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Gaelic footy results, Hanoi

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 30, 2009

The Gaelic Footy Tourney. Trav handballs and Griz marks the round ball

Last Saturday in Hanoi, the Viet Celts Blue, the Vietnam Swans and a team from Malaysia played a gaelic football tourney.

Clint Lambert, former AFLer, now Gaelic Footy Tourney Director reports that:

No-one seems to know the exact score as the Viet Celts have stricken it from their memory and the Swans were too excited at winning. But, from memory, the Swans got 3 goals 2 behinds – 10 points to the Viet-Celts Whites 2 goals 3 behinds – 9 points. Game came down to the wire with the Swans size and fitness, and their strategy of swamping the forward line proving too much for the Viet Celts to handle.

But all was not completely good with Clint adding:

Those results were for third place. Malaysia won the competition beating the Viet Celts Blue by 2 points.

Making a special guest appearance for the Swans was Peter Gun from the Bali Geckos.

To see all the photos that were kindly supplied by Clint Lambert, click . To see a selection of photos of the Swans, click onto the .

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An update from the Vietnam Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 29, 2009

Last week, Vietnam Swans National President, Phil Johns, sent out the following update email on all things happening around the Club.

Dear Swannies and Supporters

Miss Australia writes to the Vietnam Swans

Today, Laura Dundovic, Miss Australia emailed the Vietnam Swans. You may recall that we met her one year and two days ago at the New World Hotel, Saigon, for a photo shoot? Laura wrote, “It was lovely  meeting you all in Vietnam. Guessing you saw the photos (Ed’s note: Ah, yeah… we sort’ve noticed them)? They were great.”  She says she has also heard about some of the Swans off-field work such as raising money for the victims of the Australian bushfires and would like to know more.

Today, the Sydney Swans published an article about the Vietnam Swans match in Thailand on Anzac Day. A photo of Drew, in the ruck, appeared on the . It was linked to a story, “Vietnam Swans honour the fallen” which can be found .

Today, Wayne Driver, an Auskick coach for the Canning Vale Cougars in Western Australia wrote to the Vietnam Swans. He said, “I am writing to see if it is possible to obtain any posters etc of the Vietnam Swans Team to use as incentive prizes for our Auskick Teams and to also show the children that Australian Rules Football has been taken to other countries.” Accordingly, we have forwarded the artwork to him of the Vietnam Swans Auskick Poster, Anzac Day Match Banner and Bushfire Match Banner.

Today, the CEO of the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League wrote to the Vietnam Swans to say that they will hold a “small function at Woori Yallock this Saturday at 12.15 for an ex board member who lost a lot in the bushfires. The YVMDFL Board & key people will be there.   It would be great if you can come so we can also recognise the Vietnam Swans contribution to the Black Saturday bushfire fund raising efforts.”

Kev Dacey will come to the Asian Champs

Yesterday, the Vietnam Swans received an email from HCMC’s former Austrade Commissioner, Kev Dacey, asking if there is “any chance of getting a gig as a goal umpire with the Swannies if I can juggle the travel dates” for the Asian Championships in KL on 5 September? Sure can!

Over the last week, we have been working hard to finalise sponsorship deals for our 2009/10 Club jumper. Expect Linfox and Pest Free to both figure prominently in the pending announcement.

Over the last couple of weeks, the following footy matches have been confirmed/scheduled/proposed:

  • 26 June, Hanoi – GAA Cup, the Viet Celts Vs Vietnam Swans (Gaelic Football match)
  • 8 August, Hanoi – Vietnam Swans Vs Lao Elephants
  • 5 September, Kuala Lumpur – The 10th Annual Asian Championships
  • 31 October, Manila – The Philippine Eagles Vs Vietnam Swans (tbc)
  • 28 November, Bangkok – The Indochina Cup
  • North Vs South match, Hoi An – tbc

In the last couple of weeks, the Vietnam Swans in Hanoi have secured a new training ground – an island in the middle of the Red River next to the Long Bien railway bridge! Bring that on.

