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High drama at the MCG

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 29, 2008

Swans Phil Johns, Daryl Taber and Chris Batchelor at the MCG

Swans Phil Johns, Daryl Taber and Chris Batchelor at the MCG

Today’s Herald Sun newspaper reported on yesterday’s play (the 3rd day) in the Second Test match at the MCG between Australia and South Africa. The Proteas tail wagged furiously. JP Duminey the Duminator and the Stubborn Steyn made a 180 run 9th-wicket partnership which is the third highest ever. Brett Lee’s foot stress injury will keep him out of the team for at least 6 weeks.

The Herald-Sun screamed – “Shell Shock!”, “Injured Lee out for the summer”, “Proteas tail humiliates Aussies”, “They’re clueless (the Australians) says Ian Healy”.

It’s not all good – unless you happened to be one of the following members of the Vietnam Swans – Phil Johns (current National Prez), Daryl Taber (former Prez) and Chris Batchelor (former player from Hanoi). They were located high in the stands of the Members’ Pavilion watching the drama unfold below on the hallowed turf. They then managed to slip into one of the bars for a quick, quiet one and bumped into a mate of fellow Swan, Micky Francis. Bouncing off him, they then bumped into another who knows Will Martin and Sam Grigg. He was tall, athletic, young – and destined for the Hong Kong Dragons (no good!).

Johnsy, Taber and the Batchelor are currently in Melbourne on a fact finding mission reviewing the MCG with a view to having Hanoi’s famous Dead Cat Stadium upgraded (nah, not really. Johnsy was in from Vietnam and Taber was in from Brisbane for Chrissy. The Batchelor, married with children, now lives in Melbourne).

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Kainey nearly conquers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 24, 2008

Kainey, pictured far right, nearly wins the green jacket

Kainey, far right, nearly wins the green jacket

With the Vietnam Swans 4th Annual Golf Classic at Royal Ivanhoe just days away (29 December), former President, Dave “Flyer” Kainey has written to the Blog to bravely declare:

Played Ivanhoe (last Wednesday) and carded an 84. Cannot be at the Swans golf day as I am spending Xmas in Bali but wanted to set the bar for the golf day. I was on truckin’ fire, Sunshine. Witnessed also.

Last year, organiser of the Swans Golf Classic, Mr Ryan (pictured on left) deservedly won the Green Jacket in an absolute pressure cooker situation with a stoic 86 – just two swings clear of Snags Canty (now in Argentina) who was breathing down his neck. Flyer Kainey (pictured on right) scored 92.

True, with an 84, all other things being equal, Kainey would have won last year’s tournament. But he didn’t score 84 last year.

Earlier in the year, when the designers proposed a new jumper for us that had a Soft Swan on the front, there was a resounding response of “Harden the Duck up!”

Kainey, if you have something to say, let your sticks do the talkin’ or, otherwise, tell your story walkin’ in Bali!

To book your place at the cricket (MCG) on 28 December and the golf on 29 December (Royal Ivanhoe), email [email protected] now. All welcome.

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Merry Christmas from the Prez

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 22, 2008

Honk if you love the footy

Honk if you love the footy

In Hanoi and HCMC, we honk our horns because we love the footy. But arriving back in footy-mad Melbourne the other day, to my surprise, I discovered Melbournians still don’t honk their horns.

Unheard of.

I spoke with my nephew, Stuart Johns about him playing for the Oakleigh Chargers against Queensland in the TAC Cup earlier in the year at the ‘Gabba.

I asked, “How exciting was it?” He replied, “It was awwwesome with 15 w’s!”

Hearin’ ya there!! Seems like Melbournians just express their love for footy in a different way. Ah, cultural differences.

For those in Melbourne, the Vietnam Swans will be having a cricket day at the MCG on Sunday 28th December. The following day, Monday 29 December, we will play the 4th Annual Golf Classic at Ivanhoe Golf Course. Can you please confirm your attendance by emailing me at .

It’s been a great season for the Swannies. Captain Gus has compiled the attached 2008-season-wrap6 (Ed’s note – due to continued technical difficulties, by the host, we can’t load the wrap. It will be uploaded as soon as possible). It’s hard hitting. It’s controversial. It’s sure to strike up fierce debate and possibly, it could even destroy long lasting friendships and relationships. In addition, it’s an excellent summary of the many things that, as a Club, we have achieved this year.

