“Adoooo!! Yow Beauty!” Adrian “Ado” Enright takes a screamer for the Swannies Reds (against the Swannies Whites!) in last weekend’s 2012 Indochina Cup in Hanoi. Photo by Jiri Pasz.

Hanoi coach and recipient of the National President’s Award for 2012, Adrian “Ado” Enright, writes about the last match of the 2012 Indochina Cup last weekend. Unfortunately, the match was also Ado’s last for the Swannies as a resident of Vietnam. Ado will return to Australia shortly.

This truly was the last game in the Vietnam colours for a few of the guys at the tournament, and what better way to go out than playing all together on the one field!

Although the scoring was uneven right from the start, the game was played in great style and great spirit by both teams. Chris ‘Jenson’ Button and Mick continued their strong form across the tournament for the Whites by playing very solid and determined games. Club legends, Matty Townsend, Dan Lucardi and Travis Fennel also got plenty of work thrown their way for the Whites and did a mighty effort in repelling the constant attack from the Reds. Meanwhile MJ kept of leading the younger chargers through to the end.

For the Reds, led by club favourite, Edo, in the ruck, there was plenty of quick movement out of the centre via club B&F, Luke ‘Dukesy’ Creamer, Dave O’Shae and eventual leading goal kicking for the Vietnam Swans, Brett ‘Mega’ Jotta. Others chipped in at various moments, with goals reining in from the likes of Crazy Dan, and big finishes to great tournaments from others in the backline including Damo Judd and Billy Crang.

Although the game was a one sided-affair, it showed off the great talent we have right across the club and the depth we are building at the Swannies. To run two teams for the tournament was a great achievement, but to also put on an impressive and fun game of footy to watch was testament to a great 2012.

In the end the Reds ended up taking the points easily, making sure it was three wins from three and ensuring the ICC remained firmly in the grip of the mighty Vietnam Swans for the third year running!

“Check out this mark from our friends the Vietnam Swans who recently won their third straight Indochina Cup. The photo is of Hanoi coach Adrian Enright. Great to see the Swans winning the premiership abroad!” to see the Sydney Swans Facebook page.