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First gamer Edo, the Italian Man Mountain, reflects on the Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 30, 2011

New Italian recruit, Edo says that even in Vientiane, like Vietnam, there are little people. He hasn't yet met the Vung Tau Massive!

Edoardo Bozzola is unusual. He’s an Italian, married to a Melbournian, and lives in Hanoi working for Piaggio. He’s also a basketballer who doesn’t look much shorter than 7ft. On the weekend, Man Mountain Edo found himself playing footy for the first time. He was with the Swannies in Vientiane, in the ruck and in the 5th Annual Indochina Cup…

I’ve been told many times “you’re so tall, you would be a perfect ruck” by random Aussie guys I have met in Hanoi. All I could do was smile and nod politely, Vietnamese style, while thinking to myself, “What on earth is a ruck?!?”… until my girlfriend Melissa (from Melbourne) decided to take me to see the 2010 AFL Grand Final at JASPAS.

I liked it and before the new season started this year, I had already picked my team; choosing them for their mascot, the same as my home town in Italy… (go the Cats!).

Watching the 2011 matches on TV, I became very passionate about the sport and I started thinking I should give it a go on a real field. So, after I tried a few kicks in the living room with a kid’s footy – with some collateral damage – Melissa decided it was time to send me out and contacted the Vietnam Swans booking me in for a training session.

The guys welcomed me warmly, the total beginner I was, and gave me plenty of great hints. I enjoyed two training sessions and then found myself flying to Laos without really realizing how that happened.

Edo wins an Indochina Cup and plenty of new friends.

The Indochina Cup started with no expectations from my side, actually I was wondering if I’d play at all given my poor skills. Surprisingly, I very soon had my chance to step on the field and just tried to give it my best. Nonetheless, I am sure it wasn’t impressive and I went back to the bench, not really satisfied with myself. But all of the Swannies had an encouraging word for me. They even tried some moves with me during the break and I got my confidence back.

Next time I was on the field, in the ruck, I knew not just what it was, but (more or less) how to do it. Jump, bang, tap… and I won the contest! What a great feeling! From then on, I just threw myself into the game and felt a part of it all. The few things I can do, I did them all, and I feel like I put my little brick to build up a great Swans victory!

I enjoyed the game and the attitude of the people involved: it’s an intense but fair competition, and you can feel the team stands by your side; such a great VIBE to the sport. I’ve been a pure basketballer for many years and actually didn’t think I could ever really love any other sport, but clearly I was wrong.


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Dave O’Shea, a first time tourer, reviews the 2011 Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 29, 2011

Dave O'Shea picks up a footy for being awarded BOG in the Grand Final last weekend.

Dave O’Shea has been known to sleep with the footy. Last weekend, he played for the Swannies in the Indochina Cup held in Vientiane, Lao. This was his first ever tour with the Swannies. When told that he would be playing four games in one day, he replied, “That’s great!! (Pause…) Five would be better…” Below, the first timer tells us what the weekend was like.

The butterflies kicked in Friday lunch time. It was time to leave for the airport. The thoughts rushing through my virgin brain were, “Do I have my passport?” “Do I have enough time to make the flight?” “What did I forget?” “Is it best to take US dollars or withdraw money when I get to Laos?” By the time I got past check in, I grabbed a beer and started to relax. From then on, everything was a complete hoot…

The Friday night was a warm up of what was to come. We checked out the venue that we knew we would return to on Saturday night after all the footy was finished. First impressions were quite good. Food was nice, the beers were flowing and the atmosphere was electric. The hardest thing about the night was staying in control. This could be a mistake a virgin could easily make. With four games of footy coming up, it was important not to get too carried away. I was in bed by 10:00pm.

On the other side of the Mekong River from Vientiane is Thailand!

I didn’t have the best nights of sleep, Friday night. I couldn’t stop thinking about footy. Even when I got to sleep, I was dreaming about footy. But eventually Saturday morning came and I was ready to go. Phil Ghasseb (another first timer) and I woke up early and went for a romantic walk and a stretch along the lovely Vientiane boardwalk. Right across the river was Thailand.

Eventually, it was time to get on the bus and travel to the ground. The bus ride was full of excitement and anticipation. Four games of footy; this is going to be great.

