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Follow up to Vietnam Swans vs HMAS ANZAC

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 30, 2008

HMAS ANZAC Match Day Banner

This is “a momentous occasion for an Australian warship to play an AFL match in Vietnam”, wrote Brent “Irvo” Irving, coach of the HMAS Anzac’s team. 

On Tuesday, a number of the Vietnam Swans players had a private tour of HMAS ANZAC. It went for 3 hours and included a couple of Crown Lagers each (how tasty were the Crownies? Like an angel crying on the tip of your tongue!). On the tour, we passed through one of the dining rooms. “That’s where we will hang a framed Vietnam Swans jumper and next to it we will put a photo of the match”, said Irvo.   

The following day (Wednesday 27 August) we all sneaked out of work a bit early to get to RMIT University in time for the twilight match that would commence at 5.00pm. The marquee on the side oval and the Al Frescos, Foster’s Lager, Jim Beam and souvenir t-shirt tents – as well as the giant match day banner (see attached) – signaled that today an event would be held. There were approximately 250 people in attendance including 134 Navy personnel. Photographers from a number of organizations including the Navy, The Word and Asialife were there snapping.

The setting sun made the perfect setting for the match between the Vietnam Swans and HMAS ANZAC. The ANZACs were quick out of the blocks but the Swans pegged them back to be equal with them at half time. The scores were 40 points each. In the second half, the ANZACs who have to train sandwiched between missiles, machine guns, ropes and radar equipment, seemed to struggle with the open space of RMIT’s main oval. The Vietnam Swans kicked on to win 84 points to 59 points.

The match was played in the best of spirits which flowed on into the post match festivities at the ground.

In one of his final official duties as the Australian Consul General, Mal Skelly presented the trophy to the Swans Acting Captain, Drew Franklin. Mal also informed the Navy that they could take the Match Day Banner (the Navy said we had a choice: “You can give the banner to us or we’ll take it”). The banner will be hung up on the roof of one of the cabins on board the ANZAC.

Everyone mingled and ate and drank and bought raffle tickets and ANZAC shirts and Swans shirts. Everyone was having a great time. One sailor commented that the footy match was the highlight of the ANZAC’s 6 month deployment.

By 8pm, most people had left for the No. 5 Bar – home of the Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party. The place was buzzing. The Vietnam Swans then presented the ANZAC with a poster of Miss Australia wearing our new jumper. The ANZAC’s Billy from full back held the poster more tightly than he did the full forward during the game.

Wednesday 27 August 2008 was a momentous occasion.

Photos available shortly. 

Special thanks

  • HMAS ANZAC (especially Irvo) for coming to Vietnam to play footy (and other stuff) and giving us the tour of the ship
  • RMIT University for providing such magnificent facilities and to Curtis for ensuring that the oval was properly prepared for an AFL match
  • Mal Skelly, Australian Consul General for presenting us with the trophy – before giving away our match day banner!
  • Dan Kindness, Australian Defence Attache, Hanoi, for coming up with the idea of a footy match and organizing most of the logistics on the naval side (and playing for the Vietnam Swans)
  • Richard Beecher the field umpire and the 2 goal umpies from the ANZAC
  • Jo and Emma Armstrong and Sar Stacey for selling jumpers, souvenir t-shirts and raffle tickets (A special mention to Jo – a few weeks ago she also recruited Danny Monk for the Swans who went on to win Best on Ground for the Swans!)
  • Saigon Geckos Rugby Club for giving us the use of their rugby goal posts
  • Scotty Stacey for organizing t shirts, catering and the most awesome temporary point posts you will ever see!
  • Drew Franklin for organizing the refreshments and trophy
  • Ms Diep from Blue Ink Asia for designing the fantastic t shirts and banner
  • (Apologies to the people I should have mentioned specifically)
  • All the people who came out to support the match and the event

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

  • Linfox – Jumper Sponsor
  • Loscam Pallets – Jumper Sponsor
  • Blue Ink Asia – Designer of the jumpers and souvenir t-shirts
  • Pest Free – Goal posts sponsor (the club will purchase genuine AFL goal posts which should help our scoring…)
  • Bobby Brewers Coffee (400B Le Van Sy Street, District 3) – Shorts Sponsor
  • Foster’s Lager – Sponsor of the beer at the Anzac Match as well as our Grand Final Party
  • Jim Beam – Sponsor for the Anzac Match, the Asian Champs and our Grand Final Party
  • Van Phat Wines – Sponsor of the wines at the Anzac Match
  • No. 5 Bar – Venue for the after match party and for the Grand Final Party
  • Big Rooster Footy – Maker of our footy jumpers
  • Adam Hurley – Designer of the Swans website which attracts 5,000 hits per month

Phil Johns, National President, Vietnam Swans

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Match Report: Swans Vs ANZAC

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 29, 2008

Vietnam Swans Coach and Saigon President of the Swans, Scott Stacey reports on the Anzac Match played on Wednesday 27 August. The Swans went on to win 84pts to 59pts in a match played in excellent spirit.


