John Redmond is natural at Gaelic football, footy and now as the self appointed tour leader. Here, he talks up the 2013 Indochina Cup where the Swannies are going for the 4-peat!

John Redmond is a natural at Gaelic football, footy and now as the self appointed tour leader for the 2013 Indochina Cup in Phnom Penh.

Here, JR talks up the ICC where the Swannies are going for the 4-peat!

The Indochina is right around the corner; Phil Johns has been crossing out the dates in his calender since the Asian Champs, Billy has been slapping people excitedly for months and GUS even went off the drink (before going back on it). Yes that’s right, it’s back and it’s only 11 days away.

The bus will be leaving from the bottom of Hai Ba Trung in district 1 at 4:30pm. Each player/supporter is required to pay for their own seat. This should come to roughly $10 a person each way.

This year we will be joined by the Saigon Shooters netball club on the bus journey as they plan to tour in Cambodia that weekend also. I think the Saigon Shooters will only add to the AWESOMENESS!

I have attached the Indochina Welcome Pack that details everything you need to know about the day of football and the function later that night.

In short though: Football will start at 10am on the Saturday and finish by 3. There will be a winners’ presentation to the Swannies before the band take to the stage. Afterwards we will reconvene at the hotel and get our glad rags on for a bit of a who-ha and shin-dig. Note: there is a Hawaiin theme at the after party so we request all Swannies to go and buy a Hawaiin shirt or you’ll end up just looking silly. If you can’t find a ridiculous Hawaiin shirt, just ask to borrow one of Horns. If Horn can’t lend you one, inform me and I’ll get you one.

On Sunday morning we will have a B&F presentation. The Club will supply the beers and we will have a slideshow and hopefully a charismatic MC to present the awards. We are working on a few at the moment but currently Brendan Fevola and Ben Cousins have declined our offer of a free flight and a twin room in the Eureka in Phnom Penh but don’t worry; we have others lined up.

As I said, this is the last game of the year, it’s important we go out on a high. We need everyone to commit, not only will it give us a better chance of winning/retaining the ICC, it will make for a better tour.