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The Weekly Vietnam Swans Wrap

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 19, 2008

Matty Johns takes a screamer! 

Congratulations to Matty Johns and Rebecca Larkin on the birth of Jesse Johns today. Fantastic news. (Hopefully Jesse will be a good sleeper so Dad is well prepared for the Champs.)

Matt (a gun player) and Rebecca own the new Bobby Brewers at 400B Le Van Sy Street, Ward 14, District 3, sponsors of our new shorts which will be unveiled for the HMAS ANZAC match. Well worth dropping into Bobby’s for a celebratory coffee or beer.


Vietnam Swans Vs HMAS ANZAC, 27 August 2008

Up to 150 Navy personnel are expected to attend this match at RMIT, with the ball being bounced at 5pm. Former Ambassador and RMIT Supremo, Michael Mann will toss the coin and the Australian Consul General, Mal Skelly will present the trophy to the winning team.

Afterwards, food (provided by Al Frescos) and beverages (provided by Foster’s and Jim Beam) will be available for purchase. In an email forwarded to the Swans, the HMAS ANZAC is saying that this match could be “the highlight of our 6 month deployment”. The media will be in attendance at the match and a photo opportunity will be held, the day prior, aboard the ANZAC. Special t-shirts are being made for the day.

Unfortunately, with the match being in the middle of the working week, it will be difficult for the Hanoi crew to make it down to Saigon.


Pre Asian Champs fundraising BBQ, Saigon on Sunday 24 August 

$10 for the full on BBQ plus drinks pay as you go in District 2. Swans players are encouraged to BYOF (Bring your own friend) to the Barbie. Families most welcome. Swimming opportunities available.


Asian Champs, Singapore, 6 September

Tomorrow is the deadline to register players’ names for the Champs. Former President, now resident of Singapore, Dave Flyer Kainey will organize a bus to pick up the main arrival party of Swans when we touch down in Singapore.


Rod Campbell, Saigon, Monday 18 August

Rod has worked with the best AFL coaches in Australia and he’s the son of a VFL coach. He’s already met the boys in Hanoi. Tomorrow he meets the boys in Saigon at Highlands Coffee, Pham Ngu Lau, 6 – 7.30pm with some game strategy tips for us. Awesome.


Swimming to save lives

On Saturday 23 August in Hoi An, Michael Johnston and Michael francis will compete in the Hoi An Triathlon and in the process raise money to teach children how to swim. Drownings of children account for more deaths in this country than road accidents. The Alcan G3 Expat staff donated some money to the Vietnam Swans to give to an appropriate cause. This will be the cause.

The Vietnam Swans will also raffle off a 4.5 mega litre bottle of Jim Beam at the Navy match in support of the swimming lessons. The Intrepid Foundation will match all funds raised.


Grand Final Parties, Hanoi and Saigon, 27 September

In Hanoi, the Swans will again run the Grand Final Cyclo Parade on the Thursday night prior to the Grand Final. We dress up the cyclos in club colours, wear our Vietnam Swans jumpers and visit a number of pubs and spread the word about the coming Grand Final. Cracking fun.

IN Hanoi, the Grand Final Party is confirmed for JASPAS for just $30. Gee whiz. Sponsors include JVK, Tiger, the Al Frescos Group and Jim Beam. Welcome to Claire Bicks – Hanoi’s new Treasurer!!

In Saigon, the Grand Final Party is 95 per cent confirmed at… a bar that will be ideal for hosting the Grand Final Party. Watch this space.

During the week, the Sydney Swans donated two autographed footy jumpers for auction. One will be sent to Saigon and the other to Hanoi. How good is that??


Swans in the media

Scotty Stacey, Saigon President – Vietnam Swans, had an article about the Vietnam Swans published on his beloved Adelaide Crows website.

Phil Johns, National President – Vietnam Swans, had a wide ranging article that included things about the Vietnam Swans published in a Vietnamese magazine, Doanh Nhan Saigon (Saigon Businessmen’s Weekend) which was reproduced on VN Express.


Australia’s Best Footy Jumper

As part of the AFL’s celebration of 150 years of football, they are conducting a search for Australia’s best footy jumper. The Vietnam Swans entered our new jumper, designed by Blue Ink Asia and worn by Miss Australia, into the competition. Unfortunately, Gus was our model so no promises.