The ground was behind a tobacco factory. My first thoughts were that the surface was very hard looking and the oval was quite small. I then noticed that the goal posts on one side of the field were wider than the other side. But this was ok because the end that had the narrow goal posts was closer to the centre square. Anyway, the good thing was that we were about to play some footy.

It was like playing footy in country Australia.

It was finally time to open the day. Hearing the Laos anthem for the first time was enjoyable and hearing the Aussie anthem bought back memories from home. It was like playing in “Country Australia” as the ground was surrounded by beautiful gum trees which provided some shade that we could use for our warm ups.

Game No. 1 – Lao Elephants Vs Thailand Tigers

The first game was between Thailand and Laos. This gave our team the opportunity to watch the game and scope the talent that we would be up against later in the day. Thailand looked good in this match and won convincingly in the end. It seemed as if they would be the team that would provide us with our greatest challenge.

Game No. 2 – Vietnam Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles

Our first game was against Cambodia. They were a tough team and were ahead at half time. We had to dig deep in the second half and eventually got on top. We were a bit rusty in this game which is understandable considering it was our first game of the tournament. It was ok as it’s no good playing your grand final in the first day of the game. However, we knew we would have to get better if we wanted to walk away with the trophy at the end of the day.

Game No. 3 – Lao Elephants Vs Vietnam Swans

There was a quick break and then we were back at it again. This time against Laos. Although they had the home ground advantage, we were able to get on top and run out winners. We were now 2 from 2 and looking good for a final spot.

Thailand beat Cambodia in the last game of the day and this meant that they were also 2 from 2.

We were supposed to play Thailand in the last game of the day; however the organizers used some common sense and realized that there was no point having a dead rubber so they decided to play one final of 4 ten minute quarters.  Everyone was happy with this decision.

Play Off for 3rd – Lao Elephants Vs Cambodian Eagles

Cambodia and Laos also had their round match cancelled and played a 3rd v 4th final of 4 ten minute quarters. This was a great game and was close the whole time. Lao were down by 6 points and looked to be out the match with a couple of seconds remaining. But in one last effort they sent the ball forward and a grab was taken from one of the Laos natives on the buzzer. He had a kick after the siren to tie the match. He was 30 meters out and on a 45 degree angle. Everyone in the crowd was willing the ball to go through. He slotted the kick straight through the middle and the match ended in a draw. He later said in an interview that he had been dreaming about that moment ever since he was a young boy.

What a great thing for Asian footy.

Grand Final – Vietnam Swans vs Thailand Tigers

Now it was time for the big match. The Swannies were all ready to go after a big break, and it certainly showed on the field. Led by super coach Nat, we played the best game of the tournament. Thailand was shattered and had no answers for our constant onslaught of pressure. We ended up winning convincingly booting 8 goals to 1.

Skipper Dukes picks up the Player of the Tournament.

Tournament Silverware

Vietnam also cleaned up at the presentations. I was awarded best on ground in the Grand Final; our Captain, Dukesy won player of the carnival; Sammy got to put his fingers in the Johnny Walker box and pull out a winning ticket held by no other than Danny Armstrong (a former resident Swannie who flew in from Shanghai to be part of the action for one more time). He received a 4 litre bottle of Johnny Walker black.  It was going to be a great night for the Swannies.

A mega night it was. We went back to the same venue from the night before. This time we were able to eat as much as we wanted and have a few celebratory drinks – including Danny’s 4 litre bottle!

What a trip it was. It was a great way to lose my first timer status. BOG in the Final and Swannies cleaning up all the awards.

I can’t wait for the next one.

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Swannies’ sweet success at Indochina Cup caps off stellar 2011

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 28, 2011

Nick Moger (gun), a first time tourer, kicks for goal - watched on by another first time tourer, Damo Ballantine (gun) and the seasoned veteran - and player of the tournament - Skipper Dukes.

National President, Phil Johns does a quick follow up after the Swannies victory at the 2011 Indochina Cup which was played between the Lao Elephants, Thailand Tigers, Cambodian Eagles and the Swannies.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

The Vietnam Swans have just returned from the 5th Annual Indochina Cup which was held in Vientiane, Lao. With silverware!

The Swannies were lucky enough to win the Indochina Cup last year. This year, we were lucky enough to win in emphatic style and become the first team in the competition’s short history to claim back to backs. And it feels pretty good!