Encouraging discussions and negotiations with various parties are continuing with respect to establishing a swimming program that will teach children how to swim. Each year in Vietnam, drownings account for more fatalities among children than road accidents.

Good luck to the Swannies participating in Hanoi’s Gaelic football match on Saturday!

Honk yer horn if you love the footy.

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Swans to play Gaelic footy tomorrow

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 26, 2009

The Vietnam Celts will play the Vietnam Swans tomorrow at 12 midday at UNIS, Hanoi, in a gaelic football match

Tomorrow at midday in Hanoi at UNIS, the Vietnam Swans will be trying some of their Irish luck with a spot of gaelic football against the Vietnam Celts.

The weather will be stinkin’ hot but the boys will be pumpin’ to perform strongly.

A key organiser of tomorrow’s event is Ben from Jafa Bar & Restaurant who always does a sensational job for the boys after training.

Also, for those in Hanoi wanting to watch the AFL footy on the small screen tonight (Ess V Carlton, 6 -9pm) and Sunday (Geelong V Port Adeliade, 11.30am – 2.30pm), try the Culi Cafe at 40 Luong Ngoc Quyen in the Old Quarter. Culi is offering:

First drink for free (beer, soft drink, water, smoothie, mixed spirit, hot drink) and a bowl of chips per table to get the night started.

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Miss Australia emails the Vietnam Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 24, 2009

Miss Australia meets some of the Vietnam Swans last year in Saigon.

Yesterday, Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic, contacted the Vietnam Swans. It was the first time we had heard from Laura for one year and two days. On 21 June last year, a few of the Vietnam Swans caught up with Laura at the New World Hotel in Saigon for a photo shoot. Laura, as the reigning Miss Australia was in Vietnam for the Miss Universe pageant. Below is her email:

Hi Boys!

How are you going?

How is the season going??

Was lovely meeting you all in Vietnam! Guessing you saw the photos? They were great!

I hear you are doing a bit of charity work also? Fill me in!

Hope you are well!

Kind Regards, Laura Dundovic

Laura was a sensation and the Vietnam Swans were extremely pleased that she was the one to represent our country in the Miss Universe competition. Incidentally, we did happen to notice the photos that she refers to above. To see them, have a look at

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Vietnam Swans on Sydney Swans website

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2009

Drew Franklin in the ruck on the Sydney Swans' homepage

Today, the Sydney Swans published a story about the ANZAC Day match that was played between the Thailand Tigers and Vietnam Swans in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on 25 April 2009.

The article was written by the Sydney Swans Communications Department and can be found on their website. The article is named .

As we keep saying, it was an amazing weekend. To read some of the original speeches from that day, look back at this website from 1 May 2009.

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Photos of Kainey Cup available!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2009

Photos of the Kainey Cup between Vietnam and Jakarta

Willy has always been special. And it took a willy big and special effort to spirit some photos of the recent Kainey Cup, between the Vietnam Swans and the Jakarta Bintangs out of Hanoi in the north and into Saigon in the south where they could be published tonight.

While Hanoi’s President, Potsy, and his crew, have been every bit as secretive as North Korea’s Kim Jong il in holding onto those photos, they were no match for the street smarts of Willy.

Willy loves free speech and speaking freely. That’s why he was so determined to smuggle the photos out of the north for the world to see. Tonight, the free world acknowledges his courageous effort.

To see more photos of the Kainey Cup, click on the .

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All good for the Vietnam Swannies

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 21, 2009

Richard Colless, Chairman of the Sydney Swans and Mal Brown.

Last week, the Sydney Swans wrote to the Vietnam Swans to say that upon reading an email from us regarding:

the Anzac Day match at Hellfire Pass, our Chairman Richard Colless was very moved, and requested that our communications department put a story about the event on our website.

The communications department has since written a story that is expected to appear on (but has not been posted yet).

Richard Colless visited Hanoi in 2003 armed with 20 Sydney Swans jumpers. Richard presented the jumpers to the then Hanoi Swans on a sportsman’s night which was described by Scotty Stacey as being one of the highlights of his 8 years in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Phil Murphy from Hanoi has been in Melbourne. Last week he wrote:

Went to a Hawks dinner tonight and Mal Brown was the speaker. Had a chat with him about all that is Swans in Vietnam. He is planning a trip to Vietnam and was very interested about the place. Have swapped details to see how we could get him to participate in an event.

