwood and St Kilda. Again, it will be held at JASPAS from 10am – 3pm. The price is 500,000VND for a big buffet and free flow beer, wine and spirits. Get your tickets now.

LeSudGaudir - venue for the Swannies GF Replay Party in Saigon

Saigon – will be held at , 4 Thao Dien Street, District 2 (see ) from 10am until whenever. Details are still to be finalised but it is expected to be ‘pay as you go’ with beers no more than 25,000VND; house wines no more than 55,000VND, cocktails 60,000VND and burgers etc, approx 100,000VND.

This is the People’s Grand Final Replay so dress casually in your favourite footy colours – and board shorts/bikinis for a swim in the pool.

Please check back for confirmation of details. Mega venue.

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202 Grand Final (Saigon) photos added to on line album

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 27, 2010

Tension in Saigon last week at the GF Party. 202 photos now added on line.

Thanks to Ross McRae, we now have 202 Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final photos from Saigon on our Web Album.

Click to view Swannies on line album.

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Photos of Grand Final Party, 2010, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 26, 2010

Go Saints! Go Pies! To the 'G next Saturday!!

In Saigon, most of the 230 at La Cantine were cheering, “Go Saints!” The rest cheered, “Go Pies”. But for what?

With it being a classic draw, both teams next Saturday must go to the MCG again to finish off the Grand Final.

Great fun and another fantastic Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party. A few photos (7) have now been uploaded to the to get us started. More coming.

Details of the Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Replay Parties are expected to be announced today for Hanoi (which is back at JASPAS) and Saigon.

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Swannies Grand Final Parties begin in 24hrs!!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 24, 2010

Hanoi and Saigon. Home of the Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties

Nasho Prezo, Phil Johns, gives the Grand Final Update!

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

The Big Ones start in just over 24 hours; ie the Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties!

  • In Hanoi, a full house of 200 is expected at JASPAS, 4th Floor Hanoi Towers.
  • In Saigon, a full house of 250-300 is expected at La Cantine On the 6, 6 Dong Khoi Street, District 1.

In Saigon, former Swannies president/player and coach, Scotty Stacey makes a triumphant return – specifically to attend the Swannies AFL Grand Final Party. In the evening, Daniel Hogarth, a former Swannies player, and his premiership-winning Tarrawingee Bulldogs will arrive in Saigon from Melbourne (yes, just after the Grand Final has finished). These guys are part of the mounting evidence that seems to prove that, while you can leave Vietnam, you can’t leave the Club.

Residents, tourists and visitors are all warmly welcomed to the Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Parties. On offer at each event, apart from the food and drinks and all-important satellite feed, is a glittering array of prizes and items for auction from an ever increasing pool of prestigious and generous sponsors. In 2010, however, we have one sponsor who has taken it to a new level. The (central Vietnam) has donated one Corporate Golf Day for 50 people valued at $4,300. This item for silent auction includes 18 holes, caddie and green fees (see for full details).

To see the full range of sponsors’ prizes in both Hanoi and Saigon, click here.

The countdown clock has really started. All around our Asian Footy Village, whether you’re in Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai etc, people are getting ready to attend Grand Final Parties hosted by the respective National Footy Clubs. Speaking of villages, it was the Village People who sung, You can’t stop the honkin'; nobody can stop the honkin’. How true.

Pssst!! Speaking of Shanghai, it’s only three weeks before all these national footy clubs, including the Vietnam Swans, will be meeting in Shanghai for the 11th Annual Asian Championships.

Ooooh!! Honk yer horn if you love the footy!

Tomorrow, let’s hope for a game as cracking as some of these parties!

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Daniel Hogarth spends Five Minutes with the Flyer, Dave Kainey

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2010

Dave "Flyer" Kainey

Daniel Hogarth is about to return to Vietnam with his premiership winning footy team, the Tarrawingee Bulldogs. Daniel is an ex Swannie from Hanoi and, prior to his return, the Flyer, Dave Kainey, spent five minutes with him.

1. Dan, You ventured to Hanoi, ran into one Gus ‘G Train’ McEwen back in 2005, and then you were training with the Swans, what work were you involved in and what were your first impressions of the Swans footy club?

