Vietnam Swans Coach and Saigon President of the Swans, Scott Stacey reports on the Anzac Match played on Wednesday 27 August. The Swans went on to win 84pts to 59pts in a match played in excellent spirit.


The Vietnam Swans have pulled off a stunning victory against the HMAS Anzac in pristine conditions at RMIT on Wednesday evening. Whilst the Anzac got off to a fast start with the first goal of the day around the 3 minute mark of the first quarter, the Swans quickly answered and it was game on. It was a very tight affair for the first two quarters with the sides trading goals throughout and no team really taking ascendancy. This was reflected by the half time scores being dead even at 40 points each. The Swans effort was a hard, well fought out affair and at times dazzled the opposition with some silky skills and strong marking. Nathan, Louis and Damo were getting plenty of it in the midfield and Muzza and Danny Monk were dazzling off the flanks. Jarrod Dean played strong in defence as did Derrin.


The Swans burst the game open in the third quarter as Nathan moved into second gear and was untouchable. Danny Monk was thrown into the guts and had it on a string but the guy who really burst the game open was Muzza up front. A stunning display from the Swans veteran was probably rated his best for the club as he bagged them from everywhere and set up a few more to boot. Ably supported up forward by the youngster Cam and Jarrod moved up forward to also have an influence.


The Swans were alive and everyone stepped up with no exception. Derrin was a stalwart in the backlines, Shags and Nick were in everything, Drew was the focal point running out of defence, Dan Kindness held the fort well at the back and the big guys Izaac and Boz also had plenty of it. Joe took a strong mark and was busy in the packs as was Larry who ran strong as well. The Swans ran out winners by 25 points in a fantastic all round effort. Well done boys!


BUT the highlight play of the day was one that will go down as folklore for both the Swans and the Anzac. Late in the final quarter the Anzac tried to mix up their team in a bid for a late comeback and made the surprising move of throwing one of their (very attractive) female sailors into the forward lines. This girl had a clean pair of hands and scooped up the ball deep in the pocket, pirouetted gracefully and lined up for a certain goal when BANG she was hit hard with a huge bear hug tackle and thrown to the ground by none other than the National Prez himself, Phil Johns (Eds Note: he certainly did lay a bear hug. He kept holding her waiting for the ump to blow his whistle for “Ball!”. But, with the ump having lost his whistle, the saucy sailor, from the vertical position, had a snap. Thankfully, no goal!). Onya Phil, now we know why the last 2 weeks have been all good for the Silver Fox!


I take this opportunity to once again thank Brent and his Anzac team. Also, playing for the Vietnam Swans, Dan Kindness, the Defence Attache from Hanoi who played such a major role in making the game happen.


It was a sensational day because it was a good fun, hard game of footy played in the best of spirits. HUGE DAY.


Photos to follow.