The field umpires at the Asian Champs umpired approximately 13 games each and ran 26kms!

Playing between four preliminary games at the Asian Champs – plus semis and the Grand Final if you’re good enough – is a big ask.

But spare a thought for the field umpires.

Adam McDonald, for example, umpired 13 games straight! And, according to the GPS, he covered a total of 26 kilometres. The other umpires would have had very similar stats.

Thank you very much to all the umpires, including boundary and goal umpires, on a stunning job, all day, in the heat.

Field umpires:

  • Adam McDonald
  • Shane
  • Max Walker
  • Alan Sutherland (Yoda)
  • Brett
  • Saul Morgan
  • Alistair Pyers