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Baird’s Netball Banter

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 22, 2007

A wrap up from the Hanoi Oi’s President, Katherine Baird:

Visions of gigantic Bangkok girls with 5 foot long legs haunted the Oi’s trainings for weeks leading up to the tournament. Girls cowering in between drills could be heard whispering, “They’re professionals – they’ve actually got muscle tone – they even wear bodysuits!!” The brave among the Oi’s decided to face the nightmarish visions and tackle the Bangkok girls in the Tri-Nations Tournament. Hardly a thought was given to our Laos neighbours – the Mahouts, with not even 6 weeks training under their big bright pink t-shirts. Ha! They even wanted to come to the court early to see what a netball court looked like! Laos was sure to be a dead-set given!

The  17th proved to be an unusually hot November day. The Tigress’s rocked up late to the courts (an equally as low ploy as the Laos team ‘having never seen a court’). Games began and the girls played with great style and flair. It seemed that neither body suit, singlet nor t-shirt made a difference to the scores. Within seconds, word spread throughout, “Laos actually got a goal!” Almost every game came down to just a few points.

Players and supporters alike were impressed with the healthy rivalry and silly banter between the girls – not to mention the level of play! Well done to the Bangkok Claws who took out the ‘Team Spirit Award’!!

Final Scores:

Laos 10, Bangkok Paws 9, Hanoi Red 8, Hanoi Black 8, Bangkok Claws 4.

Thanks go to the umpires, scorers, supporters and team organizers from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Not to mention congratulations to all players for a great tournament! See you next time girls!!

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