The 2012 Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day – 17 March 2012, Montgomerie Links, Danang.

Swing to Swim 2012In Vietnam, more children die from drowning than road accidents. The Vietnam Swans are keen to do what we can to reduce the number of drownings.

And so, we have teamed up with , , , and to run the 2nd Annual Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day.

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For further information email at Montgomerie Links on [email protected] or , National President, Vietnam Swans.

Last year, 2011. What happened at the Inaugural Swing to Swim last year?

*** USD25,000 raised at Inaugural Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day, Montgomerie Links, Hoi An (Danang) held on 14 May 2011. Click here for the full story. ***

12,500 Child Drownings Each Year in Vietnam

In 2001, UNICEF conducted a study in Vietnam and found that, each year, there were 12,500 child (under 15 years) drownings. Expressed another way, that’s the equivalent of one child drowning every 20 minutes during daylight hours which makes the water even more dangerous than Vietnam’s notorious roads.

In Australia, the situation is very different. Children learn to swim at a very early age. Swimming is a fantastic recreational activity with family holidays always planned around the beach. It’s also a sport that Australia is highly regarded at the international level.