Here it is – the squad for this Saturday’s massive hitout against the Cambodian Eagles.

For a Swannie, it’s the most coveted selection of the year and end-of-year awards and medals fade away in comparison.

As a result, it’s never an easy job for the selectors yet Coach Al Shiells seems to have pulled through his first squad selection without tearing out too much of his remaining hair.

“I’m proud of this squad that’s going to run out this Saturday – it’s a top-notch group of players that we’ve chosen and I can’t wait to see them play some excellent footy,” he said.

The side will once again be captained by the only player to have attended every Friendship Match, Bill Crang.

Here’s his in-depth, technical analysis of this year’s squad:

“Look, to be honest there’s a few areas of concern.  Andy G celebrated his 72nd birthday last week and is still recovering from his bucks party, and Jimmy B – aka the paper mâché man – went and got himself stung by a few mosquitos in a sketchy part of Indonesia.  AGAIN.

“Most of all I’m just annoyed that we couldn’t think of a legitimate reason to kick Macca (Brad McNamara) out of the squad.  He takes on two training sessions while the coach is working with the guys in Hanoi and thinks he’s the King of Saigon or something.”

For all of the details regarding the ANZAC Friendship Match weekend, check out the official webpage.

And without further ado, here is the 2017 Vietnam Swans ANZAC Friendship Match squad:

Brad McNamara, Grant Keys, Tuan Nhan, Steven Diep, Bart Schneemann, Grant Richardson, Sean Milner, Spencer Whitaker, Bill Crang (c), Nathan Milner, Chris Salmon, Evan Koch, Dinh Anh Nguyen, Gus McEwin, Trung Quang, Lachlan Stark, Tristan Robinson, Damien Judd, Dan Morrison, Luke Turner, Andrew Glendinning, Shane MacFarlane, Tom Reddecliffe, James Bairstow, Ben Carpenter-Nwanyanwu, Vinh Nguyen

Congratulations to all players!