4 in a Row for the Swannies at the Indochina Cup. Go you Swannies!

For the 4th consecutive year, the Vietnam Swans won the Indochina Cup. The Cup, now in its 7th year, was played in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, yesterday. The round robin format is played annually between the Thailand Tigers, Cambodian Eagles, Lao Elephants and Vietnam Swans.

Below are the results:

Round 1

  • Thailand Tigers, 15 def. by Cambodian Eagles, 28
  • Lao Elephants, 6 def. by Vietnam Swans, 64

Round 2

  • Lao Elephants, 6 def. by Thailand Tigers, 53
  • Vietnam Swans, 34 def. Cambodian Eagles, 26

Round 3

  • Lao Elephants, 8 def, by Cambodian Eagles, 38
  • Vietnam Swans, 29 def. Thailand Tigers, 13

Final Results
                                                 W     L     Perc

  1. Vietnam Swans           3      0      282
  2. Cambodian Eagles      2      1      161
  3. Thailand Tigers            1      2      129
  4. Lao Elephants              0      3        13

Special mention to the Lao Elephants on their fantastic achievement

Congratulations to the Lao Elephants on their fantastic achievement in fielding a team with no less than 11 courageous and talented Laoatians. Even after enduring a 15hour bus trip to the tournament (and they are now on the bus returning to Lao), they still managed to produce the fastest sprinter down the wing who could, very possibly, be the fastest man on legs in Asian footy. He could run back to Lao in half teh time of the bus.

Also, a great effort by the four Cambodian Nationals.

Congratulations to hosts and organisers, Cambodian Eagles

Congratulations and thank you to the Cambodian Eagles for organising such a professionally managed managed event. Organising tournaments requires a big effort with countless volunteer hours. Their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated by all.