Remember we had Di from Australia advising us that she would be coming to Hanoi’s Grand Final Party as part of a group of 10? It’s now grown to 11.

Di has provided us with a breakdown of where they’re from (it’s ugly) and who they barrack for (it’s uglier)… Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

  • 2 from Adelaide (you see, it is ugly) who barrack for Collingwood, Crows and Port Adelaide (you see, it’s not getting any better – apart from the actual teams being an issue, there’s also one more favourite team than there are supporters).
  • 2 from Bairnsdale – Demons and Kangas (at least they’re Victorian).
  • 4 from Singleton – “2 Swans for sure” (Singleton is NSW which is not so good but at least two barrack for the Swans. The other two must be complete shockers for it to be kept quiet. Must be Carlton or Essendon).
  • Lucy may be required for counselling3 from the Gold Coast – Geelong and Demons (a locked-in minor premier cum major choker and a “whatever”).

Di’s breakdown reminds the Organising Committee that as a precautionary measure at the Grand Final Party, we should set up a side stall.

Hearin’ me?