Nha Trang Weekend

Are you coming to Nha Trang on 19 – 20 April?? Why wouldn’t ya?


There will be a cracking footy match as well as rugby. Confirm your attendance by contacting Symmo or the .

(Yes, “Hanoi Hawks” has been mentioned on the poster for this state of origin match as the Hanoi Hawks preceded the Hanoi Swans. But for lovers of the Vietnam Swans, please note the red and white colouring on the poster).

Saigon Saints

For those of you who want to learn more about the history of the Saigon Saints footy club, tune into vietnamswans.com to read a posting by Pago on the 10th anniversary of the Sainters.

Footy Tipping

The footy tipping comp started last weekend. To read the summary of what happened, check out the post Round 1 analysis by Muzza the Tip Star at vietnamswans.com

Grand Final Thought

As the poster above says, “Go large” – but don’t go back home.