Our touring squad was only slightly smaller than the host team’s. I think our Club has a good vibe and an inclusive culture that serves us well.

The departuing Dan Kindness. Says we might see him at next year's ANZAC Friendship Match...

We farewelled no less than five players on this tour: Saigon President, Derrin Limbrick (with wife, Fleur); Dan Kindness (key architect behind the ANZAC Friendship Match and footy matches against the Royal Australian Navy), Stewie Green, Hao Tien and Tim Riordan.

The departures are bad news indeed – but that’s just what happens in Asian footy. Our footy club is always in a process of continual renewal. So we were pleased to welcome a swag of new recruits on their first tour who outnumbered the departures. The international tour debutants included “best on ground” in the Grand Final, Dave O’Shea, and the Italian Man Mountain, Edo, who introduced himself to the Swannies in Hanoi just a fortnight ago.

Special mention and congratulations to our Captain, “Dukes” Creamer who picked up the award for “Player of the tournament”.

For and more reports, as always, turn to

To acknowledge and celebrate the Club’s stellar year – on and off the field – in our eight year history, make sure you attend our Christmas and Awards Parties in Saigon (next Saturday, 3 December from 2pm, Boomarang Bistro) and Hanoi ( Saturday 10 December, JASPAS). And it will be a great opportunity to properly thank and farewell some true Club legends.

Dave O'Shea pleased the recruiters when he picked up Best on Ground in the Grand Final, in his first international tour.

If you’re back in Melbourne in the Christmas/New Year period, don’t forget the Swannies cricket day at the MCG on 28 December and the annual golf day on 29 December.

Need another footy fix? Don’t worry. 7 January in Saigon, the Vietnam Swans will kit up again to take on the Southern Dragons from Melbourne. The Dragons emailed this morning to say that, so far, they have a squad of 17 confirmed.

Congratulations to all Swannies who turned it on last weekend and to the rest of the Swannies who weren’t able to be there on the day. Back to Back. That’s a very impressive achievement!

On Saturday, what did the final siren sound like?

It sounded like someone honkin’ his horn.

Go you Swannies!

Thank you!

The Vietnam Swans would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Lao Elephants for hosting such an outstandingly well organised event. In particular, we would like to highlight the great work done by the President, Paul Simcock, Vice President, Michael Simcock and their organising Committee. Congratulations to the Lao Elephants.

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Congratulations Vietnam Swans! B2B ICC 2011

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 28, 2011

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Photos of 2011 Indochina Cup and scores now available!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 27, 2011

Outgoing Saigon President, Derrin Limbrick, and Swannies' Skipper, Luke "Dukes" Creamer, hold the 2011 Indochina Cup aloft.

Photos of this weekend’s 2011 Indochina Cup, won by the Vietnam Swans for the second year in a row, have now been uploaded to the .

Format of Indochina Cup changed on the day

Originally, it was planned for each team (Vietnam, Thailand, Lao and Cambodia) to play each of the three other teams once.

In the last round, Vietnam was to play Thailand and Lao was to play Cambodia.

However, given Vietnam and Thailand were undefeated going into the last round – and Lao and Cambodia were still to win a game – the third round had become a dead rubber. Regardless of the outcome, Vietnam would be playing Thailand in the Grand Final and Cambodia would be playing Lao.

So, rather than continuing to go with this format, it was decided to skip the third round and extend the Grand Final from two halves to four quarters.

The Scoreboard

Grand Final

  • Vietnam Swans 8. 6. 54 (approx) def. Thailand Tigers 1. 5. 11

Play off for 3rd place

  • Lao Elephants and Cambodian Eagles drew on 29 points each.

Preliminary games

  • Game 1 – Lao Elephants def. by Thailand Tigers
  • Game 2 – Vietnam Swans 4. 6. 30 def. Cambodian Eagles 2. 3. 15
  • Game 3 – Lao Elephants 1. 4. 10 def. by Vietnam Swans 3. 4. 22
  • Game 4 – Thailand Tigers def Cambodian Eagles

to see the photos on the Vietnam Swans Web Album.

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Swannies win 2011 Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 26, 2011

Mission accomplished!

The Vietnam Swans have gone back to back with the Indochina Cup!

We managed to beat Thailand in the Grand Final.

In the play off for third, Suki, a Lao National kicked a goal on a set shot after the siren to draw the match against Cambodia.