Well, back in 2005 I was at Victoria University studying a Bachelor of Education (Outdoor Education) and I decided to go and study internationally. Vietnam was a good a place as any, so I ended up in Hanoi at Hanoi University of Foreign Studies.

Daniel Hogarth at the Vietnam Swans Golf Day in Melbourne, 2008

My first impressions of the club was that it was just a few people having a kick of the footy. Back then we trained on a Thursday night at Dead Cat Stadium and then had the odd match on a Saturday (Victoria vs World team). Usually…sorry, always followed by a few beers at Beer Anchor.

The Swans always made you feel welcome and genuinely enjoyed having people around. There was never a dull moment when you were amongst the Swans. Gus and Canty kept everything pretty exciting.

2. Training at Dead Cat Stadium, beers after at Beer Anchor, a bit different from footy in Victoria?

Teh hallowed Dead Cat Stadium in Hanoi where Daniel used to play. In this photo, Dutchman Reinout is given a farewell. L to R: Potsy, Gus, Troy (coming to Saigon next month), Fabbo, MJ, Shri, Ben, Antti and DT

Yes, very different. Dead Cat Stadium for those that don’t know was a very hard soccer field with absolutely no grass on it surrounded by a big concrete fence in the middle of a housing estate in Hanoi. The ground had a lot of rocks, pot holes and even a dead cat on it once. We would always train there and play our intra club matches on it.

After we finished it was back to Beer Anchor to talk footy and solve the problems of the football world. Basically talk all things AFL and listen to each other’s football stories. We would sit and chat for hours on end. It is a huge difference from footy with Tarrawingee (who I play with in Victoria) but it is one of my best football memories.

3. Your first international was v Malaysia in 2005, tell me about the build up to the game and the experience of pulling on the boots for your first game and did you envisage that the team would go National, we would be playing in the Asian Champs and would be hosted by the Sydney Swans at a function at the MCG?

So we used to train and play on a regular basis but was a kind of routine that we just did. When we got word that we would be playing internationally there was a buzz around the place. An instant feel of excitement transformed the routine into a build up with a goal. Training was more structured, tactics were being talked, a theme song for the club was created (as well as practiced a lot) and game plans being set in motion. We were all ready to go.

The group of blokes that travelled over to Malaysia were all good mates so we had a ball and the Malaysian Warriors were great hosts. The match was a great battle and I cannot recall the scores but I do remember losing, however we had all been so happy to be on the trip and had practiced the song for so long that we sang the song anyway. It’s a pretty special thing to be able to say you played for the Vietnam Swans. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to do it. It’s also a bit a bragging point to say you have toured internationally; many AFL greats never get to do such a thing.

As for the Swans going National, playing at the Asian champs, and being hosted by Sydney Swans well it is an enormous effort. What the Swans have achieved so far is huge and has taken a lot of work. However, the Vietnam Swans have the right people around club and the right people running the show so I had a fair idea they could achieve something so great. I also believe they will go on to even bigger and better things. One day the AFL will look to expand into Asia and I believe Vietnam Swans have a huge role to play in terms of promotion of the game. Maybe we will even see Phil Johns running the AFL one day.

4. You have played in the Swans Annual Golf Championship at Royal Ivanhoe, Melbourne (played 29 December annually), how close have you gone to wearing the green jacket and what chance has Mick Francis got of ever wearing it?

The Swans Annual Golf Championship is a great event and a great way for people to catch up. It is also a good way to meet others who have been around the Swans at other times when you have not been in Vietnam.

I actually wore the prized jacket once back in 2009. I had the honour of sharing the jacket with Ryan Jeffery, we managed to slip an arm in each.

As for Micky Francis’s chances of winning the jacket, well Tiger Woods has been out of touch lately and Micky is a bloke that could fill the shoes of someone like Tiger.

5. Life for you now is back in Victoria, you were hoping to bring your footy team to HCMC, you made it though, what are you looking forward to most on your visit and what are you up to these days?