The Vietnam Swans have pulled off a stunning victory against the HMAS Anzac in pristine conditions at RMIT on Wednesday evening. Whilst the Anzac got off to a fast start with the first goal of the day around the 3 minute mark of the first quarter, the Swans quickly answered and it was game on. It was a very tight affair for the first two quarters with the sides trading goals throughout and no team really taking ascendancy. This was reflected by the half time scores being dead even at 40 points each. The Swans effort was a hard, well fought out affair and at times dazzled the opposition with some silky skills and strong marking. Nathan, Louis and Damo were getting plenty of it in the midfield and Muzza and Danny Monk were dazzling off the flanks. Jarrod Dean played strong in defence as did Derrin.


The Swans burst the game open in the third quarter as Nathan moved into second gear and was untouchable. Danny Monk was thrown into the guts and had it on a string but the guy who really burst the game open was Muzza up front. A stunning display from the Swans veteran was probably rated his best for the club as he bagged them from everywhere and set up a few more to boot. Ably supported up forward by the youngster Cam and Jarrod moved up forward to also have an influence.


The Swans were alive and everyone stepped up with no exception. Derrin was a stalwart in the backlines, Shags and Nick were in everything, Drew was the focal point running out of defence, Dan Kindness held the fort well at the back and the big guys Izaac and Boz also had plenty of it. Joe took a strong mark and was busy in the packs as was Larry who ran strong as well. The Swans ran out winners by 25 points in a fantastic all round effort. Well done boys!


BUT the highlight play of the day was one that will go down as folklore for both the Swans and the Anzac. Late in the final quarter the Anzac tried to mix up their team in a bid for a late comeback and made the surprising move of throwing one of their (very attractive) female sailors into the forward lines. This girl had a clean pair of hands and scooped up the ball deep in the pocket, pirouetted gracefully and lined up for a certain goal when BANG she was hit hard with a huge bear hug tackle and thrown to the ground by none other than the National Prez himself, Phil Johns (Eds Note: he certainly did lay a bear hug. He kept holding her waiting for the ump to blow his whistle for “Ball!”. But, with the ump having lost his whistle, the saucy sailor, from the vertical position, had a snap. Thankfully, no goal!). Onya Phil, now we know why the last 2 weeks have been all good for the Silver Fox!


I take this opportunity to once again thank Brent and his Anzac team. Also, playing for the Vietnam Swans, Dan Kindness, the Defence Attache from Hanoi who played such a major role in making the game happen.


It was a sensational day because it was a good fun, hard game of footy played in the best of spirits. HUGE DAY.


Photos to follow.

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Last Chance Tipstars

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 28, 2008

Well we are down to the business end of the season – one more tipping round and plenty of cash still to be won. You could throw a blanket across the top 10. All of them have a realistic chance at the money. So study hard and consider very carefully each selection. 

Can the Pies win at Suby? Will the shinboners do it for Shagga? Will the cats play their cheer squad against the Weagles? Will the Porpus pop his shoulder for the 5 time this season in the city of churches? Will Fev hug Buddy when he kicks a ton? Will Fev and Buddy party at 161 or Boutique after the match? Will anyone watch the game in Sydney? Will the Richo get best on ground and win the Brownlow? And will the Queen night Sir Robert Harvey? Its the last round of home and away – lets hope it is a cracker.

After the Asian Football Champs next weekend we will throw something together for the announcement of the winners of the tipping. There are a few blokes who still havent paid – so we will come a knocking – its only fair. Thanks for a great year – remember football in Vietnam is the real winner.

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Swans sink Sailors

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 28, 2008

Yesterday, in a twilight match played in perfect conditions and spirit, the Vietnam Swans managed to pull of a victory against the HMAS ANZAC in front of more than 200 people.

The scores were 84 to 59.

An amazing twilight match and an awesome evening.

More to follow. 

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Today – Swans Vs Sailors, RMIT

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 27, 2008

The Swans on board

Today, the Vietnam Swans will play the HMAS ANZAC at 5pm at RMIT University, HCMC.

Last night, a number of Swans were given a private tour of the HMAS ANZAC. The 3 hour tour of the ANZAC was led by their Coach for today, Brent Irving.

