The Swannies’ banner for the 2013 Asian Champs in Thailand. Artwork by Ross McRae. Ah, McRae. You’ve done it again!

Swannies’ Superstar Graphic Designer and Artist, Ross McRae (Ah McRae, you’ve done it again!) has just unveiled the Swannies banner for our 2013 Asian Champs’ campaign in Thailand on 17 August.

The banner depicts a bouncing footy from Hanoi to Saigon (representing that Vietnam is a national club) which then lands in Thailand, venue for the 2013 Asian Champs.

The competing countries in Asia are shaded in a darker colour. There’s a 10 year anniversary logo for the Swannies as well as a list of the things that our club promotes – and a selection of our upcoming events. Of course, our very generous sponsors’ logos are included on the banner.

Importantly, there are some little baby cygnets that represent the recent arrivals for some key Swannies’ couples; namely, the (Dez and Fleur) Limbricks, (Phil and Laurey) Jordans and (Dukesy and Pia) Creamers.

Several of our Champs banners will be hung at the Boathouse in HCMC on Sunday, 11 August when the Swannies hold our annual Friends & Families are Champs Day (click here for full details).

Special thanks again to Ross McRae.

Go you Swannies and little cygnets!

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