Also Coming Up

October – Malaysian Warriors, Saigon

November – Thailand Tigers and Lao Elephants, Cambodia


The Swans Blog hits 50,000

The Swans Blog has had its 50,000th hit. That’s half the population of the MCG!

The Blog, which reports without fear, favour or prejudice, is updated most days. For the full story always, log onto

As the boys from Hanoi say, Go you Swannies!!



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Vietnam Swans in local media again

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 19, 2008

Tuoi Tre Magazine and the Vietnam Swans

The Vietnam Swans have appeared in the local media again. This time it is in the on line version of Tuoi Tre magazine (see it .

It’s a reprint of last week’s article that was published in Doanh Nhan Saigon.

The Vietnam Swans National President, Phil Johns is interviewed about living in Vietnam and more specifically, the Vietnam Swans. Alas, what he actually said, we may never know as teh article is written in Vietnamese.

For other articles that have been published with a loose connection to the Vietnam Swans, click on the In the Press tab.

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Vietnam Swans spy on sailors

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 17, 2008

HMAS ANZAC in training exercises in preparation for next week

The Vietnam Swans have been conducting a little surveillance of our own on the HMAS ANZAC which will field a team against the Vietnam Swans on 27 August at RMIT University, Saigon.

The ANZAC will come to Vietnam via Guam.

According to an email addressed to “Sirs / Maams / Shipmates” of the ANZAC which was obtained by the Swans, “Vietnam is a port rarely visited by RAN personnel and we should feel privileged to be able to visit.

“One of the highlights of the visit (and possibly of the 6 month deployment), will be a game of AFL against the Vietnam Swans… I hear they are promoting it to their students as a ‘must see’ event so we can possibly expect a big crowd. So, to match the numbers of locals that we believe will attend, it will be great if we could get maximum attendance from TEAM ANZAC to support our players. Transport to and from the ship for up to 150 people has been organised.

The Souvenir t-shirt

“There will be beer (sponsored by Foster’s), Jim Beam and the Party Crew (sponsored by Jim Beam), food (sponsored by Al Frescos), Vietnam Swans jerseys and t-shirts to comemmorate such an important event – all for sale. The Swans are using the occasion to help support their trip to Singapore in September for the AFL Asian Championships so, no doubt, there will be raffle tickets sold as well.

“The big ticket item (and “must have” deployment memorabilia) that they have put together is the t-shirt. At the moment, they are getting 150 of these t-shirts to sell on the day. So you will have to get in quick or you will miss out.”

In Vietnam, people tend to honk their horn because they love footy. Do not expect the sailors to be any different when they reach our shores!

Meanwhile, Swans committee man, Big Joe who is currently on special assignment in the Middle East is signing off his emails, Pray 5 times a day if you love footy.

The whole world is going footy mad.

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Sydney Swans donate 2 autographed footy jumpers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 16, 2008

Andrew Ireland, Sydney Swans

In the lead up to the Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon / HCMC, the Sydney Swans have very kindly donated two autographed Sydney jumpers for auction.

One of the jumpers will go to Hanoi and the other jumper to Saigon. 

In other news, , the General Manager of Football for the Sydney Swans has written to the Blog expresing his wish that Vietnam “can post a good win against the HMAS ANZAC side” on 27 August. Andrew goes on to say that the Sydney Swans “have a bit of work to do starting this Saturday night (16 August) against the Cats. Let’s hope those Grand Final functions (of yours) can see the Sydney Swans running around on the big day.” 

For the record, Andrew Ireland played 110 senior games for Collingwood in the late 1970′s which included playing in 3 Grand Finals (1977, 1979 and 1980).  From 1999 – 2001, he was the CEO of Brisbane before he moved to Sydney.

Michael Voss in Spetember of last year, wrote an article “. He describes the general managers of football operations in the AFL as the men who stand beside the men in the coaching hot seat. He says that Andrew – who, technically speaking, Paul Roos reports to – is “perfect for this all encompassing football administration role”.

But before we pump up Andrew’s tyres too much, you can place a bid on ebay for a of him (see above). Bids start at $2. Postage is $1.50.

Thank you again to the Sydney Swans for your continued support of the Vietnam Swans.

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49,999 hits for the Blog

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 16, 2008

The champagne bottles are ready

It’s 2.30 pm in Vietnam on Saturday 16 August 2008.

The Swans Blog has officially recorded 49,999 hits. One more hit and the corks will be popped to celebrate the 50,000th.

