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Match Report – Lao Vs Vietnam, 26 July 2008

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 31, 2008

Swans are up

Goal sneak and President of the Vietnam Swans Saigon City Committee, Super Savvy Scotty Stacey reviews last weekend’s block buster betwen the Lao Elephants and Vietnam Swans. 

It was clear from the start of the weekend that the Elephants were extremely wary of the mighty Swans fearful reputation and they embarked on a pre-game strategy of sabotage and mind games. Whilst all were impressed with the length of their efforts and power with the sabotage to Shannon’s passport and the subsequent blocking of his departure by Vietnam’s Immigration, the worn old chestnut of having the taxi’s drop the Swans off at the wrong place then speeding off only then to throw the boys in the back of Ute’s and rattle them down a bumpy dirt road at flat out speed may have back-fired on the Laos Lads.

By the time the mighty Swans, topped up with Matt and Tom the backpackers and Roger and Paul the new Laos Swans, they were fired up and ready for a serious Elephant Hunt.

The ball was bounced (well thrown up) for the first time of the day, a dominant tap, some slick short handballs in the guts and bang, within the first minute Sammy had slammed through the first of many (for him and the Swannies) and a deathly silence came across the crowd. Such despondency blackened the whole vicinity that Coach/Forward Pocket Scotty, the angel of a human being that he is, decided to first miss a straight forward snap then let a Pot Hole ripper bounce straight off his chest to set up the next two goals for the Phants as they hit the front for the first and only time some 10 minutes into the first quarter. Unfortunately for them however, that was as generous as the Vietnam could be and the Swans went onto to slam home 3 more for the first term and another 5 in the second term to take out a game winning 6 goal lead at half time.

The third quarter saw a more pumped up Laos unit as they endeavored to get back into the game but the Swans ended up taking out the quarter albeit by a slight margin. The final quarter was taken by the Phants as they showed the strength of a larger bench but it was also helped by a couple of easy misses, again led by Scotty.

The Lao Elephants rising strongly...

The Swans had winners all over the ground with Sammy Griggs running riot through the centre and half forward ending up with seven goals in a BOG performance. Drew was the dominant big guy around the ground taking strong marks and busting packs only to blot his own sheet by climbing higher than anyone thought the big guy could ever get, then dropping the ball through his fingers into the waiting hands of a Laos crumber. Dan Kindness played a great game in the back lines and ran the ball out well all day. Pot Hole had a dozen or more very effective touches and run rings around them in the centre as did Matt the backpacker. It was a great team effort however and if this was U13’s the line in the Sunday papers would have proudly read “All played well”

For Lao, they also had several good players who were competitive all day, none who did better than the Swans choice for the Elephants best player, Big Bad Bruce, who kept the forwards of Willy and Gus busy all day and only giving up 1 goal. Others to play well for Laos were Wil and Mick Hassett who does pretty good for an old bugger.

As to the off-field performance, Pot Hole lead the way all weekend and Gus ended up with Bob…….but that’s another story!

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Swans triumph over Elephants

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 28, 2008

The VCG (Vientiane Cricket Ground), home of the Lao Elephants, and its famous Grandstand

If you’re into omens, the omens were not good. Last minute cancellations to the Swannies’ inaugural tour to Vientiane, Laos, included Griz, Nathan, Shannon, Fabbo, Matty Johns, Muzza and Hanoi’s Pied Piper, Micky Francis.

Excuses ranged from the mandatory broken toe nail to having “just had a fight with my husband”. Then, Shannon turned in a blinder: he lost his passport the day before, scored a replacement complete with Laos visa, got to the airport and was knocked back by Immigration because he didn’t have a re-entry visa! Unheard of.

Clearly, it’s not just the Swannies who are stuck on Shannon as the poor man was denied the right by his Vietnam hosts to leave them for just one night (“Ah well, it’ll make him hungrier for the Champs”, said a few of the wise, old heads around the Club).

The touring Swans were now down to 10 players. Luckily, Micky Francis had played his tune a week earlier and two backpackers from his Hanoi Backpackers’ Hostel had travelled on to Laos and were now planted in Vientiane – where a throng of locals had already gathered to listen to them grow.

On Super Saturday Match Day, the Lao Elephants very generously loaned another two locals to the Swans which took our numbers up to a total of 14 (10 on the paddock, 4 on the bench).

It was all good for the Swans who went on to win against a very competitive Lao Elephants, 80pts to 55pts.

The local press delighted in listening to the roar of the crowd at each of Sam Grigg’s goals and the following day screamed (in the French newspaper, Le Laos), Sammy Snags Seven for the Swans! and (Laos’ Footy Almanac, the Footy Annual), Grigg Boots Goals Galore! 

Despite the Swans agreeing in advance that there would be no coach, after the victory, Super Savvy Scotty Stacey was awarded the Coaching Cap so that he could blemish his perfect score, until this match, of zero victories in the Coach’s Box. Scotty is already etching it into the Club’s folklore as the Vientiane Victory.

