Vietnam Backpacker Hostels have been announced as the 2017 Signature sponsor of the Vietnam Swans.

VBH operate hostels out of Hanoi, Ninh Van, Cat Ba, Hue and Hoi An since 2004 and have been supporters of the Vietnam Swans across its entire journey, with the Mick Francis Hanoi Player of the Year award named after one of its owners.

“The only thing I love more than Vietnam is AFL Football in Vietnam and the Swannies.  I’ve been involved with the club from the very beginning and I am excited to get on board as the Signature Sponsor with my company, VBH.  Bring on 2017, it is going to be a big year for the Vietnam Swans.”

Mick Francis – Owner, Vietnam Backpackers

VBH owner Mick is also involved in Hanoi’s the Moose & Roo (official Hanoi function venue of the Vietnam Swans), and The Republic, home of AFL football in Hanoi and the preferred venue for the Swannies to watch AFL in the north of Vietnam.


“It’s great to have Mick, Max and VBH on board in a MEGA way for 2017 and beyond.  Mick has been an enourmous supporter of the Swans over the years and VBH’s support allows us to push the club forward in a big way.  I encourage all Swans fans to check out Vietnam Backpackers’s locations in Hanoi, Ninh Van, Cat Ba, Hue and Hoi An and suggest any of their friends and family to visit as well.”

Eric Kerrison – President, Vietnam Swans

For more information about Vietnam Backpacker Hostels – including joining one of their exciting trips, staying at their hostels or inquiring about their other travel services, contact them via their contact page  or find them on  to stay up to date with their latest news.  VBH will have you sorted out with a fantastic trip in no time!