The Vietnam Swans have been proud supporters of Swim Vietnam for several years, donating proceeds from events and fundraisers to the charity, and also recently launching the “Vietnam Swans Swim Teacher of the Month” award. We were delighted to receive this great little video that the team at Swim Vietnam put together for us!


Jo Stewart from Swim Vietnam provided us with the following information about the organization, including the direct contributions that the Vietnam Swans have been able to make over the years.

Drowning is the number one injury related killer of children in Vietnam. Many more children drown in Vietnam than are killed in road accidents. According to Vietnam Ministry of Health statistics state that 10 children drown every day (2012 Vietnam Ministry of Health Injury Mortality Report). However international aid agencies (TASC, UNICEF) estimate that the actual number could be three times this amount.

 Swim Vietnam trains swimming teachers, builds swimming pools and establishes swim schools which give free swimming and water safety lessons to prevent children from drowning. Some of the key achievements of Swim Vietnam include: 

  • Over 13,800 children taught swimming since program inception. Over 4,300 children were taught in 2015;
  • Over 150 teachers trained with around 100 employed by Swim Vietnam;
  • Eight swimming pools installed – a new pool has just been opened in Tam Ky City;
  • Swim Vietnam’s classroom based water safety presentation is embedded in school curriculum in Quang Nam Province with over 10,000 children educated each year. 20,000 children have already received this education, with 30,000 more scheduled for 2016;
  • 9 Swim Vietnam teachers trained as Royal Life Saving (NSW branch) Trainers and Examiners.

The Vietnam Swans have supported Swim Vietnam since 2010, raising money for the charity through various means. This money has been raised through initiatives such as Swing to Swim, Jumper Auctions, the ANZAC Day Friendship Match, Quiz Nights, Battle of the Codes, Grand Final Parties, the Central Vietnam Games, Individual Fundraisers and donations by Swannies members.

Total Contribution of the Vietnam Swans to Swim Vietnam since 2010:

2010 52,620,000 2,698
2011 318,045,200 15,486
2012 295,557,677 14,175
2013 31,425,000 1,497
2014 92,120,000 4,361
2015 51,500,000 2,393
Total 841,268,477 40,610


Over the years this money has been spent on:

  • Building an above ground pool in Nam Phuoc, Quang Nam where over 2,300 children have been taught;
  • 3 teacher training courses teaching over 50 teachers;
  • Water safety education in primary schools teaching around 3,000 children;
  • Teaching children the Swim Vietnam survival swimming program – at least 1,500 more children have learnt to swim as a direct result of the Vietnam Swans generous support.

 However the impact has been much greater than just as a result of what the money has been able to achieve.  By supporting Swim Vietnam from almost the very beginning the Swans have been able to help Swim Vietnam to grow into an organisation which now has a significant impact on drowning prevention in Vietnam.  Thank you to you all!

The Vietnam Swans are extremely proud to support Swim Vietnam, and strongly believe in the importance of the work that they do. We are excited to support them again in 2016!