For the record, Mal Brown, father of Hawthorn’s Campbell Brown, was a controversial figure. He played most of his footy in WA. In 1974 he played 14 games for Richmond but alas, he missed out on the Grand Final that year due to a suspension. He threw a footy at the ump!

Black Saturday fires

We also had an email from Tony Duffy requesting information about the author/copyright owner of the photo on the right which appeared on our website regarding the Black Saturday fires. Peter wants to use the photo (taken from the ) in a slide show that I’m putting together to circulate around the world freely via the net and emails to help raise more money for the still struggling bushfire victims.

All good in Vietnam for the Swannies.

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Footy training in Hanoi tomorrow

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 19, 2009

What a venue for some Aussie Rules! Go you Swannies!!

Coach in the North, Mr Willy, fires up the troops re training tomorrow beneath the Long Bien train bridge.

Howdy boys,

As mentioned previously, with UNIS closing down due to school hols, there is a new training venue. Mighty Trav has gone to a bit of trouble to book the ground and ensure there are plenty of refreshments for us after.

Essentially, it is a beauty of a spot not at all far from the Old Quarter. I’m sure plenty of you know it already, but just in case you don’t the Swannies’ new ground in Hanoi is a soccer pitch next to Hanoi’s famous Long Bien railway bridge on the Red River.

This has to be one of the most surreal AFL training spots in the world. Training will start at approx 12.30, and mainly comprise of hav’n a few dobs and then a few coldies after. By all means bring any of your children etc who might want an Auskick.

If ya have not done a train’n session down here before, I would really recommend that you bring a camera as well, as it makes for some memorable snaps to put in your AFL pool room one day. By all means with the weather bein’ damn hot at the moment, you can just come along for the beer.

Go you Swannies!!

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Kevin Sheedy lands in Beijing

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 14, 2009

Kevin Sheedy will be in Beijing on Tuesday night

On Tuesday 16 June 2009, the Beijing Bombers, AFL and Austcham Beijing will host a night with Kevin Sheedy in Beijing at the Australian Embassy.

As the promo says, “There aren’t too many bigger legends of the game than Sheeds, so we have organised a function at the Australian Embassy to get him to tell a story or two from his great playing and coaching career and hear more about the AFL’s plans for developing the sport in China over the next few years.

“Tickets are on sale now, they are very limited and are being advertised through Austcham networks so get in quick if you can make this massive night for the club. Contact Pearl now at

“Proceeds will go towards developing Aussie Rules in Beijing, particularly our new local University League. Only RMB200 for BARFC members, inc canapes and free flow of beer and wine until 9pm.”

To learn more, go to the website.

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Saigon BBQ – Part III

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 11, 2009

Wrap your laughing gear around one of these snags!

The Saigon BBQ continues to roll on. Following on from the recap of the Bushfire Match and Fundraiser and the ANZAC Day weekend, here’s the third and final instalment of the Swans Review in Saigon.

The Inaugural Kainey Cup

To receive an invitation for events as important as the ANZAC Day match, you need history and credibility.

Dave Kainey, former Swans President, played a key role in resurrecting football in Vietnam back in 2003. With his substantial experience from his days with the Jakarta Bintangs, he created the momentum to get the Swans off the couch and onto the rice paddy and start actually playing. Kainey has therefore played a critical role in us building that history and credibility.

Accordingly, it was especially timely and fitting that last weekend in Hanoi (23 May 2009), the Vietnam Swans and Jakarta Bintangs played for the inaugural Kainey Cup. These links and symbols that connect those of us playing today with those of us who laid the first building blocks give us extraordinary strength.

This was the first match Hanoi has hosted since May of last year. It was also Peter Griz’s last match who has been a star for the Club in Hanoi both on and off the field.

