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Hanoi’s 2008 AFL Grand Final Party

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 29, 2008

Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party, Hanoi

We’re still awaiting for the wrap up from the Grand Final Party in Hanoi. However, the pictures to the side, going clockwise from the bottom left, have already been leaked:

1. The ladies prove an AFL Grand Final is more than a man’s game.
2. The crowd watches intently.
3. Willy and Matt enjoy each other’s company while the Jim Beam Party Crew look on – longingly.
4. McCain says, “What Obama I’m not wearing my Swans jumper”.
5. Willy asks one unsuspecting child, “Would you like to buy a Swans jumper?”
6. Hanoi President of the Vietnam Swans, Mr Potsy (a Hawk supporter), puts his arms in the air in triumph after the final siren.
7. The Vietnam Swans Signature Shot – jumping between the camera and the AFL Premiers.
More stories and photos to follow.

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Post Grand Final Blues

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 29, 2008

Due to the stunning victory of the Hawks and the success of the Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon, the rest of life is looking fairly pedestrian – until the Malaysian Warriors come over to Saigon to play us on 25 October.

Full wrap up of the weekend’s events – and photos if people can send them in – will start appearing on the Blog shortly.

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Which team?

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 26, 2008

The then Hanoi Swans underneath the big screen in 2005

In 2005, the Sydney Swans triumphed over the West Coast Eagles in an absolute “ball-wearer”. Thanks to Bubbles (not his real name according to his birth certificate), he had the (then) Hanoi Swans assemble under the Big Screen when Paul Roos and Bad Barry held the Cup aloft.

And have a look at that Swans signature photo shoot! A classic, never-to-be-forgotten, photo.

In 2008, we know the Vietnam Swans will be in both Hanoi & Saigon. We also know that we will be doing our traditional photo shoot during the presentation ceremony.

But one nagging question: will it be Geelong or Hawthorn holding the Cup in the background?

To see the story that Geelong published on their website during the year about the Vietnam Swans, click on .

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Hanoi hawks Melbourne jumper

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 26, 2008

In Hanoi, the Vietnam Swans will auction this Melbourne jumper

The Melbourne Demons have very kindly donated this amazing footy jumper to the Vietnam Swans which has been signed by all the the players.

In addition, Hanoi has a jumper from the Sydney Swans – also autographed by the entire team (and there is a second Sydney Swans jumper in Saigon).
Hanoi will auction both the Sydney and Melbourne jumpers during tomorrow’s Grand Final Party.
The particularly generous support being received this year by the Vietnam Swans is greatly appreciated.


 2008 has been a big leap forward for us with Grand Final parties in both cities.
Meanwhile, yesterday’s “Age” Newspaper ran a story with the headline, . The article mentions what an incredibly important cultural event the Grand Final is for Australians living abroad. Grand Final Parties are held everywhere “mainly in Europe and the US but also in Tel Aviv, Hanoi and Samoa”.
Go you Swannies in Hanoi!!
The article also carries a photo of the local team in Prague wearing jumper, maker of the Vietnam Swans jumper. Rooster, always keen for a burst of publicity, contacted the Blog to tell us it was his jumper. He argued, “I really treally deserve my own category on your Blog – (especially) as 4 of the 5 international finalists in the ‘Australia’s favourite footy jumper’ competition were created by the home of the World’s Most Wanted Footy Jumpers… and one with a design inspired by the world’s most wanted man”.
The Vietnam Swans reminded the Rooster that he was a feather duster before we presented him with the design for our new footy jumper.
The Blog suspects that the Rooster will not be hearin’ us… Hearin me?

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The Vietnam Swans 2008 Grand Fire

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 26, 2008

The Swans Blog on fire

As we get closer to the Grand Final, the level of traffic on the Swans Blog is picking up.

Yesterday, we recorded 317 hits which was 17 more than our previous all time high of 300 exactly. Two days ago, we had 299 visitors.
Meanwhile, the number of people clicking specifically on the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Party tab is building up to a quiet feeding frenzy. In other words, it’s on fire!
In the last 6 days, the burgeoning number have been: 8, 13, 23, 32, 45 and yesterday, 84. Today? Please have a supercomputer on standby to crunch some numbers if required.