Player of the Grand Final was the Swannies Dave O’Shea.

Player of the tournament was the Swannies’ skipper, Luke “Dukes” Creamer.

Farewells for Saigon Prez Dezza, Dan Kindness, Stewie Green, Hao and Tim Riordan.

First tours: Ryan Evans, Dave O’Shea, Edo – Dan Lucardie the Hanoi veteran – Nick Moger, Phil Ghasseb, Harry Hodge, Damo Ballantine and a few more (trying to remember all of them).

Much more to follow.

Go you Swannies and congratulations!

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Unveiling of Swannies banner for 2011 Indochina Cup, Vientiane, Lao

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 25, 2011

The Swannies' 5th Annual Indochina Cup, 26 November, 2011, Vientiane, Lao.

The 5th Indochina Cup starts tomorrow, Saturday, 26 November, 2011. The National President, Phil Johns, writes an update:

Ross McRae, Ah McRae, you’ve done it again, has just done it again. Ross has just finished his banner design for the Swannies defense of the Indochina Cup. The banner reviews the Swannies’ previous 12 months.

So, where do you start?

There’s the Swannies’ annual December golf day (in Melbourne) and cricket day (MCG Members), Queensland floods fundraisers, Christchurch earthquake fundraisers, Swing to Swim Charity Golf Days, swimming programs, Asian Championships, last year’s Indochina Cup, matches against the Royal Australian Navy, Guangzhou Scorpions, AFL Masters and Malaysia, the ANZAC Friendship Match, a string of important farewells of people leaving Vietnam, Swannies’ AFL Grand Final Parties, Bitexco Tower Vertical Runs, All Asians, ex AFLer Richard Osborne and Vietnam Veteran, Kenny Earney at the Noble Park RSL Club and… and…

If you need any graphic design work done, Ross McRae is the man to speak to. He does an outstanding job again and again. The only thing he won’t do is promote himself – even after I asked him to put a picture of himself on the banner, toiling away on his computer! Ross can be contacted at

This will be the Swannies last game of the calendar year. We will be farewelling two greats: Derrin Limbrick and Dan Kindness. We will be introducing a string of new players, on their first Swannies’ tour, to the fun and excitement of playing footy in other parts of Asia. And, we’re going to be defending the Indochina Cup (ICC) which we won last year in Saigon.

2011, as shown in Ross’ banner, has been an outstanding year for the Swannies. As Hanoi Coach Ado said, the crowning achievement for the Swannies would be “for the Swannies to go B2B ICC 2011”.

Even though it is our last game/tournament of the year, there’s still plenty more happening in Saigon, Hanoi and Melbourne…

Coming Up:

  • 26 November, 5th Annual Indochina Cup, Lao
  • 1 December, Farewell Celebration Golf Tournament for Australian Consul General, Graeme Swift. With Wayne Grady. Saigon
  • 3 December, B&F and Swannies Christmas Party, Boomarang Bistro, Saigon
  • 4 December, Auscham Christmas Party supported by the Swannies, Boomarang Bistro, Saigon
  • 10 December, B&F and Swannies Christmas Party, JASPAS, Hanoi
  • 17 December, Auscham Christmas Party supported by the Swannies, Hanoi (tbc)
  • 28 December, The 5th Vietnam Swans’ Annual Cricket Day, MCG Members, Melbourne
  • 29 December, The 7th Vietnam Swans’ Annual Ryan Jefferey Golf Classic, Ivanhoe, Melbourne
  • 7 January, 2012, Vietnam Swans Vs Southern Dragons (Melbourne club comprising numerous Vietnamese Australians), Saigon

Start registering your interest in attending each (some) of these crack-a-jack events.

Little Johnnie wouldn't have said, "Keep walking". Honk!

And finally…

Today, the Swannies can reliably report that Johnnie Walker was misquoted. He didn’t say, “Keep walking”. Get real, what does “keep walking” mean?

Little Johnnie would have said, “Keep Honking!” Because, like the rest of us, he would love the footy.

Honk! Honk!

Good luck to all the tourers to Vientiane this weekend. And to those of us who can’t make this tour, thanks for helping us get there.

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Wayne Grady to attend Australian Consul General’s Farewell Golf Tournament, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 24, 2011

Wayne Grady, to play in Australian Consul General's Farewell Golf Tournament next week in Saigon. Click on poster to enlarge.

