Mark Stennett, on the other end of the camera lens for a change, writes the match report for the Indochina Cup’s first game of the day between the Whites and the Cambodian Eagles. Photo, Asha Phillips.

Mark Stennett is a former Malaysian Warrior and current photographer, powerpoint presentation master, custodian of the Club’s kit, gun player and gun bloke. Today, he reports on Game 1 of the 2012 Indochina Cup played between the Vietnam Swans Whites (“B”) team and the Cambodian Eagles.

In the lead up to this historic first game of the Vietnam Whites, the coaches and captains engaged in a  flurry of activity over cyberspace and were very pleased with what they saw on paper. A reflection of the true depth of the Swannies’ talent. Unfortunately we suffered a few withdrawals and last minute injuries only to have the knife further twisted by the Vietnam Reds who bled us of two more of our guns in a cynical ploy at getting their hands on the silverware at the expense of their White brothers.. (no offence Matt and Nick Shiells (from the Red team),  I would have done the same) (Ed’s note: with the revised format of the tournament, the squad for the Vietnam Reds was lifted from 20 to 22).

Never to be one to make excuses, we still liked what we saw on paper and set about taking on a Cambodian team we knew had their eyes fixed firmly on the Cup. Under the pump from the first bounce, the midfield unearthed some guns in the form of Mick, Chris Button and Luca Parodi who saw plenty of the ball all game (all day in fact) along with Sealy and the rucks, Mr Powell and Jack. In doing so, they let the opposition know they were in for a hard fought game.

The entire back line was under immense pressure and were magnificent in repelling attack after attack with Trav Fennell and Dan Lucardie providing drive out of the last line of defence with great support from everyone who ran extremely hard all game.  Up forward, whilst opportunities were hard earned, the boys made the most of them when they came their way with  efficient goal kicking.

Every single bloke on the park can rightly stand tall knowing they took it right up to the Cambodian team which had to earn every single goal and although the score might have registered what seemed like an easy win, it was anything but.

Thanks to all the boys who played for the Whites…  you softened up the Eagles so the Reds could have the walk in the park they did, in what effectively became the grand final..  They owe us!!!!!