Unfortunately, no prizes for you if you happen to be the 50,000th.

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Stacey on the Adelaide Crows’ website

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 14, 2008

Scotty Stacey on the Adelaide Crow

Saigon President of the Vietnam Swans, Scott Stacey, has written to the Adelaide Crows’ website under the headline, .

The Crows have started a column on their web page inviting Crows supporters from around the world to write in and tell the people all about it.

Scotty confesses that the last time he watched a Crows game live back in Australia was in 1991. Since then he has lived abroad.

Apparently, his two sons are fans of the Birdman.

Scotty then goes on to give a run down on Asian football and the Vietnam Swans in particular.

Click on  to read the article in full.

For more published articles with a loose connection to the Vietnam Swans, click on In the Press.

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Swans in local media

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 13, 2008

The Swans in the Saigon Businessman

Today, in Doanh Nhan Saigon (the Saigon Businessman’s Weekend) magazine, there was an article on Vietnam Swans National President, Phil Johns.

Wait a minute! Today is not the weekend; it’s Wednesday. And despite the magazine being dated 15 August, today’s date is actually the 13th August. This shouldn’t really surprise given the Vietnam News newspaper always prints and distributes its Sunday papers on Saturday mornings.

Meanwhile, back to the article. Phil mentions that “Vietnam has given me a wonderful life” (“Wonder Phil”, he was probably trying to say).

The magazine claims he uses “flying words” like em dep lam (“You are very beautiful”) and cam on, em! (“Thank you very much”).

We’re not too sure what the rest of the article discussed but given there is a picture of Miss Australia in the magazine with the Vietnam Swans, it’s safe to assume that the rest of the article was about the Vietnam Swans..

For other articles with a loose connection to the Vietnam Swans, click on In the Press.

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Swans Vs Sailors

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 13, 2008


Between 25 and 29 August 2008, the Australian frigate, HMAS ANZAC will be docked in Saigon.

Game on!

At 5pm on Wednesday 27 August, the Vietnam Swans will play an Australian Navy team from the HMAS ANZAC at RMIT University. It will be followed up with an Al Frescos BBQ and a few refreshments supplied by Tiger Beer and Jim Beam.

Up to 180 personnel from the frigate are expected to attend. Hopefully not all of them will be eligible to sit on the bench!

The ANZAC was commissioned in 1994. On 21 March 2003, directly supported the British led assault on the Al Faw Peninsula in southern Iraq. This was the first time that an Australian naval ship had fired a gun in anger since the Vietnam War (“American War” as it is known as in Vietnam). That event has since become known as ”5 Inch Friday” (due to the size of the ANZAC’s shells).

It is fitting that we will play the ANZAC as next ANZAC Day, the Vietnam Swans will travel to Kanchanaburi in Thailand to play the Thailand Tigers in their annual ANZAC Day match.

If you’re in Saigon at 5pm on Wednesday 27 August, come out to RMIT in District 7 to support either the Swans or the Sailors and follow it up with a bite to eat and something to wash it down with.

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Lao Vs Vietnam – Photos

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 13, 2008

Charlie from the north; Sam over the top

To see more photos of the recent match between the Lao Elephants and Vietnam Swans which was held on 26 July, click on the .

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The Swans Weekly Wrap

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 13, 2008

The Weekly Wrap

The National Committee



Last week, the National Committee had its first telephone hook up between Hanoi and Saigon. Phil Fabbo Johns was elected National President (Scott Stacey is President Saigon and Potsy is President Hanoi). Danny Armstrong was elected National Treasurer. Scott Stacey (Saigon) and Charlie Williams (Hanoi) were elected as joint coaches for the 2008 Asian Champs in Singapore on 6 September.

HMAS ANZAC footy match, Saigon

In the week 25 – 29 August, the Australian naval frigate, HMAS ANZAC, will be in Saigon. We are currently working with the Australian Embassy in Hanoi to organize a footy match against the navy on Wednesday 27 August. The match is still to be confirmed but signs are looking extremely positive.

It’s expected that the navy will declare it to be an official function and therefore, potentially, we could have 180 people in attendance at RMIT.

Asian Champs

The Prospectus was received during the week for the Asian Champs which will be held in Singapore on 6 September. There will be 2 Groups, 4 matches played by each team in each group, 2 semi finals and one Grand Final.

The deadline for registration of players is 18 August. So, if you wish to play for the Vietnam Swans, please confirm asap.

