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Archive for August, 2007

Hong Kong Dragons and Jackals

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 30, 2007

With less than 24hrs before the Hong Kong Dragons fly into Saigon using a more conventional scheduled commercial flight, Saigon is abuzz. What do the Asian Champs look like up close?

As well as playing footy this coming weekend, the Dragons will farewell long serving player, the Jackal.

More seasoned players at the Swans are privately saying that while there is no doubt that it will be the Night(s) of the Jackal, they are yet to be convinced it will be the Day of the Jackal come 2pm Saturday at RMIT when Tommy Sherrin is bounced.

One of the tough talkers is Taber, our hard hitting opinionated columnist on Monday mornings. Taber, a former Father of the Year, will make a long overdue return to international football this weekend. He hasn’t been seen in the international arena since May of last year when the Swans were smashed by the Tigers in Thailand and he bagan focusing on the Fatherly Gong.

Meanwhile, Coach Savvy Stacey will return to the ground as a player this weekend in his 129th come back game.

In other news, controversially, Vietnam will not play in the Swans jumpers. It will play in the Saigon Geckos strip. This is sure to stir up strong debate amongst the games conservatives. No doubt Taber on Monday, like on Saturday with the Umps, will have plenty to say.

With this much interest and controversy, we’re set for a cracking weekend.

Important times:

Friday night from 7pm, The Office (Cafe Latin) – Having just arrived from Hong Kong, the boys on the Jackal Tour will still be well on the way.

Saturday, 1.30pm, RMIT – Players arrive at RMIT for a 2pm start. 14 players on field. 4 x 15 minute quarters. All welcome.

Saturday, 5pm-ish – Pacharans – $20 food and drinks. All welcome.   

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“Year of the Dogs”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 30, 2007

Dave “Flyer” Kainey sent in this link to excerpts from . There’s a great one with Terry Wallace expressing his disappointment with his Dogs after they lost by less than a goal.

The Dogs had played magnificent footy for 3 quarters – after playing a “disgraceful first quarter”. Have a look at this to see the excerpt. It really is amazing footage. 

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The Lao Elephants want to play in Hanoi

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 29, 2007

While the Vietnam Swans are 100 per cent focussed on the coming weekend when we play the Hong Kong Dragons, we’re equally focussed on the fact that it’s a long weekend and that the Grand Final is just a month away.

Now we can throw into the mix an email from the Lao Elephants. Marty Sharples says that his Elephants are very keen to come over the border to Hanoi for a match. But they would like to do so on the weekend of 24 November – a long weekend in Laos. However, this is just one week after we play the Thailand Tigers.

This is not such good news for the Saigon boys who are unlikely to make two flights to Hanoi on consecutive weekends. However, the preliminary response from Hanoi has been very encouraging.

The Elephants emailed back today to say that they will look again at coming the weekend before for a tri nations tournament with Thailand.

The Red Sherrin in Communist Vietnam is big.   

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Turning tens to 11’s

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 28, 2007

Remember we had Di from Australia advising us that she would be coming to Hanoi’s Grand Final Party as part of a group of 10? It’s now grown to 11.

Di has provided us with a breakdown of where they’re from (it’s ugly) and who they barrack for (it’s uglier)… Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

  • 2 from Adelaide (you see, it is ugly) who barrack for Collingwood, Crows and Port Adelaide (you see, it’s not getting any better – apart from the actual teams being an issue, there’s also one more favourite team than there are supporters).
  • 2 from Bairnsdale – Demons and Kangas (at least they’re Victorian).
  • 4 from Singleton – “2 Swans for sure” (Singleton is NSW which is not so good but at least two barrack for the Swans. The other two must be complete shockers for it to be kept quiet. Must be Carlton or Essendon).
  • Lucy may be required for counselling3 from the Gold Coast – Geelong and Demons (a locked-in minor premier cum major choker and a “whatever”).

Di’s breakdown reminds the Organising Committee that as a precautionary measure at the Grand Final Party, we should set up a side stall.