We found out that the average playing age of their team is 22 years. Ouch! That’s young. But then they reassured us that “We’re not very fit. Where can we go running on this ship??”.

We’re hearin’ their logic. But given they are able to squeeze their work, social life and sleeping area into the same space – oh yeah, they also need to find somewhere to put their guns n stuff – it wouldn’t surprise us if they had found a spare spot to put a 400m running track. Perhaps under the Seahawk helicopter.

One piece of news that does warm our cochles is that yesterday, the boys had a kick of the footy on the wharf. It wasn’t long before it was “footy overboard”. With all their fancy equipment and highly trained personnel, they were not able to rescue their footy from the Saigon River!

Hopefully they won’t be able to rescue today’s footy match at RMIT. 

It was a fantastic tour for the Vietnam Swans. The hospitality extended by Brent and the crew was much appreciated.

We also saw the new souvenir shirts that will be sold today. Very impressive.

At the end of the day today, it will all be very good. Footy, Al Frescos catering, Fosters Lager, Jim Beam and wines by Van Phat will all be available for purchase. After that, we will roll on to the No. 5 Bar, home of the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party.

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Vietnam Swans Vs HMAS ANZAC

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 25, 2008


“This is a momentous occasion for an Australian warship to be offered the chance to play AFL in Vietnam”, says Coach Brent Irving from the Australian naval frigate, HMAS ANZAC.

The ANZAC docked in Saigon this morning. Tomorrow, the Vietnam Swans will have a photo shoot and private tour aboard the ANZAC. The following day, Wednesday, Brent’s Boys from the ANZAC will dare to challenge the Vietnam Swans on our own turf at RMIT University, commencing at 4.30pm.

Expect the ANZAC to come out with all guns blazing. Expect students and staff from RMIT and the Australian International School to come out in support of the home team, the Vietnam Swans. Expect the competition for the Sherrin footy – supplied by the Sydney Swans – to be red hot.

Ensuring that everyone feels like a winner, Al Frescos will supply the food while Foster’s Lager, Jim Beam and Van Phat Wines will ensure everyone is hydrated…

In one of his farewell appearances, the outgoing Australian Consul General, Mal Skelly will award the trophy to the winning team.

HMAS ANZAC will record the history of the day by permanently hanging a Vietnam Swans jumper in one of the ship’s dining rooms.

Expect this to be a cracking day. In the future, when people ask, “Where were you when the Vietnam Swans played the HMAS ANZAC?”, tell them you were there.

Hearin me?

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“A momentous occasion for an Australian Warship”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 25, 2008

HMAS ANZAC will dock this morning at 10am in Saigon

HMAS ANZAC will dock this morning at 10am in Saigon

HMAS ANZAC Coach, Brent Irving, has described this coming Wednesday’s match as a “momentous occasion for for an Australian warship to be offered the chance to play AFL in Vietnam”.

Brent adds that the “ship will purchase one of your jumpers as well to be framed and put in the junior sailors’ dining hall.

“I will get a photo of your team on the day to be mounted with the jumper so that the history of the game will last forever.”

HMAS ANZAC will dock this morning at 10am. Players and friends of the Vietnam Swans have been invited to tour the ship tomorrow evening.

It’s always great fun playing and socialising with other teams in Vietnam. The HMAS ANZAC tour is shaping up to be an absolute cracker.

The Vietnam Swans will play HMAS Anzac at RMIT University, Saigon on Wednesday 27 August. The ball – supplied by the Sydney Swans – will be bounced at 5pm sharp.

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New Sponsors

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 25, 2008

Th Club's new sponsors
The Club

The Vietnam Swans are pleased to announce sponsorship arrangements with the following organisations:

The No. 5 Bar, 43 Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 3, Saigon – Will host the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party in HCMC on 27 September 2008.
 – Will sponsor Foster’s Beer for the Vietnam Swans match against HMAS ANZAC on Wednesday 27 August at RMIT University, Saigon. Will sponsor the Foster’s Beer at the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party in HCMC (Tiger Beer is the sponsor of the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 Grand Final Party in Hanoi. Both Foster’s and Tiger Beer are owned by Asia Pacific Breweries).
– Will sponsor the Club’s goal posts in HCMC. Pest Free is the leading provider of pest and termite control and lawn services.
, Hanoi – Will sponsor a first aid kit for the Club.

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Fundraising Swans this weekend!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 22, 2008

The Vietnam Swans fundraisers
The Vietnam Swans fundraisers

This weekend, across the country, the Vietnam Swans will be out in force raising awareness about the Club and funds.

