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Archive for June, 2008

The AFL website, the VN Swans (and Miss Australia)

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 30, 2008

The AFL website has included a story on, yes, Miss Australia and the Vietnam Swans – but with a twist.

The AFL website was interested in knowing more about the Vietnam Swans new jumper as well as what we have been doing and where we’re headed.

If you click on the , you can read the full story.

To read other articles that have appeared in the media about the Swans, click on In the Press.

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World Footy News and Miss Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 30, 2008

World Footy News has run a story oin Miss Australia’s visit to the land of the Vietnam Swans.

Surprisingly, the story focuses more on Miss Australia than the Vietnam Swans. Unheard of.

To read the full story, click on .

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The Australian Ambassador meets Miss Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 29, 2008

Last Friday, the Miss Universe roadshow stopped in Hanoi. Each of the contestants met with their respective country’s ambassador.

Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic, therefore met with the Australian Ambassador, Bill Tweddell – the Vietnam Swans No. 1 Ticket Holder.

Judging from the photo, Bill might be both the Swans and Miss Australia’s No. 1 choice. Unheard of competition!

Bill reports that Miss Australia is “as lovely as the Blog had reported and she remembered the Mighty Swans well!”

You see (everybody reads the Swans Blog), you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to realise that it’s all good.

Good luck to Miss Australia for the big Miss Universe event on 14 July in Nha Trang.  

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Miss Australia’s media coverage

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 29, 2008

Miss Australia has received considerable attention from the media after wearing teh Vietnam Swans jumper. Coverage has included, , , , ,  (Cruise Section), , , , , , , , , , , ,  and .

To see a pdf version of these stories, click on .

To view other articles written about the Vietnam Swans, click on In the Press.

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More fines for the Mexican

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 28, 2008

At last year’s Asian Championships in Thailand, Eddie the Mexican was fined for being, well, the only Mexican on tour.

Last week, Eddie should have been fined again when, seemingly, he could not fined (sic) Miss Mexico who was out here for the Miss Universe pageant.

But do not be alarmed. Fellow Swans team mate, Big Joe, found Miss Mexico. Big Joe and his friend Jason Donovan (no relation to the other Jason Donovan) were the two who put us in touch with Miss Australia.

Meanwhile, staunch AFL lovers are probably wondering what Miss Mexico looks like in a Swans jumper. The Blog can also report that it wonders the same thing.

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Uncle Ho asked to stand aside for Potsie!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 26, 2008

Hardcore footy news returns to the Swans Blog:

Last Friday, the Vietnam Swans who live in Hanoi met to elect some key players to the committee.

The rumour is that on Friday evening, Potsie made a call down south to report that there was a tie between Willy and Charlie for the position of “President of Hanoi”. It was suggested that the winner should be decided by one of Micky Francis’ famous toad races. 

Three days later the official news was circulated: Potsie. President. Based upon the Friday call, it was an amazing turnaround to the outside observer!! Potsie’s a long time supporter of footy in Hanoi and in his new lofty position, is likely to wear his dentures for even longer periods each day. No doubt, Uncle Ho Chi Minh would approve.

Inspired and enthusiastic Charlie will be the coach of the north.

Jo Mitchell will be the secretary. This is the first time the Swans have had a woman take on one of the committee positions which is proof that we have progressed to “progressive”. 

Good luck to Potsie, Charlie and Jo. The rest of us look forward to supporting you.

Saigon had a meeting scheduled for Tuesday of this week to elect its committee. However, the actual election of committee members has been rescheduled.

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The Daily Telegraph says Laura doesn’t score!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 25, 2008

The wrote today that Miss Australia “sports AFL look but doesn’t score”. The paper was referring to the national dress competition which was held yesterday where she scored zippo.

But in fairness to Laura, what is our National dress? The Swans Blog thinks the Tele was wise to use a photo of her in the Swans new jumper instead of the national dress.

However, there was a slight hiccup when readers of the Telegraph mistakenly thought that Laura wore the AFL jumper as the Australian national dress! For example, here’s a sample of the readers’ comments: 

  • A Socceroos jumper would have been more recognisable (Eds note – than a Vietnam Swans jumper??)
  • Culture… what culture?? When a club sports jersey is chosen to represent your countries (sic) national pride you’ve got serious problems! good choice Laura!
  • Well,,,,the judges probably thought what the heck is she wearing…not many if any people outside of Australia even know what AFL is. She would have done better with the flag drapped (sic) over her.