Yes the club I play with in Victoria, Tarrawingee (on the outskirts of Wangaratta- in NE Victoria) are coming to Vietnam. We were hoping to have a match against Vietnam Swans but floods here put our league Grand Final back a week and we will now arrive AFL Grand Final day. So we were looking forward to a match with the Swans but now we are looking forward to catch up for a few beers with the Swans players and supporters. We are also looking forward to seeing more of Vietnam, it is a pretty unique place. For some of the boys travelling from Tarrawingee it is their first time overseas so they’ll be in shock for a while.

6. Finally mate, your take on how the Swans have developed as a major player in Asian Australian Rules Football, since your departure?

When I lived in Vietnam the club was basically a group of blokes enjoying each other’s company. Now Vietnam Swans are a very professionally run club. They have turned into a place people now want to tour with their club. Vietnam Swans are a focal point in the community in both Vietnam and Asian Footy. They have the right people running the club, great sponsors on board, promotion of the club is amazing, good atmosphere and most importantly Vietnam Swans are good fun and good people to be around.

They are definitely a club that is always moving forward in the right direction. Keep your eye on the Vietnam Swans.

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Montgomerie Links – 50 Green Fees at Grand Final valued at $4,300!!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2010

Montgomerie Links, Danang, is offering a Corporate Golf Day at the Swannies Grand Final in Saigon: 50 players!!

We always said that the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Parties in Hanoi and Saigon were going to be beauties.

Well, , has just driven that claim higher and further than ever before!

At Saturday’s Grand Final Party in Saigon, a Corporate Golf Day for 50 people that includes green and caddie fees for 18 holes at the Montgomerie Links will be auctioned, thanks to… Montgomerie Links.

This package, valued at approximately $4,300 would be a perfect event for many Corporates wishing to build relationships with clients, suppliers, stakeholders and staff.

And with Montgomerie Links being located beachside, between Danang and Hoi An… Can it get much better??

Naturally, terms and conditions do apply. The availability of dates must be confirmed by Montgomerie Links. Bookings are not available from Dec 20th, 2010 until Jan 14th 2011. Saturdays 6.00am -12.00pm , Sundays and Public Holidays.

The Golf Package must be used within six months of the auction on 25 September. So, basically, you have six months to maximise the return from this extraordinary opportunity offered by .

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Hanoi: Details of phenomenal prizes announced

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2010

The Sydney Swans have donated these two jumpers (worn by MJ's Ms Lee and her mother) for the Swannies; one will be auctioned in Hanoi and the other in Saigon.

Hanoi has just announced full details of prizes that will be on offer at its Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party on Saturday.

It’s an incredible list and… it’s Grand Final time! How good is that?!?

Hanoi’s Monster Raffle and Competition Prizes

  • , Hoi An, 2 nights stay in Superior Garden View Room. Includes breakfast for two. Value USD415net.
    , luxury cruise on Halong Bay, 2 days and 1 night for 2 passengers. USD413
  • , 2 nights, midweek
  • , Ha Long Bay Cruise
  • , 2 nights 3 day adventure tour
  • , x2 return air tickets, Hanoi-Hoi An, inc. transfers, $350.
  • , x2 return air tickets, Hanoi-Hoi An, inc. transfers, $350.
  • , x2 vouchers
  • , x2 vouchers
  • , x5 boxes Asahi Beer & x2 Magic Hot Pot cookers.
  • Bottles x 4 or 5 small and 1 BIG
  • , Buffet lunch for 2 including one drink
  • , Hoi An, 2 deluxe day cooking classes

*Disclaimer. Please note, the above list of prizes is indicative only. Prizes may change and may be subject to terms and conditions. Winners should familiarise themselves with specific details at the event.

Hanoi Auctions

  • x 1 footy jumper signed by team

Word of warning: It’s going to be a hoot.

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Saigon: Fantastic prizes announced for Grand Final Party

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2010

Christina Le, Muzza's partner, with one of the canvas paintings up for silent auction. Five different club canvases are available.

We’re just 49 hours away from the beginning of the 2010 AFL Grand Final Party. Today, Saigon provides details of it’s list of fabulous prizes and items that will be up for auction.

Among the silent auctions, Christina Le, partner of ex Swannie, Muzza, has donated five canvases of Hawthorn, St Kilda, Geelong, Carlton,  and West Coast.

Among the hotly contested items for auction will be those from teh two competing clubs in the Grand Final. There is a footy signed by the Collingwood team (with authenticity certificate) and a Saints jumper signed by Nick Reiwoldt. It’s going to be a hoot!