Hearin’ me?

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Biggles, Johnsies and Dominating Dragons

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 28, 2007

The Dominating are just 4 days away from hopefully, a jolly good slaying in Saigon. Meanwhile, Vietnam is abuzz with rumours about a blitz of Johnsies taking the field for the big match.

Club President Phil Johns, renowned for his inspirational 30 second bursts before falling to another soft tissue injury has declared himself fit.

Newcomer to Vietnam, Matty Johns (no relation) will make his international debut for Vietnam this weekend. With blonde tips, this surfie look-alike has a good head on his shoulders. Unlike the Bali Gecko Surfers at the Asian Champs, Johnsy could very well be the difference between the two teams that makes us cross the line first.

BigglesThis morning, the Swans had a “near miss” (or is that a “near hit”?) We were looking good for a flying ace as our goal umpire – the very lovely Kathryn Biggles. For those of you who need your memories refreshed, Biggles was the flying ace in the novels written by Captain W. E. Johns (no relation).

Alas, K. Biggles has advised that she will only be a spectator on the day.

In other dramatic developments, Vietnam will play without their Hanoi Captain and their Saigon Captain. G Train and Beazley will both miss. A Captain for the day is still to be appointed.

The injured Micky J will assume the coaching responsibilities with Savvy Stacey electing to lace up the boots and take the field to shoot a few sneaky goals.

The long awaited match between Vietnam and Hong Kong will commence at 2pm on Saturday 1 September at RMIT’s grounds in Saigon. There will be 4 x 15 min. quarters with 14 players on the field for each team. 

You just can’t help but get the feeling that this could be an absolute cracker of a humdinger of a match.

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Taber Talk – The Weekly AFL Wrap

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 27, 2007

The Vietnam Swans’ former Prez, Daryl Taber, gives his weekly opinionated and hard hitting review of the weekend’s footy.

With a week’s tipping to go in the Vietnam Swans Footy Tipping Comp, Kutch, like the Cats, had a slight stumble. Chris and Sridhar edge closer but need to take risks to make up two games.

Is there such a thing as an honorable loss? They think so down at the Cattery after two of their best midfielders withdrew before the game. How lucky are Port? A winning goal with just three seconds left on the clock after last week stealing a match against the Hawks by kicking 2 goals in the last minute.

Eddie EverywhereI’m definitely a footy junkie and that means I actually enjoy most of the after match radio chat. When Everywhere Eddie McGuire was asked about the imminent tribunal appearance of “ROCCA!!” he followed up his initial comment, “I can’t comment on imminent tribunal appearances” with ”It was not even a strong enough blow to part the Swans player’s hair”. That’s some no comment! For what it’s worth, my verdict is he’ll get a week. And a costly week it could be with the Carringbush still in the hunt for a prized top four finish.

Buckley has more holidays than a school teacherStill on Collingwood. Whilst he only had a moderate 14 possessions, the skipper’s return had an immediate impact making all his younger teammates ‘walk tall’. Bucks has had 50 weeks paid leave. That’s more than a school teacher! Whilst his possessions in his comeback match were below average the Swans were chasing black and white feathers right from the first bounce when Buckley swooped, delivered lace out to Thomas who goaled. After that The Swans never looked likely.

My travel agent tells me The Sydney Swans have already booked their End of Season trip directly after week one of the finals.

I’ve just had it confirmed by a somewhat dodgy source that the AFL will pay people to attend the final home and away match for the season, the 5:10 pm match Melb v Carlton at the MCG. The Tanking Blues fielded their youngest side ever on Saturday whilst their opponents, Melbourne struggled to find 22 players fit enough to play against Freo. Could this be the AFL’s first ever nil all draw? Remember if Carlton lose they get the extra prized first pick, a reward for so few wins over the past few years. Enthralling!