Australian Consul General, Graeme Swift, shall have his Farewell Celebration Golf Tournament next Thursday, 1 December 2011, in Saigon.

The day has just received a huge boost with the news that Australian golfing legend, , shall play in the event.

Grady was born in Brisbane and turned professional in 1978. He is best known for winning the , one of golf’s four majors, in 1990. Grady was also runner up at the Open Championship in 1989, losing in a playoff against Greg Norman and Mark Calcavecchia.

Do you want to play with Wayne Grady and Graeme Swift??

How would you like to play in the same flight as Graeme Swift and Wayne Grady? Lunch, drinks – and a few tips from Wayne about your golf? (Tip # 1: Do you know what your biggest problem is? You’re standing too close to the ball. After you’ve swung.)

Well, now you can!

Simply place a bid by emailing , sponsors of the Wayne Grady visit. Bidding starts at $200 and all money raised will go to .

Wayne Grady wins the 1990 PGA Championship - and will now play in Saigon.

Separate private donations can be made by following the directions in the attached document, .

If your company would like to be associated with the Wayne Grady auction, contact .

Graeme Swift – a great Swannies’ supporter

Graeme has been a great supporter of the Vietnam Swans attending and participating in many of our functions – including the Swannies’ Christmas Party and B&F in Saigon on Saturday 3 December. It would be very fitting if the Club was well represented at his Farewell Celebration Golf Tournament.

Graeme Swift at the 2011 ANZAC Friendship Match, Vung Tau Dog Track - part of the Vabis Group.

If you can attend the golf day with the likes of other famous people including our Saigon Prez, Saigon Prez Elect, National Prez and a Mark Long string of others, please come along! It will also serve as a great warm up for those of us attending the Swannies Annual Golf Day in Melbourne on 29 December. Green fees are $110 (or $100 for Auscham members). See the attached poster for full details.

The Vabis Group and Crown Relocations – Two Headline Sponsors of the Golf Day and the Swannies

The Vabis Group, a very close friend of the Vietnam Swans, owns the Vung Tau Dog Track which is the home of our Annual ANZAC Friendship Match.

Another headline sponsor of the day is Crown Relocations. And you are hearin’ yet another Swannies’ Sponsor if you’re hearin’ me.

Go you Swannies!

Update: Sunday, 27 November on Dong for Dongs Fundraiser

  • $450 current bid for golf with Wayne Grady and Graeme Swift
  • $2,270 corporate donations
  • $2,850 personal donations
  • $5,570 raised so far!

Auction closes midnight, Monday 28 November 2011. to make a pledge, email .

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Swannies’ sponsors win Auscham’s Australian Business Awards

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 22, 2011

Swannies' sponsors win 2011 Auscham Business Awards

Last Tuesday evening, 15 November 2011, announced the Australian Business Awards at a glittering dinner in HCMC’s Reunification Palace.

Highlights from the night included:

  • Hospitality Award – Boomarang Bistro, Saigon (Home of the Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon)
  • Professional Services Award – Odyssey Resources ( Shorts sponsor for the Vietnam Swans)

Other category award winners were:

  • Overall Business Excellence Award: Midway Metals, Vietnam
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award:HSBC Bank, Vietnam
  • Innovation Award: Austfeed Vietnam
  • Alumni Award: Dr Vu Anh Tuan

Other winners were:

  1. Special Recognition Award: Graeme Swift, Australian Consul General (often attends and supports functions of the Vietnam Swans)
  2. 10 Year Special Achievement Award: RMIT International University Vietnam (The Swannies’ home ground in Saigon.)
  3. Honorary Awards: Christine Byrne, Nigel Russell, Rod Quinton

Congratulations to all winners and to Auscham for organising the awards.

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Swannies mentioned in “Australian” newspaper article about RMIT University

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 21, 2011

RMIT University's President, Merilyn Liddell has been interviewed by the Australian newspaper. Photo, Christian Berg.

On 14 November 2011, “The Australian” newspaper ran a supplement on the Greater Mekong. One of the articles was written by Pauline Webber about “RMIT’s Asian study hub a global education operation”. In that article about RMIT, a one line reference is made to Vietnam’s national AFL team, the Vietnam Swans and the University’s high quality sporting facilities. An extract is below.