As expected, it was a huge weekend and many thanks to the Lao Elephants for their hospitality.

It was just the second home game for the Elephants and it was the Swans first ever victory on the road. We’re two young clubs having a crack. Last year, with the support of 6 guys from Laos, the Vietnam Swans had their inaugural appearance at the Champs. This year, the Laos Elephants will do the same. How good is that, Mr Umpire??? 

A full Swans report will follow in due course. For those requiring more specific information right now, log on to the which has already posted a match report.

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Apologies for the technical difficulties

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 28, 2008

Due to technical difficulties

Worldwide, the Swans Blog is widely regarded for its ability to break hard hitting news without parallel.

Unfortunately, the Blog was not able to do the same with this weekend’s block buster match, the Lao Elephants vs Vietnam Swans. The match was played in Laos, Vientiane where the locals are more accustomed to listening to the rice grow rather than the roar of the crowd.

The regrettable delay was caused by technical difficulties with the Swans Blog.

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Tomorrow: Lao Vs Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 25, 2008

The Lao Elephants’ Promotional Poster

Tomorrow, the Lao Elephants will take on the Vietnam Swans in Vientiane.

The Lao boys have released the promotional poster which is to the left.
The match is expected to be a sell out.
It’s also expected to be a cracking weekend!

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It’s official: 2 Grand Final events in Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 23, 2008

Helen d'Amico enjoys the 1982 Grand Final with Bruce Doull and Jimmy Jess

Do you remember?

This year’s Grand Final will mark the 26th anniversary of the 1982 Carlton-Richmond Grand Final. It was special because of Helen d’Amico’s famous run in the third quarter chasing Bruce Doull while wearing nothing but her Carlton scarf.

Perhaps more memorable will be this year’s live telecast of the AFL Grand Final in Saigon… For the first time ever, Saigon will host two organised GF events – the long established Saigon Saints Grand Final Brunch and now, the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 Grand Final Party!

As an active footy club, the Vietnam Swans, who hold an awesome Grand Final Party in Hanoi, were naturally very keen to be involved in the hosting of an AFL Grand Final event in Saigon. Accordingly, we approached the Saigon Saints with a proposal for a joint function. After careful consideration, the Saints advised that they preferred to keep total control over their event. It didn’t come as a complete surprise when they informed us given they had put up their Grand Final posters around town five days earlier!!

In Thailand, the Australian Chamber of Commerce hosts an event at a 5 star hotel while the footy club, the Thailand Tigers, host a separate event at Witches Tavern. The two events are successful because they cater to different markets making everyone a winner.

Saigon will be very similar. The Saints have already secured the 5 star Sheraton Hotel and a very solid following. The Vietnam Swans are aiming at a different market that isn’t looking for the “Corporate Box”. Accordingly, as the AFL Grand Final is played at the MCG, the People’s Ground, we believe it’s very fitting to host our Grand Final Party where it is accesible for people – at the People’s Venue (details coming shortly).

It’s amazing to think that, this year, Saigon will host two Grand Final events and the Vietnam Swans will host Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon. Footy is actually showing some very positive signs in this country!

To see a very funny re-enactment of Helen d”Amico chasing Bruce Doull in a Toyota commercial, click on the . “Doully has gone ber-serk…” Very funny.

But will 2008 in Saigon be more memorable than 1982?

Honk yer horn if you love footy.

Honk, Honk.

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Round 16 Recap – Will Deesboy handle the heat at the top?

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 23, 2008

Golden Boot Gus finally got some glory when he shared the honours with John Tatnell, who both picked 7 and the margin of 5. Fabbo Phil stood out in 3rd with 6, followed by a bunch of misfits with 5. We are entering the 4th quarter of the tipping season and a few blokes are starting to feel the pinch.

The big news of the round was “The bloke” and for all the wrong reasons. Posting a 2, he has come back to the field and holds down 2nd place. The Deesboy has taken the lead with 96 – but with everything else happening at Dees land (See pic of Macca) , he is more than likely to have the rug pulled out from underneath him.

This week sees its fair share of blockbusters – can the Cats beat the Hawks without Gazza? The Pies v Dons – hopefully a fight to the death – and the Tigers v Lions – both need the win badly, but both are never far away from a blow out.  Keep an eye on Danny Armstrong and Micky Francis this week – they have been tipping well, but will need to take a few chances to catch the leaders – Good luck -Tipstar

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Watch the AFL on your computer

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 20, 2008

Watch the AFL on your computer

Want to watch the AFL on your computer – without the “no good” connectivity issues of Bigpond?

Aussie Sport TV is now offering packages for the AFL (and NRL and V8’s) that “include extended match highlights as well as feature content on a team by team basis, round by round analysis and specific news desk programs for each sport. Fans living overseas can get a better view of the action than ever before.”

For an AFL Package, it will cost USD 1.95 per day or USD45.95 for 12 months. If you also want the NRL and V8’s, it will cost USD3.95 per month.