Special mention to some of the more high profile departures from the Club this year – Charlie Williams, Sam Grigg and Jarrod Dale. We also have the imminent departures of Scott Stacey, Matt Johns, Nathan Forth and probably Muzza.

Miss Australia with the red cherry at Christmas time

Miss Australia with the red cherry at Christmas time

An additional special mention to Willy and Potsy from Hanoi. They have established – and are now running – Auskick in Hanoi. In appreciation of your efforts, I attach a photo of Miss Australia wearing our jumper.

To all our players, supporters and sponsors, thank you very much for being such an active part of the Vietnam Swans in 2008. Thank you very much for being part of the unfolding story.

At the beginning of last year, who would have thought we would have a national team? Who would have thought that in 2008 we would play abroad in 4 international tournaments and host another 4 at home? Who would have thought we could design such a distinctive new jumper – especially when worn by Miss Australia? Who would have thought that the 6 blokes from Lao who played for us at last year’s Asian Champs would go on to stablish the Lao Elephants? Who would have thought that the bloke from Cambodia who played for us at the Champs in 2007 and 08 would go on to establish the Cambodian Kangas?

Read Gus’ Season Wrap and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I hope to see a few of you at the cricket and golf next week and then, bring on ’09 for another great time – with the highlight possibly being the ANZAC Day match against the Thailand Tigers near World War II’s Bridge on the River Kwai.

Regards, Phil Johns

National President, Vietnam Swans

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Cricket and golf in Melbourne

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 19, 2008

Cricket & Golf. Awesome.

Cricket & Golf. Awesome.

The Vietnam Swans are headed to the city of bright and vibrant colours, Melbourne, for cricket and golf.

On the 3rd day of the Boxing Day test match (28 December), we’re off to the Members Pavilion at the MCG for a day’s play. So that we can organise tickets, please email [email protected] All are welcome.

The following day, 29 December, we will be holding the 4th Annual Vietnam Swans Golf Classic at Royal Ivanhoe Golf Course. Last year, Ryan won the coveted green jacket with a score of 86. Left in his wake were Chris Canty, Dave Kainey, the Barfly, Will Martin and Phil Johns.

This year’s list of attendees include Ryan, Phil Johns, Muzza, Greg Armstrong, Daryl Taber and heaps of others. Confirm your interest in attending by emailing [email protected]

It can’t get much b-i-g-g-e-r than this.

Over and out.

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The Swans End of Season Review

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 18, 2008

There was plenty of sizzle at the Swans end-of-season review and BBQ

There was plenty of sizzle at the Swans end-of-season review and BBQ

Last Sunday, 14 December 2008, 45 Vietnam Swans journeyed out to Danny’s & Jo’s house in D2, HCMC for the End of Season BBQ and Review.

It has been a great year for the Club: the new national team is now firmly established in both Hanoi and Saigon; we played a record number of games and tournaments which included 4 international tours and 4 international matches at home; we had the Domestic Derby in Nha Trang and, we even had a morning with Miss Australia wearing our footy jumper.

With so much footy, it’s not surprising that we also had numerous goals and marks of the season, most improved players etc.

For the full details of our season, click on 2008-season-wrap5 (Ed’s note: the document seems like it is too hot to handle as it currently won’t upload on the website. Check back soon).

Special thanks to Captain Gus for putting together such a controversial paper that is sure to strike up fierce debate in bars across the country and the region.

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Swans hat in India

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 16, 2008

bombay-blueBig Joe returned to HCMC last week after a stint on an oil rig somewhere off the coast of India.

On his way back, he stopped at India’s Bombay Blue Bar – just to photograph the Vietnam Swans hat.

However, the Swans Blog is tipping that Big Bad, Handlebar Mo-Joe – in his flowery shirt – probably also had a refreshing beverage to celebrate his return to terra firma.

If you take your Swans hat to an interesting and/or exotic location, take a photo of it and send it in to the Blog. If your photo is good enough, it might even be published on the Blog. Wow!!

To see a photo of one of our Vietnam Swans hats in Antarctica, click here.

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2009 Asian Championships – Update

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 15, 2008

Parade Ground, Clark, Philippines. Will it be the venue for the 2009 Asian Champs?

