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  • Asian Champs – 10th October – Clark, Philippines

    The Swans take on Asia's best. Season's key event where the Swans will take on the strongest teams in Asia including the Hong Kong Dragons, the Singapore Wombats, the Jakarta Bintangs, the China Reds, the Bali Geckos, The Cambodian Eagles, the Thai Thaigers, the Malaysian Warriors and the hosts, the Philippine Eagles.

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The Swans review 2007

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 31, 2007

2007 was a big year for the Swannies. Below are some of the highlights: 

  • - It was the year that Hanoi and Saigon combined to form a national team, the Vietnam Swans.
  • - The Vietnam Swans then made our inaugural appearance at the Asian Championships in Bangkok in July.
  • - Players and officials for our first Asian Champs came from no fewer than 6 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Singapore and Australia) to make it happen.
  • Triple Brownlow Medalist, Bobby Skilton; Triple Premiership Player, Clarke Keating; and member of the SouthMelbourne/Sydney Swans’ Team of the Century, Tony Morwood, individually wrote to the Vietnam Swans in the lead up to the Champs to wish us luck.
  • We commenced a relationship with Sponsor, Jim Beam where they actively used the Swans appearance at the Champs to market their product – ie, they sought genuine business value from the sponsorship (eg Jim Beam promotional posters  that incorporated into the design the Swans appearance at the Champs.)
  • In the lead up to the Champs, we launched the Vietnam Swans Blog which has since had more than 17,000 hits.
  • The guys from Laos who played with us at the Champs – have since gone on to form their own Club, the Laos Elephants.
  • We hosted a Tri Nations Tournament in Hanoi with Laos and Thailand that was combined with the netball. Approximately 200 people attended the after match function.
  • We hosted a match in Saigon against Asian Champs Premiers’ the Hong Kong Dragons.
  • We hosted a derby between Hanoi and Saigon in Saigon.
  • We formed part of Austrade’s Australian Schools Open Day in both Saigon and Hanoi where we used footy to help differentiate the Australian education product. Club Sponsor, QBE Insurance, sponsored 900 Swans hats that were given away to attendees in the two cities.
  • The Vietnam Swans received very generous support from sponsors for their third Grand Final Party in Hanoi and close to 200 people attended.
  • In the lead up to the Grand Final, Vietnam Swans stalwart, Wayne Tinlin, was interviewed by ABC Radio in Australia.
  • The Vietnam Swans ran the 2nd Grand Final Cyclo Parade in Hanoi on the Thursday prior to the Grand Final. A photograph subsequently appeared in Melbourne’s Herald Sun Newspaper and ABC Radio in Adelaide did a live interview with Wayne Bubbles Tinlin.
  • Club NewsThe Swans continued to give back to the community by raising money for an organisation dealing with prostate cancer in Hanoi and also for the Loreto Foundation in Saigon which deals with disadvantaged children. On both occasions we raffled off Jim Beam bottles which were part of the original sponsorship from the Asian Champs.
  • The Swans also gave sporting equipment to the orphanage in Hanoi that we have been associated with.
  • The Swans held our 3rd Annual Golf Day in Melbourne on 29 December.

 In many respects, 2007 has been a remarkable year for the Vietnam Swans. Congratulations to all involved – especially those involved with the Asian Champs. 

We are now extremely well positioned to have a very strong 2008. For a sneak preview of 2008, tune in to the blog tomorrow – the 1st Day of the New Year.

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Swans Golf Day declared winner

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 30, 2007

Yesterday, in searing temperatures of 40 degrees, 6 Swans hit the fairways of Melbourne’s Royal Ivanhoe Golf Course.

Barfly Clint, carrying his own clubs on his back, thought the conditions were tough. He argued the Swans should retire after the 9th hole “because it’s too hot!”. Tempting, but not so good for our reputation in Asian Footy as Asia’s Toughest.

It turned out that conditions were so tough that renowned lady killer, Will Martin, wasn’t bothered by any birds (“unheard of”) as they had all sought the sanctuary of the trees. Will later provided more insight when he revealed he was, in fact, a bird killer. Gasp! On a previous trip to the very same Ivanhoe golf course, Will had teed off – and hit a bird, breaking its neck instantly.  

The conditions were so tough that Snags Canty on the 10th hole, at the point of physical exhaustion, had to disappear behind a tree. Just like Chris Mew, he left behinad a plate of, what appeared to be, chicken parmigana. Chris added unecessarily that it was purely a coincidence that the previous night had been “a big one”.

Phil Johns was so tough that, after watching the other hacks delicately tee off with 5 irons, he unleashed a “Soft Woody”. The ball tore into a mature tree and crashed, banged and cracked its way through to the other side before dropping onto the fairway 4 metres short of the green. “Fortune favours the brave”, he advised the bewildered.