Tomorrow night in Hanoi, with a little help from our friends, Jim Beam and JASPAS, we will meet up at 5pm at JASPAS to watch the Brisbane Vs Carlton match. The Jim Beam Swanettes, together with a mega bottle of Jim, will also be in attendance. The fundraiser will help us get Mr Tung to join us in Singapore for the Champs.

The following day in Saigon, Sunday 24 August, the boys are off to Danny’s house for a barbie. Rather than raising funds, this event is more about getting different people involved in the Club.

But back to tomorrow, Michael Johnston and Michael Francis will be swimming in the Hoi An Triathlon to save children’s lives. They’re raising money for children’s swimming lessons because more children die in this country from drowning than road accidents.

The swimming lessons will be conducted through the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Hanoi. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by the Intrepid Foundation.

If you would like more information or would like to donate to the swimming lessons cause, please contact Michael Johnston at

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Tipstar Goes – Blind Freddy!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 22, 2008

Well gents – the tipstar thought to spice things up a little, we would make the last 3 rounds of the season blind. So you wont be able to view the competition ladder and you will have to log on to the Swannies website to see who has won the cash! Catching up the last few rounds, before round 20, there have been come eye catching tipstars.

Round Winners:

  • Round 15 – Kutch bags 8
  • Round 16 – Golden Boot Gus and Jonh Tatnell tie at the top with 7.
  • Round 17 – Golden Boot Gus – smashed the competition with a ridiculous 7.
  • Round 18 – Danny Armstrong, The Boz and Micky F all share the chocolates with 8.
  • Round 19 – John Tatnell – the perfect 8.

So it is down to the business end of the season – the group has bunched at the top of the table and it is that tight that anyone of 14 blokes could win. So hang in there – 2 rounds to go – check the teams, watch the weather, and take your time to choose very very carefully. We all know someone will take a risk and win, someone will choke, and there will definiftly be Gus at the end of the season saying, “I was gunna pick them”. Good luck and go the Vietnam Swans Tipstars!

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Saigon – the 2008 AFL Grand Final Venue

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 21, 2008

Another great venue

Please note: For information on the Vietnam Swans 2009 venues for the AFL Grand Final parties in HCMC / Saigon, Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An, click here.

Were you around in the days of the Romans?

The Romans?? Struth! No. 5, I’m alive in the day of the Saigonese trying to find the venue of the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party!

Do not be alarmed, citizens! Saigon’s inaugural Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party will be held at the No. 5 Bar, 43 Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 3, Saigon on 27 September 2008. It will go from 9am – 4pm.

For just $30, you will receive breakfast, lunch, Foster’s Beer, Jim Beam, raffles, auctions, give-aways and of course, a live telecast of the AFL Grand Final from Melbourne’s colosseum, the MCG.

Leave your Bag of Fruit (suit) behind and dress up in your favourite sporting club’s colours. The Vietnam Swans will dress to impress by wearing their Vietnam Swans footy jumpers.

More details to follow including information re ticket sales. If you can’t wait that long, email

Hanoi: The Official Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party will again be held at Jaspas Bar & Restaurant on the 4th Floor of Hanoi Towers, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi. Price: $30.

From Saigon to Hanoi, it’s all good at Grand Final time with the Vietnam Swans.

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Learn to swim; learn to live

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 20, 2008

Potsy and MJ handing over $600 for swimming lessons – and Norm Ross

Just like the Vietnam Swans, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation (BDCF) staff are doing more than just keeping their heads above water, they’re moving forward and learning how to swim.


Hanoi President, Potsy, and Michael Johnston (MJ) had the happy task of handing over US$600 (10,000,000vnd) to the swim group last Sunday morning in Hanoi. Teaching the BDCF staff to swim were 5 volunteers, Amy, Elaine, Ross, Thung & Tho.


Once the staff have learnt how to swim, they will pass on the survival skills to children. This is so important because in Vietnam, more children die from drowning than road accidents – approximately 40 children each day.


Ninety per cent of the money was raised by the Alcan G3 Expat Staff in Danang, led by Norm Ross. Norm gave the money to the Vietnam Swans to give to a “good cause”. MJ, knowing about the drowning disaster, got in touch with BDCF.


Fundraising will be an ongoing project for the Swans because the Blue Dragon program is going to also roll out to Hue & Hoi An. Next week at the footy match against the HMAS ANZAC in Saigon, for example, a 4.5 megalitre bottle of Jim Beam will be raffled.


Intrepid Travel will also be involved in this very worthy program by matching any donation dollar-for-dollar through the Intrepid Foundation.


To make a donation or to volunteer as a swim teacher, email to make arrangements.

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