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The AFL website, the VN Swans (and Miss Australia)

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 30, 2008

The AFL website has included a story on, yes, Miss Australia and the Vietnam Swans – but with a twist.

The AFL website was interested in knowing more about the Vietnam Swans new jumper as well as what we have been doing and where we’re headed.

If you click on the , you can read the full story.

To read other articles that have appeared in the media about the Swans, click on In the Press.

5 Responses to “The AFL website, the VN Swans (and Miss Australia)”

  1. said

    It’s great to see Aussie footy being played in Vietnam!

  2. said

    It’s great that the AFL and people like Kevin Sheedy have encouraged the development of the game in so many countries and that people who are passionate about footy have created such great competitions in Vietnam and other countries (Denmark, Canada, New Zealand to name a few).

    I’ve got a few Vietnamese mates and they are bloody good footballers.

  3. said

    Love Vietnam and love AFL – what a combination.

  4. said

    I saw a game in Japan. Obviously it was mostly ex patriots who were playing but there were a few locals around as well and they really seemed to enjoy it.

  5. said

    I think the AFL should be some serious time and money into generating more interest overseas. It would be fantastic if there could be an international competition because it is such a great game for fans to watch.

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