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Gus grows the mo

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 30, 2007

Swans Captain, Gus McEwin was just one of the boys to grow a mo for Movember and the Tri Nations tournament.

Raising awareness for men’s health issues was the objective and judging from the raised eye brows when people saw the Gustache, it certainly did that. 

Thanks to Gus and all the boys who grew mo’s as well as all the people who bought tickets for the Jim Beam raffle. The money raised will be presented shortly to the US Committee for Scientific Research with Vietnam that will introduce prostate screening to one of their programs.

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Swans announce Malaysian Tour

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 29, 2007

Yesterday the Vietnam Swans announced that the long awaited and much anticipated return tour to Malaysia to play the Malaysian Warriors will happen on 8 March 2008.

Club President, Phil Johns, said that the match would be an important one for the club. “In 2005 we played the Warriors in KL and gave them a real fright. In Hanoi, 2006 they were too strong for us. We’ve just witnessed the successful ‘Kevin 07′ campaign and the ‘Swans 07′ campaign to Malaysia was to have been just as successful. Alas, the tour had to be postponed due to unprecedented circumstances (a lack of numbers).

“But now we have a confirmed date for Q1 next year, the boys will be able to focus.

“Some of the boys are so focussed, they’ve  even vowed to skip Christmas dinner this year”. Unheard of professionalism creeping into the Swans line up for 2008 which is already being billed as the Season of the Swan.

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Tri Nations nets millions for charity

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 28, 2007

At the recent Tri Nations Footy/Netball weekend, the Swans raised 4.5 million Vietnamese Dong ($US 280) from the raffle of a mega 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam (our Club Sponsor).

It was all part of “Movember” where a number of players grew a moustache for the tournament to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues. The money raised will be donated to the US Committee for Scientific Research with Vietnam. Soon, they will commence a primary health care program in the northern highlands and will now add prostate screening and care to the program.

For further details, click on the link to the Swans  ‘Tache n Passion for Charity posting.

For the record, the Tigers’ Chris Thwaiter won the Jim Beam and promptly shared it with the two hundred people who were there on the Saturday night.  

Thank you to the Thailand Tigers, Lao Elephants, Vietnam Swans, the various netball teams and friends who all dug deep for this cause.

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Lao Elephants on World Footy News

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 27, 2007

The Lao Elephants and their their match reports of the recent Tri Nations weekend have just featured on World Footy News. To read all about it, click on the following link:

To read what happened on the weekend from the Thailand Tigers perspective (including a line about “everyone on tour was woken to loud and unbelievably frequent tooting of horns around 6.30am’ish”. What are those Tiger boys talking about?) click on the following week:

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Taber Talk’s Final Walk, Tri Nations, Pt 2

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 25, 2007

Taber Talk’s Daryl Taber completes his two part assessment of the Tri Nations Tournament held last week in Hanoi. This is the last time that Daryl will be able to write a “Taber Talk” tabloid piece as an active Swans player. Next month he will pack up and leave Vietnam to return to Australia where he expects to open a shop that specialises in selling Vietnam Swans memorabilia.

The mighty Rooster was there of course. He was cock-a-hoop strutting the boundary line in anticipation of donning his 18th international Aussie Rules Guernsey in the Elephant’s second match against the Tigers. Or was it because his new lovely fiancé Rina was perched close by? All this off-field action, combined with the buzz that Fish was finally was on his way to the ground, may have distracted the Laos boys.

Despite starting the match two players short, Thailand booted a swag of goals in record time. The Elephants were never in this hunt.

The final match between the Swans and the Tigers started the same way. Thailand rushed the footy out of the middle and piled on goal after goal. Thirteen for the match blew the Swans right out of the water. If Rina’s feathers were preened, the Swans were well and truly ruffled as the likes of Rhino and Mango ran riot. Divine intervention, Jesus, in the centre allowed the Tigers to win most clearances. Some wiser, experienced Tigers were also in everything and it became a rout. Grigg, Leaver, Lucardie and new recruit Aidyn did well for the Swans.

It was great to host the netballers for the weekend as well. Laos won the 5 side tournament but the event was the winner.

We’d like to thank the staff at j-a-f-a, JASPAS (especially Jimmy!!), the Green Mango, Tiger Beer, SOS and the Family Medical Practice and of course all the staff at UNIS for setting up the match venue. Their generous support made it a sensational weekend.

It was a weekend of milestones; the international debut of the Lao Elephants, the first combined footy/netball tri nations tournament in Vietnam, Rooster’s appearance in his 18th international guernsey, Fish’s final appearance as Tigers Coach and it was also the final hit out for former Swans’ President, Daryl Taber.