While Ricky Ponting’s team was making short work of the Indians at the Boxing Day Test Match, Dave “Quaddy” Kainey was having his own punt on the nags for both himself and half his family. By all accounts, it was a successful day.

Ryan distracted us all when he drove into the car park with a new Cobra sports car similar to that pictured – except his is red and silver. His driving, chipping and putting skills on the course were equally impressive. There was never any serious doubt that he would go on to win the Swans coveted green jacket. Ryan made the conditions look easy.

Back to Ryan’s for the traditional post Swans Golf Day BBQ – but with a difference. Now, Ryan melts cheese over the BBQ’ed eggs. Ladies and gentlemen, do try that amazingly tasty treat at your own BBQ and then forward your “thank yous” directly to Ryan.

Ryan, a sensational day.

Photos and scores to follow. 

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Footy at the Cricket

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 28, 2007

Yesterday was the second day of the Boxing Day Test Match in Melbourne.  Sighted in the members (“Booooooooo!”) area of the MCG were a few Swans – Josh Magennis, Will Martin and Phil Johns. Further, there were also a couple of Hanoi Oi’s in attendance: Julia Howes and Charlotte Gutte.

While enjoying a well earned refreshment in one of the Bars, the Swans bumped into a few Singapore Wombats who expressed a strong interest in touring to Hanoi in 2008.

There’s plenty of footy at the cricket – and tomorrow there will be plenty of footy at the golf with the 3rd Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Classic.

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Swans Golf Day, Melbourne

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 22, 2007

The 3rd Annual Vietnam Swans Golf Classic in Melbourne will be held next Saturday, 29th December, on the 4th Day of the Boxing Day Test Match. This prestigious event, won by Chris Canty last year, will be held at the Royal Ivanhoe Golf Links.

Confirmed attendees are Dave Kainey & friend, Daryl Taber, Phil Johns, Ryan Jeffrey, Clint Bryant, Chris Canty and Will Martin (and Chris Batchelor??). If you would also like to attend, you must email prior to Wednesday 26 December which is when we have to pay the green fees.

With 8 attendees so far, we have two flights. Tee off times will be 10am and 10.05am.

For full  details on how to get there, check out what Ryan has to say.

Get ya hits on the golf course.

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From Taber Talks to Taber’s Walked – Pt I

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 21, 2007

The previous time Taber left for Australia, he missed the Asian Champs. Last Tuesday he returned again to Australia – but this time it was for good. And for the Swans, that’s for bad.


Footy clubs attract a lot of top people and a few of them make it to the top of the heap. DT made it to “De Top”.

Taber slipped very comfortably into the big shoes left behind by President Flyer Kainey – and quickly made them his own. Under Taber’s Presidency, we hosted two tours from the Thailand Tigers and one tour each from the Malaysian Warriors and the Jakarta Bintangs (where we scored our historic, inaugural victory). Apart from our on-field prowess, the Swans ability to host tournaments was described by some of the visitors as a regional benchmark (and we don’t listen to the others). We also toured to Thailand.

Taber shares a lighter moment with Super SavDT has tirelessly run the Auskick program out at the UN International School with Adam Baird. DT, combining with j.a.f.a., bought the young players their playing kit.

One of the reasons “Smooth” was so well respected (“Was he? When did that happen?”), was due to his incredibly inclusive nature. This tru blue bloke gave everyone a fair go. But having said that, he’d give anyone a fair ribbing to cut through any crap in the blink of an eye.

Part II following…

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From Taber Talks to Taber’s Walked – Pt II

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 21, 2007

Father of the Year, Mr Daryl, enjoys a Tiger Beer with Super SavDT, the man who went on to win Father of the Year after “letting the kids put soft drink in my esky”, missed our inaugural appearance at this year’s Asian Champs just so that he could spend more of his school holidays with the family in Australia. However, he bounced back strongly two months later when he flew down to Saigon on 1 September to help the Swannies take on the Asian Champs’ reigning Premiers, Hong Kong. Unbelievably, Hong Kong judged this old hack as the Swans’ best player.


A man with a good football brain and a great head for radio, Daryl was invited by the Swans Blog to post a weekly review of the 2007 AFL Finals. His hard hitting, opinionated and controversial weekly column, Taber Talk, brought unheard of ratings to the Swans Blog. 

A fast moving Taber ensures a blurred imageWith his departure from Hanoi looming, DT set about grooming a few others to help Micky J continue with the good work. He found Daniel Lucardie from UNIS who has a passion for training – and then borrowed Rugby’s Youth Ambassador, Simmo to take up a lead role with the Aussie Rules!! Talk about smooth…

DT, you ugly bastard, you will be missed. Good luck to you, Cathy, Bridie and Caitlin in Brisbane.

Finally, give up on the Blues. Your time isn’t up.      

