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    September 21st, 2013
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All good for the Vietnam Swannies

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 21, 2009

Richard Colless, Chairman of the Sydney Swans and Mal Brown.

Last week, the Sydney Swans wrote to the Vietnam Swans to say that upon reading an email from us regarding:

the Anzac Day match at Hellfire Pass, our Chairman Richard Colless was very moved, and requested that our communications department put a story about the event on our website.

The communications department has since written a story that is expected to appear on (but has not been posted yet).

Richard Colless visited Hanoi in 2003 armed with 20 Sydney Swans jumpers. Richard presented the jumpers to the then Hanoi Swans on a sportsman’s night which was described by Scotty Stacey as being one of the highlights of his 8 years in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Phil Murphy from Hanoi has been in Melbourne. Last week he wrote:

Went to a Hawks dinner tonight and Mal Brown was the speaker. Had a chat with him about all that is Swans in Vietnam. He is planning a trip to Vietnam and was very interested about the place. Have swapped details to see how we could get him to participate in an event.

For the record, Mal Brown, father of Hawthorn’s Campbell Brown, was a controversial figure. He played most of his footy in WA. In 1974 he played 14 games for Richmond but alas, he missed out on the Grand Final that year due to a suspension. He threw a footy at the ump!

Black Saturday fires

We also had an email from Tony Duffy requesting information about the author/copyright owner of the photo on the right which appeared on our website regarding the Black Saturday fires. Peter wants to use the photo (taken from the ) in a slide show that I’m putting together to circulate around the world freely via the net and emails to help raise more money for the still struggling bushfire victims.

All good in Vietnam for the Swannies.

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