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Grand Final in Hoi An!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 25, 2008

Red Bridge, Hoi An

If you’re in Hoi An, hangin’ for the Grannie, then you could be in luck.

The Hai Cafe at 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in the Old Town is holding their annual Grand Final function for charity (a local orphanage run by a bonza Aussie chick called Nicole).  They expect about 150 people, comprising 50 expats and tourists.
who is involved in this event also runs the Red Bridge Restaurant in Hoi An. He has offered a free meal and cooking lesson as prizes for our Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon. 

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Spinning wheels to spin heads in Hanoi tonight

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 25, 2008

The Rocket Scientist, Andy Wall eyes off another cyclo

Tonight, the 3rd Annual Vietnam Swans Grand Final Cyclo Parade will be held in Hanoi.

It kicks off at Le Pub, 25 Hang Be Street in the Old Quarter at 6pm. Click on the  for full details. Bookings are essential.

Jake has emailed organiser,  to “confirm my attendance at the Grand Final Cyclo Parade.  What a brilliant idea!” he adds.

Ensuring the gene pool is kept in a state of equilibrium, long time player and supporter of the Vietnam Swans, Mr Jim Beam himself, Andy Wall, wrote in to confess, “Love the Grand Final Parade… can recall when I actually rolled one outside the original Al Fresco’s in Hanoi!”

For those still interested in Andy’s thoughts: “Cats by 7 points in a classic”.

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Win a ticket to Hong Kong at Swans’ Grand Final!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 24, 2008

Hong Kong, Here I Kome!

 (2 Huynh Thuc Khang, D1) has teamed up with the Vietnam Swans to offer one lucky person at Saturday’s AFL Grand Final Party in HCMC a free return air ticket to Hong Kong!

If that doesn’t take your fancy, how about a Sydney Swans jumper signed by the team?

Or a West Coast jumper signed by Daniel Kerr?

Or a Carlton jumper signed by Judd and Fevolaaaaaaa…

Or a St Kilda jumper signed by most of the team?

Miss Australia autographs the Vietnam Swans' footy

Still not good enough? How about a Tommy Sherrin signed by Miss Australia? I’m getting the goose bumps again…

Monster prizes. Monster raffles. Monster competitions. Monster value with tickets at just 500,000VND. They’re available from Bar No. 5 (43 Mac Dinh Chi Street , D3),  or Phil Johns on 0903 012 159. Book before Saturday.

For full details on the Grand Final Party in HCMC and the Grand Final Party in Hanoi, click here.

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Farewell to Micky Francis’ Mum

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 24, 2008

Micky Francis and wife Yen and family have just returned to Australia after his Mum finally succumbed to a long illness.

Mick, an institution in Hanoi, continues to play a key role in resurrecting and building footy in Hanoi and across Vietnam as a going concern. He is also an institution at the Grand Final event in Hanoi which will have to kick on this year without him behind the microphone.

The growing family of Vietnam Swans in Vietnam and far flung corners of the world send our deepest sympathies to Mick and his family during this difficult time. Good luck with it all back in Australia, Mick.

The Vietnam Swans salute you today and on Saturday, in Hanoi and Saigon, we will toast you during our Grand Final events.

We’ll see you soon Big Fella.

Phil Johns, National President

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Grand Memories of Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2008

Last year, Di and Neil from Bairnsdale in Victoria (Australia) were in Vietnam for the 2007 AFL Grand Final.

Di wrote to the Blog this morning to declare that, “We are suffering this week, thinking back to where we were this time last year floating around in Halong Bay.

“We wish you a fantastic Grand Final Day and wish we could be there again. We still have the big banner from last year (Ed’s note: We had been wondering where that banner had got to!) and it will be displayed proudly at home on Saturday at our own Grand Final Day bash”.

Di and Neil, it was great having you at our Grand Final Party last year and we thank you for the update! There’s no doubt that Aussie Rules and AFL Grand Finals are particularly special in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, less than special was the news that Di also tried – but was unable – to vote for the Vietnam Swans jumper in the “Australia’s favourite footy jumper” competition.