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Taber Talk – Tri Nations, Pt 1

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 25, 2007

The popular Daryl Taber returns with another hard hitting, opinionated and controversial edition of Taber Talk. While his ability to read the play like a newspaper is well known, less well known is how he will cope from next month when his tour of Vietnam officially finishes. From the Taber Talk Think Tank to his Carlton Tanks back in Oz, teh Swannies wish him well.

In an historical Asian football occasion, the Laos football and netball teams toured for the first time. The United Nations International School, Hanoi was the venue.

Making up the three-way tournament would be Vietnams’ newest rivals, more aptly put drinking buddies, the Thailand Tigers.  Some interesting events on the journey over shaped the action on the field. Weekly international jet setter and retiring Tigers’ coach, Fish, was refused entry to the plane, unlike his team, because of a lack of preparation in the form of a visa! Crikey, how’s he going to survive back in Sydney without his assistants?

The Laos Lads almost gang tackled the 5 Irish Gaelic footballers at the airport when hearing their distinctive accent. The detailed conversation at the terminal went something like this. From Laos, “Wanna play Footy?” The Irish lads replied, “Fooken Oath”.

But on arrival in Hanoi…“Here’s our new smashing, pink strip.” “Ah, Fook Off!”

However they took the field with the enthusiasm of a herd of stampeding elephants – until they noticed that “all the big fooking Aussies were wearing mouth guards and we didn’t have any”.

The Vietnam Swans hardly had a touch in the first 10 minutes. Fittingly, Elephants’ Prez, Marty Sharples kicked the history-making first goal for Laos, quickly followed by their second from a ginger-headed Gaelic lad with his first ever kick! Game on!  At half-time the Elephants held the lead. “All the fooking Aussies went off the ground looking for water and we Irish went looking for sunscreen”. 

In the second half, the Swans slowly but surely wore them down to get home by nine points.

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Taber Talk

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 25, 2007

Daryl’s just finished a stint in the Think Tank. Expect more from this intellectual giant very soon when Taber Talk returns to review the tri nations’ weekend.

Photo courtesy of his lovely wife, Cathy.

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Photos of Elephants V Tigers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 25, 2007

Last weekend in the Tri Nations Tournament, the Thailand Tigers convincingly accounted for the Lao Elephants (as they also did with the Vietnam Swans).

To see more photos of the Lao Elephants very first match on the international stage, click on the .

All photos are provided courtesy of .

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Singapore to host 2008 Asian Champs

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 23, 2007

The Swans Blog has just learnt that Singapore will host the 2008 Asian Champs. They expect the event will be held in mid August 2008.

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Swans and ‘Phants in Photos

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 22, 2007

The Vietnam Swans made their inaugural appearance at the Asian Championships in July of this year. Helping us were half a dozen players from Lao.

By November of this year, it became apparent that we had created a monster when the Lao boys tried forming their own team. Further, they did – and they made their debut stomping into the Swans – Tigers fixture!

Great weekend with the ‘Phants lead by Prez Marty. See the attached .

All photos courtesy of Neil Cichon.

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Baird’s Netball Banter

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 22, 2007

A wrap up from the Hanoi Oi’s President, Katherine Baird:

Visions of gigantic Bangkok girls with 5 foot long legs haunted the Oi’s trainings for weeks leading up to the tournament. Girls cowering in between drills could be heard whispering, “They’re professionals – they’ve actually got muscle tone – they even wear bodysuits!!” The brave among the Oi’s decided to face the nightmarish visions and tackle the Bangkok girls in the Tri-Nations Tournament. Hardly a thought was given to our Laos neighbours – the Mahouts, with not even 6 weeks training under their big bright pink t-shirts. Ha! They even wanted to come to the court early to see what a netball court looked like! Laos was sure to be a dead-set given!

The  17th proved to be an unusually hot November day. The Tigress’s rocked up late to the courts (an equally as low ploy as the Laos team ‘having never seen a court’). Games began and the girls played with great style and flair. It seemed that neither body suit, singlet nor t-shirt made a difference to the scores. Within seconds, word spread throughout, “Laos actually got a goal!” Almost every game came down to just a few points.

Players and supporters alike were impressed with the healthy rivalry and silly banter between the girls – not to mention the level of play! Well done to the Bangkok Claws who took out the ‘Team Spirit Award’!!

Final Scores:

Laos 10, Bangkok Paws 9, Hanoi Red 8, Hanoi Black 8, Bangkok Claws 4.

Thanks go to the umpires, scorers, supporters and team organizers from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Not to mention congratulations to all players for a great tournament! See you next time girls!!

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Swans V Tigers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 21, 2007

Sammy, what an absolute beauty!! For those of us reading the blog, we may never know whether you really took this mark, but the jump is awesome.

Meanwhile, Rhino below is looking good with 5 of the best photos.

To see more of the action from the match between the Swans and the Tigers, just click onto the .

All photos are provided courtesy of .

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