Parade Ground, Clark, Philippines. Will it be the venue for the 2009 Asian Champs?

It would appear that the Philippines is the front runner to host the 2009 Asian Champs.

Malaysia is a chance but are having difficulties in sourcing a suitable venue with two ovals.

The Philippines Eagles have said they are very keen to host the Champs. The venue they would use is the Parade Ground in Clark where they would “get a lot of assistance from the Clark Development Corporation”. According to their President, Fat Cat, it is a “great facility and bigger than the Manila Polo Club” where they will host the Manila Cup on 30 May 2009. The Asian Champs would be held in August 2009.

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Swans run rings around Angkor

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 10, 2008

The Cambodian flag

The Cambodian flag

You may recall that in the lead up to the recent Indochina Cup, the Cambodian National flag was changed to resemble a set of goal posts.

Last weekend, two of the Vietnam Swans, Micky Johnston and Captain Gus McEwin took their footy fitness to Cambodia’s famous Angkor Wat to compete in the Half Marathon (apparently the actual temple still only has three stupas??). Micky Johnston has filed the following report:

The Angkor Half Marathon was great. I averaged 6min kms (2:07) but hoped for a 5 minute average. Unfortunately, got a big blister on left heel at 14km mark, so had to slow down a bit (Ed’s note: So Mick, what was your average time for the first 14 kms before the bleeding blister struck??). Lots of trees so always in the shade. Flat roads and lots of local kids watching giving “high 5’s” to the runners.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

Gus (the) also (ran) did it and finished in 1:58. We both had plenty of steam left at the end so reckon the next one will be easier.

Well done, Mick and Gus.

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Farewell Chook and Jake

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 9, 2008

Willy after performing his own lobotomy

More of Willy's wisdom and insights

Willy, who last night organised a sensational evening of entertainment and trophies for the two departing Swannies, Chook (Charlie the Coach from the North) and Jake (without an extra leg), tells us what happened.

Well done fellow Swannies.

Awesome turnout last night considering it was a Mondie. Congrats again to Chook the Air Bubble who received a trophy for exactly that: ‘Air Bubble of the Century’. And congrats go also to Jake who scored a hat. Hey, cut the flack mate; not just any hat but a Swannies hat!!

Fabbo the magician National Presidente, who never ceases to amaze, produced an ‘awesome’ speech straight out of the bag for both of the boys. Thanks too, Nick, who has been in town from Saigon for a bold showing and I’m tellin’ ya, if he’s runnin; in the Melbourne Cup next year, I’m puttin’ a 50,000 VNDonger on ‘im.

Superb to see Potsy the Hanoi Presidente help unveil the Vietnam Swans V Singapore Wombats dvd. Chris from Jaspas let the film run around three times (at least).

Our gun full forward took home an Aus-kick bag; some bloke in a Swannies jumper (that could’ve been me) was yellin’ out things at every possible inappropriate moment; Griz for just bein’ Griz and the girls for at least showin’ that the Swannies do have a better half and that we don’t always run out of steam. Thanks also to everyone else.


Final comment: Big Micky “Frank” Francis has another nick name: the Phantom. But, hey, we all love ‘im just the same.

Second Final Comment: Love ya work and all the absolute best of British luck to the two lads goin’ AWOL. Make sure you stay in touch boys.

Stay tuned for photos that will appear shortly.

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More photos of Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 4, 2008

Thanks to Ms Kanh, we now have many more photos of the Indochina Cup held on 22 November in Phnom Penh.

To view the library of photos, click on the .

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The good, the bad, the ugly…

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 2, 2008

The good, the bad, the ugly

The Swans Blog has just received some photos from the recent Indochina Cup; well, more precisely, photos of the bus trip home from the Indochina Cup.

The photos, more of which can be seen in the , contain the good the bad and the ugly.

Examples of the good include Jerry (Jerry! Jerry!) and Danny who spent much of the bus ride trying to spot kangaroos amongst the Australian gum trees on the Cambodian side of the border. Examples of the bad include Nick who tried to upset the puritans by necking a(n empty) 4.5 megalitre bottle of Jim Beam. Examples of the ugly include the bloke who ripped off his shirt and asked the players to sign his back!

As Big Joe recently said from his oil rig somewhere off the east coast of India, Blow your foghorn if ya love the footy!  

Don’t forget to check out the .

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