Di says, “I tried a couple of times to vote for the best jumper (we’ve assumed Di was voting for ours…) but couldn’t get the vote to go through”.

If the Blog received just one vote for every person who says they couldn’t get their vote through in that competition, we might have memories rather than delusions of grandeur!

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Grand Final Fever hits Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2008

Adam Cooney climbs over the pack to win the Brownlow

The Brownlow

All was revealed tonight when the Western Bulldogs’ Adam Cooney (Woof, woof!), won the Brownlow and declared he had only passed Year 11 because “my mum did most of my homework for me”. 
What wasn’t revealed, however, was which team will win next Saturday’s AFL Grand Final. Can Gary Ablett Jnr emulate the hurculean feats of Gary Ablett Snr and boot 9 goals in a losing Grand Final appearance against the Hawks? Will Luke Hodge use Brereton’s and Dipper’s stoic performances at the 1989 Grand Final to help him get through the pain barrier with his rank ribs next Saturday? Or will the Cats just go back to back? Plain n simple?

Maybe we need to stick to what we do know… 

Vietnam Swans host Grand Final Parties in Hanoi and Saigon!!

Yes, this year, the Vietnam Swans are hosting Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon (see attached for full details). The men, ladies and children will be spoilt with breakfast, lunch, Tiger Beer (Hanoi), Foster’s Lager (Saigon), Sangria (and some wine in Saigon), Margaritas (Hanoi) and Jim Beam (both cities). Truly, something for everyone.

We’ve also got some big ticket AFL jumpers to auction off – 2 Sydney Swans jumpers signed by the Sydney boys (Hanoi & Saigon), a Carlton jumper signed by Judd (Saigon), a West Coast jumper signed by Kerr (Saigon), a Melbourne jumper signed by the players that matter… (Hanoi) and a St Kilda jumper signed by the players that matter (Saigon).

Plenty of fun; plenty of action at both events. Tickets in Hanoi cost $30 today and $35 at the door. In Saigon, it’s just 500,000VND but book now to avoid disappointment.

We’re still keen to have more prizes on the day so if anyone can track down a voucher from a restaurant or an afternoon having your hair and nails done, let me know.

Grand Final Cyclo Parade, Hanoi

The 3rd Annual Vietnam Swans Annual Grand Final Parade is on in Hanoi this Thursday night. Starts at 6pm at Le Pub at 25 Hang Be Street, Old Quarter. It’s the crazy pub crawl in a cyclo clad in club colours that people talk about. Quite possibly, it’s the most fun you can have in your footy jumper.

Bookings essential. See for full details or contact Micky Johnston at     

Looking for a new job?

If life back at work after the Grand Final seems less than exciting, you may want to consider a career change. If so INTO University Partnerships is looking for a Regional Manager to “foster the development of educational ties between the UK and Vietnam through a range of measures” as detailed in the attached job description. 

Honk yer horn if you love footy


At the beginning, middle and end of the day, from the top to the middle to the bottom of the country, people are honkin’ their horns because they love the footy.

Woof, woof! Honk, honk!  

It’s all good.

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Matthews urges support for international footy

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 22, 2008

David Matthews

World Footy News has referred to an article that appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Age newspaper, .

The article was written by the AFL’s General Manager of National and International Development, David Matthews. He refers to the recent, highly successful that was played in Warrnambool and Melbourne (won by Papua New Guinea against New Zealand).

Matthews says that “these visitors (to the International Cup) have adopted the game as their own. It is not a case of it being imposed on them. It is bottom up growth – much of it initiated by expatriate Australians but increasingly carried by forward by locals. 

“People tend not to remember opportunities missed as much as opportunities that failed.

“We can’t be afraid to fail in pursuing any opportunity to expand this great game. To the cynics who might question international development, I say we should share it and support those who do.”

“But is it all a bit late this international development? “As Kevin Sheedy constantly reminds us, ‘it took 2,000 years to put wheels on suitcases.’ “

Meanwhile, in other news from our region, the Beijing Bombers will become an affiliate Club of Essendon. See  for the full story.

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