If you go via and click on the Aussie Sport TV logo, WFN will get a very well deserved commission. If you can’t find the actual story, click on direct.

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The Word shows the Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 19, 2008

The Word

This month, The Word (a magazine for expatriates in HCMC), published an article on “Miss Universe and the Swans”. there was a brief article and a photo of Miss Australia with us. Miss Australia, of course, finished in the Top 10 of the Miss Universe competition.

Also, on the same page, is a photo of Miss Venezuela who went on to win the competition. Talk about the Swans being famous by association!!   

To see the the article, download the pdf version of .

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Swans prepare for Elephants

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 18, 2008

Footy is like a religion in Lao

Hanoi and Saigon are about to enter their final week of preparation prior to the long awaited clash between the Vietnam Swans and Lao Elephants.

Yesterday, Charlie, the coach of the north was imploring the “brave mighty Swans” to get to training. WIth only last night’s and next week’s training sessions in Hanoi, “it’s time to step up and get out and support the Club on the track”. Stirring words.

Charlie then added that for anyone who missed footy training the previous week, “Mr Tuong showed us an excellent German Bia Hoi on the lake opposite the stadium. Spot on Tuong – a footy player if ever I saw one.”

Meanwhile, in Saigon, the last training session will be held at RMIT tomorrow at 3pm.

Confirmed players from Hanoi include: Mark Willy Williams, Patty Nickol, Charlie Williams, Mick Francis and Daniel Kindness.

Joining them from HCMC are: Drew Franklin, Sam Grigg, Gus McEwin, Scott Stacey, Phil Johns, Shannon Leahy, Nick Shiels, Greg Armstrong and possibly Matt Johns.

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Kutch Takes Stage 15, The Bloke Keeps Yellow Jersey

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 16, 2008

Geelong's Cameron Ling, king-hit by Dean Solomon who copped 8 weeks

It looked like an easy round of tipping – or so we thought.

Kutch was the only tipstar to grab all 8 and took this round’s tipping honors in style. Muzza snagged a lazy 7 and el presidentai, “uncle crow” got 6 and the third spot on the podium with the best margin selection of the round for those with 6.

The overall standings are still tight at the top with no change. “The Bloke” out in front, followed by Deesboy and the Troggs. “Becareful” you are only “1 Dean Soloman brain-fade” away from throwing your season, so hang in there and watch the teams before putting in those tips.

Good luck with this week’s tips. There are some shockers. City of Churches derby (who cares); Richmond V Essendon – both on the up, but never far from a down; Kangas vs Pies – only a brave man bets against the Shinboners; and the top of the table clash at Kadina Park – Cats v Doggies – will Ablett play???

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Miss Venezuela kicks a universal goal

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 15, 2008

Miss Venezuela throws caution to the wind

Miss Venezuela is saying “Thank you very much, Mr Umpire!” after winnning the coveted Miss Universe  pageant in Nha Trang yesterday. And why wouldn’t you?

At Halong Bay, judges had questioned her level of professionalism when caution was thrown to the wind and Miss Venezuela said, “Land rights for gay whalers is more important than world peace!”

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry Springer was visibly stunned with the stunner’s publicity stunt. He said that it was arguably the most controversial comment he had heard since the filming of his previous show, the day before: What were you thinking when you slid between those two homosexual whales?”

Never mind. Clearly a fantastic performance by Miss Venezuela and a very worthy winner.

Meanwhile, congratulations to our mighty Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic, who finished in the Top 10. First the pool of contestants was narrowed down to 15, then to 10 and then to 5. Laura was there for the 15 and the 10 – but not the Final 5. Awesome work to the woman who generated so much publicity for the Vietnam Swans new jumper.

You can see photos of the Top 10 at . has some more detailed results. A news article appears in .

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Willy and Missy Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 13, 2008

Willy after performing his own lobotomy

Willy has written to the Blog to advise that he is worried about other people being worried about his hammy and his level of preparedness for the match against the Lao Elephants next weekend.

Willy has forwarded photos to the Blog, like Miss Australia, wearing the Swans jumper – except he’s already begun strapping both his hammy and his head. That’s how serious he is.

The Swans Blog does caution all readers against practising their own lobotomy at home. Lobotomies should be left to the experts.

Miss Australia, Nha Trang, 5 July 2008

And speaking of experts, they are the ones who will decide tomorrow morning at 8am Vietnam time whether Miss Australia will be crowned Miss Universe 2008. The Blog can advise that already 3 private jets have landed in Nha Trang (Cam Ranh Bay airport) so the heavy hitters are landing and showtime is about to commence. Hopefully, the judges will be as impressed with Miss Australia as the Vietnam Swans.

Good luck to Laura Dundovic from all of the Vietnam Swans and friends.

Just imagine, this time in two weeks, Laura will be back in Australia wondering if the Vietnam Swans were good enough to knock off the Lao Elephants – and whether Willy has successfully unbandaged himself.

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