Hird and SheedsFooty’s a funny game as are the characters in it! Yesterday the diehard fans paid tribute to an ex-ballet dancer and a Richmond plumber with James Hird’s and Kevin Sheedy’s Goodbye Game. Excuse me but this has been longer than the record-breaking consecutive send-off parties for ex-Hanoi Swans President Dave Kainey. Seriously though, even though I generally hate all things Essendon, these two deserved this send-off in front of almost 90 000 spectators. Then there was The Real Man’s Man, Longest Playing Shinboner ever, Archie, Just Awesome.  

The Haweksome performance yesterday against the Doggies was only soured by the goalkicking of the tall, lean Hawk they call Bunny Love. He scored a goal in the first quarter the hard way, all in behinds, Yep that’s right, he kicked six individual points. He ended the day with 2 goals 10! The good news is the Hawks win still allows some chance of it being an all Victorian Grand Finale.

The race for the final eighth spot should be known by Friday night. If Adelaide defeat Collingwood the eight contenders are decided. If they lose it gives the Saints a great chance if they can get over a resurgent Richmond. If the abovementioned games fall their way, Brisbane is the only other chance.

Shifting focus to the Hanoi frontline, Daniel Lucardie’s debut appearance at training was most impressive! Generally he’s a quiet type, but when the ball was in his zone he became as loud as ex-Swan The Pumpa! Danny has a footy brain, all the game skills and can roost the Sherrin outta sight! Has there ever been a more impressive debut?

Gus was nowhere to be seen despite being in town, nor was the attractive, female ground manager. Draw your own conclusions there.  And speaking of the Pumpa leads me to this week’s scoop. Pssssssstttt. I hear he will soon return to his old haunts in Hanoi. 

Team P W L D For Ag % Pts
Geelong 21 17 4 0 2397 1561 153.6 68
Port Adelaide 21 14 7 0 2197 1953 112.5 56
West Coast 21 14 7 0 2030 1811 112.1 56
Hawthorn 21 13 8 0 2028 1714 118.3 52
Kangaroos 21 13 8 0 2026 1905 106.4 52
Collingwood 21 13 8 0 1936 1898 102.0 52
Sydney 21 11 9 1 1890 1629 116.0 46
Adelaide 21 11 10 0 1787 1637 109.2 44

St Kilda 21 10 10 1 1772 1849 95.8 42
Brisbane Lions 21 9 10 2 1883 1740 108.2 40
Fremantle 21 10 11 0 2169 2081 104.2 40
Essendon 21 10 11 0 2060 2262 91.1 40
Western Bulldogs 21 9 11 1 2018 2312 87.3 38
Melbourne 21 4 17 0 1751 2161 75.8 16
Carlton 21 4 17 0 2059 2772 74.3 16
Richmond 21 3 17 1 1866 2435 76.6 14

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Weekly Club News

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 24, 2007

It’s only one more week to go before the Swans are out there at RMIT, Saigon, slaying some Hong Kong Dragons. Hong Kong has confirmed that they will tour with 29. Spots have been filling up fast in the Swans team but there are still 5 available. For those in Saigon, you’d wanna turn up tomorrow for training at 2.30pm to secure your spot. If you’re planning on playing and you can’t make training tomorrow in Saigon, send an email for us to reserve your spot. The match will start at 2pm on Saturday 1 September. 

Afterwards, we’ll head off to Pacharans opposite the cultured Opera House. For $20 we’ll be fed and watered.


Meanwhile, 36 days out from the Grand Final, the talk in Saigon is about trying to get a ticket before they sell out (it’s just like trying to get a ticket back home for the actual game). In Hanoi, interest is also hotting up and you can expect a number of announcements regarding sponsors and promotional material after just a few more sleeps. Very exciting.

(Ed’s note: For the record, for whatever reason, when this email went out, it self-deleted on a  random basis which generated a fair bit of interest our their judging from the feedback. We might start sending out more phantome emails.)

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10 Aussies to fly in from Australia for Grand Final

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 23, 2007

Today, the Vietnam Swans received an email from a group of 10 Australians who will be holidaying through Vietnam at the time of the AFL Grand Final.