As expected, our northern team mates did an absolutely cracking job. It was an enormously awesomely good weekend. The Jakarta Bintangs wrote to us to say:

Boys, was a cracker of a trip! You put on a top show. Everything went without a hitch.

Thanks to all Vietnam Swans involved! Will definitely talk it up to other teams around Asia to tour there as well.

Good luck with the continued development.

See you at the Champs if not beforehand.

Jason Allen of the Clipsal 500 - driven to talk footy

Clipsal 500 starts talking footy

A couple of weeks ago, a mate of Nick’s came to Saigon. Jason Allen is the CEO of the Clipsal 500 Adelaide. He has since written to one of his friends in the media saying:

I met a terrific group of Ex-pat Australians in Saigon.

The bond to all of these guys was AFL, a Club, having a kick, mateship and above all their love for Australia. I am an avid AFL supporter, however these guys take it to another level. Playing footy in the conditions they do, travelling in between countries for the Asian Cup at their own expense, representing our magnificent game and country and promoting a game that is obviously unfamiliar in this region inspired me.

We should point out that while the Vietnam Swans are predominantly Australian, it’s not exclusively Australian. We’re inclusive. Anyone giving it a fair go – eg Larry, Eric, Jerry and Eddie gets a fair go and is extremely welcome.

All good

Congratulations to Derrin and his Saigon Committee; and Potsy and his Hanoi Committee for their work in making these things happen. Thank you to the rest of us, including the partners, who are actively involved and keen to support the Club wherever possible.

Muzza and Christina, thanks for being part of the Vietnam Swans story and making a significant contribution to the development of the Club. Have a good one back in Melbourne. Expect the post Vina Blues to kick in on Grand Final Day when we’re having a belter of a day for our 2nd Grand Final Party in HCMC.

You’ll find that the best therapy will be the Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Day in Melbourne on 29 December.

And finally

When David Carter of Odyssey Resources (sponsor of our shorts) wrote about the bushfire, he also made mention of the ANZAC Day match which prompted him to conclude with:

I truly believe in six degrees of separation and the Vietnam Swans continue to touch people’s lives in a positive way – please keep up the good work!

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First photos of Kainey Cup emerge

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 9, 2009

The Friday night Jim Beam raffle at last month's Kainey Cup

The first photos from the recent Kainey Cup against the Jakarta Bintangs have finally emerged from the the Stalinesque-like Hanoi.

The grainy photos – believed to be from a mobile phone’s camera – show Mick Francis as MC at the huge and mega Jim Beam raffle on the Friday night before last month’s Kainey Cup in Hanoi. There is also a photo of Dave Kainey himself after winning a bottle of Jim Beam – and a Jim Beam t shirt.

The Swans Blog had expected to be inundated with an avalanche of photos from the weekend. Key people flashing included the Hanoi President, Potsy and Dan Hopkins’ girlfriend. Despite the promises, there’s been nothing but tears with not a single photo being delivered – until last night’s exchange of the grainy photos under the cover of darkness…

Suppression and secrecy... Hopkins' and Potsy's tactics are being compared with Stalinist, Mr Kim

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Hanoi trains on an island!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 8, 2009

Dan Hopkins and Patty train in Hanoi on an island in the Red River, next to the Long Bien railway bridge

On Saturday, the Vietnam Swans in Hanoi did the switch. Following a mid week inspection by Trav and Willy, the Swans changed their training venue moving from the UN International School to an island in the middle of the Red River.

A soccer pitch has been cleared and a fence put around it. It’s next to Hanoi’s famous Long Bien railway bridge. Willy reports from the Nation’s capital:

This has to be one of the most surreal AFL training spots in the world. On an island, located near the famous Long Bien railway bridge on the Hong Song (Red) River. The bridge was designed by Gustav Eiffel, who also of course designed the Eiffel Tower.

The bridge, which crosses the Red River to connect two parts of Hanoi, was one of the four biggest bridges in the world when it was built in 1902.

The Long Bien Bridge is regarded as a symbol that connects the past and the present to create an “immortal” Hanoi.

Training will be back on again in Hanoi next Saturday at 12.30pm.

Recruiting the locals

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