In Saigon, we will hold a fundraising BBQ on 24 August. Contact us for specific details.

Sydney Swans Donate 2 Footies

The Vietnam Swans very gratefully received 2 Sherrins from the Sydney Swans. One will live in Hanoi and the other in Saigon.

Daniel Kerr breaks away again

Daniel Kerr’s autographed West Coast jumper




On the weekend, John and Mark Regan, uncles of West Coast Eagles’ superstar, Daniel Kerr arrived in Saigon. They arrived with a West Coast footy jumper autographed by Daniel as well as scarves, hats and stubby holders. They donated them to the Vietnam Swans to raise money for the Club. Absolutely fantastic.

Rod Campbell

Rod Campbell has been in Hanoi. He has extensive coaching experience in Australia working with coaching greats such as Denis Pagan. His father, Graham, was a former player and coach for Fitzroy. Rod gave those of us in Hanoi tips, insights and ideas into game strategies and training drills. He also made the observation that, as we’re spread across two cities, it’s imperative that we have the same training drills in each city to help us on match day (a cunning plan to get over the tyranny of distance for our Club!!).

Rod will travel down to Saigon later this week and we’re hoping he will be able to meet up with the Swans in Saigon.

AFL Grand Final Parties in Saigon.

There seems to have been some confusion about the organizers of the AFL Grand Final event that was written up in Saigon’s “The Word” and “Asialife” magazines. In one magazine it refers generically to the “Aussie Rules Football Club Vietnam” and in the other it refers to the “Saigon Australia Rules Football Club”.

While not mentioned at all in either article, the organizer of this event is the Saigon Saints. It is not the Vietnam Swans.

To ensure there’s no confusion, the Vietnam Swans are more than happy to give the Saigon Saints a plug. Their Grand Final Brunch, which they have hosted for many years – which also raises money for the Loreto Foundation – will be held at the Sheraton Hotel on 27 September.

As a playing Club, the Vietnam Swans are wanting something far less formal than a 5 Star Hotel. Accordingly, the Official Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party in Saigon will be held at, you guessed it, a less formal venue (to be confirmed this week).

It’s fantastic that footy has grown to the point that Saigon can now host two separate Grand Final events catering to different market segments.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Swans in Hanoi are working with JASPAS to put on another outstanding AFL Grand Final Party.

Other Matches

The Club has received a request from the Malaysian Warriors to play us on 9 October in Saigon. We are checking the availability of the RMIT oval.

We are still trying to confirm a date to play the Thailand Tigers and Lao Elephants in Phnom Penh at the beginning of November.

Teaching young Swans to swim

Swimming training and triathlons





Mick Johnston and Mick Francis will take part in the Hoi An triathlon on 23 August raising money for children’s swimming lessons. The Intrepid Foundation will match each donation, dollar for dollar.

In Vietnam, more children die from drowning than road accidents each year.

For more information, contact Mick Johnston at

The Swans Blog hits 50,000!

This week, the Swans Blog at is expected to have its 50,000 hit.

Another Big Week

It’s not just Eddie McGuire, Heath Shaw and Alan Didak who have had a big week in football.

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Update on Asian Footy

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 12, 2008

The Victorious Thailand Tigers

Powerhouse and reigning Asian Champions, the Hong Kong Dragons took on the Thailand Tigers the other week in Pattaya.

The Tigers actually inflicted the first loss on the Dragons in over a year. They went on to win 8.7.55 to Hong Kong’s 6.6.42.

The match was even written up in the (click on the link for the full story).

Meanwhile, Singapore and Malaysia will play each other on 23 August in KL for Round 2 of the 3 round Changi Cup. Apparently that competition has been going on since 1997. See for further details.

The warm ups for the Asian Champs have well and truly started!

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The Rooster, the Bulldogs and the Finns

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 11, 2008

The Finn

The Rooster’s in the news again. His beloved Finland will enter the International Cup in Australia for the first time ever in 2008 0- but collecting Finnish recruits has been a tough task.

However, with the bloodhound, Rooster, on the job, all would be good. 

According to the World Footy news report, “Julian ‘The Big Rooster” Clark, Finland Footy’s Founding Father, recently journeyed out to the British International School in Jakarta, Indonesia, where 16 year old Finn Tuomas ’Timebomb’ Antilla has been developing well with the Jakarta Bulldogs AFC.”

For the full story, click on the link.

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