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Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 19, 2007

Big Joe’s starting to appear on the Blog as often as the Rooster. Unheard of. Here he is again…

Another thought: Vietnam Thunder. The Thunder (or has/never beens from Down Under bringing the world’s greatest game to Vietnam.

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Debate rages over Swans jersey

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 19, 2007

Kevin Dacey, who has now returned from Saigon to Brisbane, emailed the Swans earlier in the week to add his comments regarding a new jumper for the Swans – or is that the Vultures? Agree? Disagree? Post a comment.

How about jungle green or khaki as worn by the military / police in VN for both shorts and jumper with a large red rectangloe with yellow star on the chest?

Yellow piping on the neck and shoulders of teh jersey. Numbers to be done in yellow on a red rectangle. Socks red with yellow tops.

Perhaps even small Hanoi Hawks and VN Swans insignia can be included on the jumper to achknowledge the heritage.

Very distinctive and very Vietnam – Vietnam Vultures has a ring about it and keeps the bird theme going aslo – Hawks, Swans, Vultures…

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Where is Snags?

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 17, 2007

Where are they now?Chris “Snags” Canty has kindly forwarded his own profile (see below). Once upon a time, he used to shamelessly promote the Swans with the latest occasion being an entry in the Herald Sun about the . Now, Snags seems to be shamelessly promoting himself. Unethical? Maybe. However, a Club spokesman said that Snags was still welcome at the 3rd Annual Swans Golf Classic to be held in Melbourne (and possibly Hanoi and Perth?? Email if you’re keen) on Saturday 29 December.

 Chris Canty – After two years with the Hanoi Swans, that saw him hospitalized twice and full of sausages the rest of the time, Chris “snags” Canty currently resides 100 metres away from Victoria Park in Collingwood.

He is a soft-hitting journalist mainly covering stories on beer and pubs for Melbourne’s major newspapers, which can be read at . He is also the creator and editor of – which has helped tightarses since 2004.

Editor’s note: Still talks about the complimentary sausages at “the Bazza” in Hanoi.

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Congratulations Trang!!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 16, 2007

Do you remember this photograph of Trang in the lead up to the 2007 AFL Grand Final?

The footy Trang was holding in front of Saigon’s famous Tran Hung Dao statue had been signed by the 2007 Sydney Swans AFL Team. The footy was then flown to Hanoi where it was raffled at the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Party.

Meanwhile, back to Trang. In an event last week that she describes as “nearly as exciting as an AFL Grand Final”, Trang gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Congratulations Trang on becoming a mother!

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Ideas for a new Vietnam jumper

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 16, 2007

Big Joe from the Saigon Chapter of the Vietnam Swans has some possible ideas for a new Vietnam jumper. Read on. Post a comment with your thoughts – but be warned; Joe treats his footy pretty seriously…

I’m all for retaining the name of the ‘Swans’ and the red & white (unheard of for a Saints supporter) but here are a couple of alternative ideas:

‘Vietnam Delta’ – with reference to the Mekong Delta in the south and the Red River Delta in the north, ahhh . . . the north/south harmony. The colour scheme could be top half blue (sky), bottom half green (land/paddy fields/jungle) with the two halves broken up by a lazy, red, S-shaped slash (signifying the Red River . . . and a memorium to the former VN Swans). For the hard core the name could refer to the Chuck Norris/Lee Marvin movie ‘Delta Force’, or the US elite tactical combat group. While on that track, ‘Vietnam Force’ is another idea for a name. Same colour scheme but broken up with a white lightning bolt.

‘Vietnam Storm’ – yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m from Melbourne but it’s a cool name and it can refer to Vietnamese weather. As for the colours, don’t think there are many Asian footy teams featuring purple. To top it off, I believe Jim Beam is a sponsor of Melbourne Storm. (Andy, is that a fact?) Can’t get enough of the world’s best bourbon.

‘Vietnam Pioneers’ – pioneering the world’s greatest sport in Vietnam. There’s gotta be something in that.

‘Vietnam Reds’ – close to the nickname the ‘Bloods’ but maybe a little too left-wing for the local authorities. (On a personal note – as far as I’m concerned, anything left of Genghis Khan is Communist!) With a name like the ‘Reds’ we would have a ready-made club song. “I see Red, I see Red, I see Red . . .” Split Enz, eat ya heart out!

Was trying to think of an animal, unique to VN, for use as a name/design but I think they’ve all been eaten.

Finally, we could just say “stuff it!”, leave it as the ‘Vietnam Swans’ and retire for a few coldies . . .

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Where is the BarFly?

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 15, 2007

Clint “BarFly” Bryant returned to Richmond last year after doing absolutely nothing on and off the field in his time in Hanoi.

He currently works as a plumber and soon hopes to open his own business, where he will surely earn $2000 a day fixing leaky taps.

His highlight of the year came when he fixed Caroline Wilson’s washing machine, although this might be a euphemism.

The BarFly still rates fitness work as his favourite hobby.

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