The Vietnam Swans have now met Miss Australia and are absolute fans. She is, without a doubt, a stunner of a star. Laura is capable of a match winning performance kicking a goal from anywhere at anytime. The local media in Vietnam sings her praises and the whisper from “those in the know” is that she is highly regarded in the circles that matter.

The other Miss Universe contestants, like the Vietnam Swans, will want to keep an eye on Laura.

To read more about Laura Dundovic, click onto the .

For the record, long time friend of the Swans, Kevin Dacey reports that the same photo appeared in Brisbane’s MX give-away paper yesterday.

To read other (loosely related) articles about the Vietnam Swans that have appeared in the media, click on In the Press.

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Miss Australia makes the Daily Telegraph

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2008

Clearly, someone told the Tele. That’s right, Miss Australia has appeared on the website of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph wearing the Vietnam Swans’ jumper. We’re not sure if the Lovely Laura also made the printed copy of the Telegraph.

Click onto the picture of the Telegraph’s photo on the left to enlarge. Otherwise, click on the link to the .

If you would like to see a history of other articles about the Vietnam Swans in the media, click on In the Press.

Meanwhile, back to the real story. Miss Vietnam has been getting some very positive coverage in the Vietnam media. According to some close to the inner circle, Miss Australia is a genuine contender for the Miss Universe gong.

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Un-Australian to Miss Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2008

Whats worse, putting your tips in and getting less than the automatic score for the away teams (Gus, Phil, 45% of the swans tipstars), or not making an appearance at the Miss Australia training session Saturday morning? (Drew and Sam). Surely it is un-Australian to Miss Australia. Anyway enough of that life changing experience and back to the Tips – Sorry for the disappearance for a few weeks, but here we go.


Round 10 – 3 votes, “The Bloke” – smashed everyone with the only 8.

Round 11 – 3 Votes, “The Bloke” – was 1 of 3 to get the 8 – but also selecting the correct score, you can’t get any better than that.  Phil and Matty (Bobby Brewers) Johns the other 2 to nab 8.

Round 12 – 3 Votes, “Bobby Brewers Johns – obviously with the opening of the new store on his mind and looking for any free publicity he can get, he dominated this round with 7 and the closest margin of 3. Micky F came in a close 2nd

Round 13 – Considering he wrote a list after this weekend, to come out as the number 1 tipstar is devine intervention. The No 1 Drew snuck in with a lazy 6. M Johns, Damo, The Stray and Lockett 1300 all posted 6’s as well.

So the Leaderboard – 1) The Bloke 83, 2) Deesboy 81, 3) Troggs 81. There are still plenty in the hunt – remember there are millions riding on this competition. Also note the last 3 round are silent – so unless you are Gus or Matty Johns and tell everyone they see who they picked and a game by game summary all across the weekend – it should be exciting. 

Hang in there and keep tipping – TIPSTAR

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Miss Australia and the Miss Universe Pageant

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2008

Laura Dundovic, is Australia’s nomination for the Miss Universe Pageant. The final contest will be held on 14 July at the Diamond Bay Resort, Khanh Hoa Province, in Nha Trang.

NBC will televise the event live back to 13 million viewers in the US and therefore it will start at 9am (hope the contestants have remembered to get rid of their “morning breath”). The organisers claim that globally, there will be 1 billion viewers from 170 countries.

The contest is an opportunity for “beautiful young ladies from more than 80 countries not only to share their culture but also their values, intelligence, talent and beauty” according to the .

According to the Vietnamese Swans, Laura was absolutely stunning. She has a list of talents, skills and ability as long as her legs – apart from the fact that soccer is her preferred sport!

Laura says that she is planning to complete her honours degree and become an Organisational Psychologist and, ultimately, would like to own her own consulting business.

From all of the Swans, thank you very much Laura and the very best of luck in the Big One on 14 July. You would be an extremely worthy winner.

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Miss Australia gives Gus “the look”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2008

Yesterday, Miss Australia gave Gus “the look”.

Tomorrow, the Swans Blog promises to give Adam Baird a look at Miss Australia – Without Footy Boof Heads!” 

Who ever said that the Swans Blog doesn’t look after everyone?

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You’re among the little people now

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2008

With high heels and a height of 180cms, Miss Australia looked like a slimmed down version of one of the Swans ruckmen as the cameras clicked and flashed at the New World Hotel yesterday.

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