THERE could be no better demonstration of RMIT’s commitment to its venture in Vietnam than the university’s “Saigon south” campus, a few kilometres from the centre of bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

The buildings, set in extensive grounds planted with lush tropical vegetation, are modern, bright and bold, reflecting the lively energy of this dynamic environment.

RMIT Vietnam was established a decade ago, after the Vietnamese government extended an invitation to RMIT to establish a private international university in the rapidly developing Southeast Asian nation.

The Ho Chi Minh City campus opened in 2001. A second opened in the heart of Hanoi three years later. High-quality sporting facilities have since been added to the first campus, its playing fields regularly used by Vietnam’s national AFL team, the Vietnam Swans.

RMIT describes its Vietnamese arm as the Asian hub of a global operation. It’s a description that aptly reflects the blending of local and international influences that the university aims for.

To read the full article on P14, click onto .

  • To read other articles about the Vietnam Swans that have appeared in the media, both in Vietnam and Australia, click here.

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Last Saturday session in Saigon for 2011

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 20, 2011

36 people attended yesterday's training session in Saigon - the last for 2011.

Yesterday the Swannies in Saigon held a scratch match for our last Saturday training session 2011. We had 36 players turn up which was the highest number ever at a training session in Saigon.

Wednesday there will be an evening session at Parklands in D2 and next Saturday, it’s the big one: the 2011 Indochina Cup in Vientiane, Lao. And that’s it for 2011 as far as the on field stuff is concerned (but there’s still Christmas parties, best and fairests, golf and cricket events coming the Swannies’ way).

We also farewelled Brett Findlay who will set off for Japan later this week. Albert announced that he will leave Vietnam at the end of the year. Thankfully, he brought along a replacement, Phil the German (as opposed to the other half dozen Phils we have running around the Club in Hanoi and Saigon).

Brett, Albert, departing Prez Dez and Saigon Prez elect, Sammy were required to skull a can each. Dez managed to win that one.

Gus the G Train happened to be back in Saigon so he came along for the scratch match.

Finally, Dan Kindness has just confirmed that the Indochina Cup in Lao, as with Dez, will be his farewell tour. Dan has been a key asset for the Swannies in Hanoi and has played a critical role in establishing the ANZAC Friendship Match tradition.

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Swannies’ jam packed calendar: footy, Christmas parties, golf, cricket…

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 19, 2011

Last year's Swannies' Golf Day and MCG Cricket Day (at the London Tavern??) in Melbourne. And it's on again!

If you think things are starting to wind down just because the end of the year draws near, you’re dreamin’. The Swannies have a jam packed schedule to make sure you finish the year exhausted. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • 26 November, Lao – 5th Annual Indochina Cup. Swannies are hoping to go back to back and we farewell two icons from the Swannies: Saigon President, Derrin Limbrick; and Dan Kindness, key architect behind the ANZAC Friendship Match and the three matches we have played against the Royal Australian Navy.
  • 26 November, Hanoi – Auscham Ball, Circus Spectacular. .
  • 1 December, Saigon – Australian Consul General, Graeme Swift Farewell Celebration Golf Tournament. for full details.
  • 3 December, Saigon – Best & Fairest and Christmas Party at the tick, tick Boom-arang Bistro, D7. Family friendly event starts at 3pm and all are welcome. Full details very soon.
  • 4 December, Saigon – Auscham Christmas Party, Boomarang Bistro. Go back to back with the Swannies for this recovery party. Full details coming.
  • 10 December, Hanoi – Best & Fairest and Christmas Party, JASPAS.
  • 28 December, Melbourne – The 5th Vietnam Swans Annual Cricket Day, MCG. Last year, the Aussies couldn’t make it to the fourth day (well, they had 3 wickets remaining) so we were forced to go to the London Tavern – where we met a dozen Thailand Tigers!). This year we’ll be in the members of the MCG on the third day to see the Aussies and the Indians! To confirm your attendance, the National President.
  • 29 December, Melbourne – The 7th Vietnam Swans Annual Ryan Jefferey Golf Classic, Royal Ivanhoe Golf Links, Melbourne. Even if you don’t like golf, this is a great event. We play “Best Ball” so even if you’re not the greatest player, you still have a fantastic day. To confirm your attendance, the National President.

What a hoot! It just keeps getting bigger.

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