While the Swannies attended last weekend’s Asian Champs in Thailand, another group of Swannies spent a day at the MCG. L to R: Nat Payne, Man Mountain Edo, Nick “Moggy” Moger, Ryan “Revo” Evans and Josh Little.

Last Saturday, when the main group of Swannies was in Thailand for the 14th Annual Asian Championships, a smaller group of five was at the MCG for the Carlton- Richmond game.

Natty Payne, the Shinboner, who kindly completed half the job by forwarding the attached photo earlier in the week, has just now completed the second half of his task: the narrative.

The Shinboner’s note is reproduced below.

Half job here again.

I have been busier than a James Hird lawyer over the last few days and haven’t had time to get back to the Swannies with an update on our ‘Deceased Swannie’s (back from the dead) Day At the G’.

A fairly stock standard day had by all.  Pretty un-Swanlike behaviour, really.

Met at the Corner Hotel around 12 for a few pots.  Moggy was disgusted to see that:

  • He had to go to the bar and purchase his own beers; and
  • He had to wade through a six deep crowd and take out a small personal loan (at very generous interest rates provided by our valued sponsor, CBA) to get them.

The Shinboner over the last few days has been busier than a James Hird lawyer. But whatever it took, the readers of this website are grateful he found the time to produce a narrative to accompany the photo of the Swannies at the G.

It’s no Spotted Cow… and that’s why the Corner has photos of international rock stars on their walls instead of C grade footballers well past their prime (Ed’s note, perhaps a hint of frustration from the All Asian Shinboner following last weekend’s elevation of yet another Swannie (Ben Kilsby) into the All Asian ranks?).  Love the Corner, but pretty sure it wouldn’t be a Swannie’s hangout as they have no TVs and little interest in footy. Crazy, I know.

After ambling to the MCG, we spent the rest of the afternoon being taken from MCC members bar to MCC members bar by Josh.  Unfortunately, he didn’t organise any Longroom passes so we were out with the plebs. Again un-Swanlike behaviour.  Word has it that the last Swan rejected from the Longroom was none other than national prez/international man of mystery, Phil Johns. Apparently his boat shoes didn’t meet the criteria.  Fabbo argued that he was actually overdressed.

Moggy did threaten to use his badge, but Revo took the high ground and told him not to cause any trouble.  He said that we should take the ‘Bill Crang’ approach to life and think before acting out or slapping anyone!

Edo, the original Swannies’ man mountain, has a serious love for AFL which is bordering on unhealthy. After getting over his disappointment of not moving to Sunbury, he has fitted into his inner city lifestyle and has even found a fantastic salami supplier who delivers pre-hung sausage right to his door. Josh Little is not just a great coach and excellent source of unofficial Essendon information, but he can cure meat with the likes of Dipper and Serge.

The game was of little interest or significance mainly because Richmond lost.  Obviously saving themselves for their rematch with the Hawks in the Grand Final.

There were a few trips down memory lane.  Significant wins, hard fought losses to Cambodia that we blamed on Fabbo.  What if we didn’t get sauced on the Friday night? Where is Kurt? Remember that time when Jotta handballed? Didn’t Shagger love getting the rug out.  Didn’t Mr Powell love his budget airlines. How about that time Kev missed that goal from the square.

Yeah, lucky we had Dukesy.

I reckon Gus is the most underrated footballer in Asia.  Nobody actually said that last one.  Perhaps that’s one for Powell Daddy?

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