Monster Raffle and Competition prizes:

  • , Sunday Brunch for 4; one night’s accommodation for 2; and spa treatment for 2.
  • , Condao Island, 2 nights’ accommodation at Ocean Front Pool Villa, incl breakfast.
  • 2 nights’ accommodation (Superior)
  • 1 x return air ticket to Nha Trang, 2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Hotel (Deluxe Seaview), daily breakfast and spa.
  • , one night’s accommodation in double deluxe, including breakfast at Parkview Restaurant.
  • , Dinner for two at Nineteen Restaurant.
  • , 2 vouchers, Sunday brunch for two, including drinks.
  • , x 1 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam
  • , Saigon, Buffet Dinner for two at Chit Chat Restaurant to value of $150.
  • , One Case of Deakin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
  • , Saigon, 1 x 3mth membership, 3 x 1mth membership, 5 day pass for everyone.
  • Q Spa Massage, $150 Massage voucher
  • , 5 x PestFree non-toxic, safe, economical, plug-in (into powerpoint) electronic devices to drive away rats, mice, and cockroaches using your house’s electrical wiring system.
  • , USD100 (VND equivalent) bank account at HCMC branch
  • 2 Family First Aid Kit
  • , green Sherrin footies (not match footies)

*Disclaimer. Please note, the above list of prizes is indicative only. Prizes may change and may be subject to terms and conditions. Winners  should familiarise themselves with specific details at the event.

Items for auction

  • x1 – 50 green fees. Value $4,500
  • x 1 footy jumper signed by team
  • x 1 footy jumper signed by
  • x 1 football signed by team
  • x 1 jumper signed by team
  • x 1 jumper signed by
  • x 1 2005 premiership jumper with the team on the day on the front (unsigned)
  • x 5 canvas paintings of various AFL Clubs – Hawthorn, St Kilda, Geelong, West Coast, Carlton

Cash & In Kind Sponsors

  • Foster’s Beer
  • Crumbs Pies, Saigon

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Saigon Times reports on Swannies Grand Final Party

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 22, 2010

The Saigon Times previews the Swannies AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon

Yesterday, the Saigon Times ran an article, written by Mic Smith, which previewed the Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon.

Below is an excerpt:

The Vietnam Swans in Saigon have sold nearly 200 tickets so far to their Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final party in District 1 set for next Saturday.

The president of the club, Phil Johns does not expect any tickets to be left for sale at the door on Grand Final day as interest has been so strong.

“Given the number of tourists, especially Australians, who will want to see the Grand Final and hoping to purchase tickets when they arrive in Saigon, I think they will be very disappointed. I am not expecting any tickets to be available on Grand Final day,” Johns said.

The event will be held at La Cantine on the corner of Dong Khoi and Ngo Duc Ke Streets in District 1.

To read the rest of the article, click .

To read more articles about the Vietnam Swans that have appeared in the press, click here.

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Saigon’s Tarrawingee Grand Final Recovery details announced!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 22, 2010

The AFL Grand Final Saigon Recovery Session begins at midday, Sunday, La Cantine

The Vietnam Swans have just announced details for the Tarrawingee Grand Final Recovery on Sunday 26 September 2010 in Saigon.

As well as a replay of the AFL Grand Final, the boys from the victorious Tarrawingee Bulldogs, including ex Hanoi Swan, Daniel Hogarth, shall be there. Former Hanoi/Vietnam Swan and Rock Star, Scotty Stacey will also be there.

The Grand Final replay starts at 1pm on the Australia Network. Therefore, gates will open at midday back at , 6 Dong Khoi Street, D1.

The Deal:

  • Venue: Wine Lounge (VIP room), La Cantine on the 6. Set up: standing tables, chairs and sofa.
  • Television Coverage: One big screen and projector.
  • Beers: San Miguel Light or Coors Light: US$ 2.00 net/bottle, buy 1 get 1 free.
  • Snack menu: Hamburgers, fish & chips, salted peanuts: US$ 10.00net/per person.
  • Decoration: Same as the Grand Final Party the previous day.

Bookings not necessary. Just be there!

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