The Hoi An Children's Swimming Program

The Hoi An Children’s Swimming Program

The has been in operation since 2008. In the first 3 years, 1,500 children were trained in basic water safety and swimming skills.

In 2010, thirty one local PE teachers completed their AustSwim Coaching Certificate, an internationally recognised certificate which incorporates Red Cross First Aid Training. They were the first Vietnamese to receive this “Train the Trainer” Certificate.

Annual funding has been provided by Tribob, a Singapore triathlon company, and Barclays Capital Investment Bank. The money raised by the Vietnam Swans has gone entirely to this cause – but it’s still not enough. The Hoi An Swimming Project still needs more.

The Hoi An Swimming Project is fully supported in principle by the Hoi An Local People’s Committee and the Quang Nam Provincial Government.

Would You Like to Help?

If you would like to help, you can donate money, time or resources.

For further information email:

, Project Director, Hoi An Swimming Program
, Vietnam Swans Swimming Program Delegate
, Knight Frank Vietnam