Di from Bairnsdale, Victoria, wrote that “we have found your site on the web and would like to spend the day at Jaspas (in Hanoi with the Swans). Do we need to book? At least two of us are Swans supporters, others Kangaroos and Collingwood.

“We’re on holidays together for two weeks from Australia and don’t want to miss the big game!”

Loveable Mick, in the photo above, who turns 50 on Saturday wrote, “Please advise Ms Di of Vietnam Swans policy regarding entry to GF:

“The 2 Swans supporters get in for free.  Kangaroos supporters pay double and we pay the Collingwood supporters to stay away.”

The Prez of the Swans was quick to mop up and emailed Ms Di telling her that she and all her mates were extremely welcome.

It’s going to be an awwwwwwesome Grand Final Party in Hanoi.

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Swans fly over Singapore Airlines

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 22, 2007

Nearly 3 weeks ago, the Swans Blog introduced the Count Down Clock for the 2007 AFL Grand Final. We were all very proud of it which is why we flew out Ian “Molly” Meldrum for the launch.

Since then it has worked like a charm. Experts believe the reason why the clock hasn’t actually stimulated any debate or discussion is that people don’t want to “cheapen our clock”.

Well, it now appears there has been significant discussion in other quarters – Singapore Airlines to be exact. Last week on 16 August, in an SIANews email headed, Countdown to the World’s FirstA380 Commercial Flight, SIA announced their new “online countdown clock”. The SIA countdown clock is above.

When asked if the Swans were ticked off with the Copycat Clock, a Club Spokesman simply replied, “Well, I guess we’d be the first to fly over the top of SIA in a while – and we’ll be first to hold our big event”.

Away from the cameras the same spokesman could be seen asking people whether they knew if SIA’s digital clock was automatic or manual. Apparently to keep the Swans clock accurate, the Swans have to set the alarm just prior to midnight so they can get up and change the clock on time. Every time.  

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Grand Final Events – Malaysia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 21, 2007

One of the great thing about Asian Footy is that the links are growing between clubs and we can share information with each other.

The Malaysian Warriors, who have an open invitation to the Vietnam Swans to do a return tour in the New Year have just unveiled their promotional poster for their 2007 AFL Grand Final Event (click on the thumbnail to blow it up).

The Warriors’ Special Guest is none other than Simon Madden. That’s Big.

The Vietnam Swans wish the Malaysian Warriors well with an awwwesome Grand Final event.

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JD is “seriously thinking about a comeback…”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 20, 2007

The Swans are buzzing tonight as word gets around that JD, Jarrod Dale, is “seriously thinking about a comeback”!

JD, of course, was our Captain in the match against Malaysia in March last year when he cruelly “did a knee”. Not that it helped JD’s knee, but the match was played in Hanoi.

In an official statement today (probably more a casual email), JD added that “it won’t be for the September game in HCMC (against the Hong Kong Dragons) but the plan is to get a final MRI scan and see how it has healed………add me to the email lists and bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

JD was dreaming about a return to international football even before he did his knee(Ed’s note: please note this further proof that the Club has never spammed anyone. People love all of it because they love footy which is why they honk their horns. Q.E.D.)

Awwwwwwwwwwwesome news, JD.

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Ministry cleans up Ronald Dale’s dirt

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 20, 2007

You may recall the posting last week on the Swans Blog with the link to the 1979 film, ?

Remember Ronald Dale Barassi telling his North Melbourne Boys that the theme for the year would be, “Get a little dirt on your hands”? 28 years later, with the benefit of hindsight, it seems it may not have been such a good idea.In today’s Vietnam News newspaper (20th August) was an article with the headline, Ministry urges doctors to wash their hands.

The article went on to say that “The Ministry of Health has launched a campaign nation wide forcing doctors and medical workers to wash their hands at work to reduce the alarmingly high rate of infectious diseases in hospitals and medical centres”.

The Ministry of Health refers to it as the “Clean Hands” campaign.

Ronald Dale, what on earth were you thinking?

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