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Loscam to sponsor Swannies again in 2013

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 31, 2013

Loscam will be a silver sponsor of the Swannies in 2013.

The Vietnam Swans are delighted to announce that will be a Silver Sponsor of the Vietnam Swans in 2013. Loscam was a jumper sponsor of the Vietnam Swans in 2008.

Mr David Edwards of Loscam said,

“Loscam is delighted to return to the Vietnam Swans as a sponsor after  a few years absence. The Swans’ desire to promote sportsmanship, support for the local community and the Australian spirit through sport is something Loscam is proud to be associated with.

“Loscam is committed to growing our business in the Vietnam market and supporting our local and business communities.”

Phil Johns, National President of the Vietnam Swans added that the Club was particularly pleased to welcome back Loscam in 2013 as a sponsor. “In 2008, Loscam played a key role in the establishment and development of the newly formed national club, the Vietnam Swans. It was the previous year that the then Hanoi Swans transformed ourselves into the Vietnam Swans.

“The support that Loscam offered in those early stages was critical. And now, to have them return as a national sponsor, is especially gratifying.”

LOSCAM provides returnable packaging solutions and equipment used to store and move products through supply chains. It has built its reputation by providing outstanding customer service, innovative products and tailored solutions to its customers.

LOSCAM provides returnable packaging solutions and will be a Silver Sponsor of the Vietnam Swans in 2013.

LOSCAM is focused on delivering high quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions which has led to a position of leadership in the manufacturing and retail sectors. This leadership is underpinned by a dedicated team of employees continuously striving to delight our customers through systems and processes that ensure ultimate control of our equipment pools.

LOSCAM’s unique pooling system enables trading partners to share LOSCAM equipment through the supply chain enabling conversion of fixed costs to variable costs and promoting sustainability through sharing of pallets,intermediate bulk containers and produce bins. Its network of service depots is strategically located throughout Asia Pacific, including Vietnam, to ensure availability of their products when and where we need them.

For further information on LOSCAM, please visit

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“Eagles clip Swans with second half footy blitz” reports Phnom Penh Post

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 30, 2013

Players from the Cambodia Eagles (in blue) and Vietnam Swans vie for the ball during their Aussie rules football game at the Navy ground on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013. Photograph: Jacqueline Collis/Phnom Penh Post

The Vietnam Swans went down to the Cambodian Eagles on the weekend, 91-45. Below, H S Manjunath’s match report in yesterday’s is reproduced.

Cambodian Eagles hovered all over Vietnam Swans in their inaugural Australia Day clash before swamping the visitors 94-41 at the Navy grounds on the outskirts of the city along National Highway 6 on Saturday.

The victory came as a sweet revenge for the Eagles loss to the Swans away in Hanoi in the Indochine Cup in November, but more significantly it marked a winning start for the Cambodian outfit in the newly established East Asian Aussie Rules Football League.

Billed as the Cambodian Cannonball Run, the action was high octane all the way.

It was the Swans who dared the Eagles with the first three goals of the game and enjoyed a slender one goal advantage at half-time.

In the third quarter, however, the Eagles put in a massive effort, kicking four goals without reply. Then came a swashbuckling six-goal stretch that saw the Swans, who went goalless in the second half, completely fade out of the picture.

The star of the Eagles show was Jhie Gough, who kicked in five goals, while Simon ‘Switter’ Whitney dominated all game staying best on ground.

The Swannies wore black armbands for Frank Pickering and Annie Jesaukenko.

Two rugby converts – Ritchie Flanagan and Dan Wetherall – made valuable contributions in their first game for the Eagles.

“It was a great win for the club and we had to fight hard all day,” Eagles coach Grant Fitzgerald told the Post yesterday.

In his pre-match comment posted on the Swans’ website, captain Luke ‘Dukesy’ Creamer said: “As is always the case, Swannies are evolving and changing, and this year it will be another new year with new challenges.”

For the Swans, the game also had a sentimental dimension.

The players wore black armbands in memory of Frank Pickering (player Dave O’Shea’s grandfather) and Annie Jesaukenko (sponsor and supporter).

Team-mates also bid farewell to “mega” Bretta Jotta, who played his last game as a resident of Vietnam.

“Jotta has redefined ‘mega’ at the Swannies, so let’s see him off in a suitable fashion,” Creamer said.

Original article

To read the original article by H S Manjunath, Eagles clip Swans with second half footy blitz, in the Phnom Penh Post, .

Additional photos

To see additional photos, click onto the .

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Swannies website clocks up 400,000 hits

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 29, 2013

If every one of the 400,000 visitors to the Swannies website wanted to go to an AFL Grand Final, it would take four years to fit them all into the MCG.

Last week, the Swannies’ website recorded its 400,000th hit.

That’s the equivalent of four AFL Grand Final crowds at the MCG. Imagine the Swannies booking out the entire MCG for four consecutive AFL Grand Finals. Unheard of!

Last year, 2012, the Swannies had 117,892 hits which was 38 per cent higher than the previous year, 2011, which saw 85,326 hits.

Currently, the Swannies website is tracking at 402,000 hits.

As we say at the Swannies, the hits just keep gettin’ bigger.

Go you Swannies!

Coming Up – The 2013 Cambodian Cannonball Run

Posts on the Cambodian Cannonball Run including match report and photos to be posted within the next couple of days.

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Eagles beat Swannies in EAAFL’s first match for 2013

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 27, 2013

Yesterday in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian Eagles were victorious against the Vietnam Swans by a margin of seven goals.

Yesterday also marked the first game of the East Asian Australian Football League.

Congratulations to the Eagles. Bad luck to the Swannies.

The final scores were:

         Eagles      Swans

1st    3-0-18        4-0-24
2nd  5-0-30       6-1-37
3rd   9-2-56       6-3-39
4th  15-4-94      6-5-41

For match photos, .

More to follow.

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Historic match as Acting National Prez leads Swannies in first match of EAAFL

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 25, 2013

It has just been announced that Saigon President, Nick Shiells, shall assume the position of Acting National President for the Swannies at tomorrow’s Australia Day match against the Cambodian Eagles. This historic match is expected to kick of the 2013 East Asian Australian Football League.

It has just been confirmed that Saigon President, Nick Shiells will assume the position of Acting National President for the Vietnam Swans this Australia Day Weekend when we take part in the 2013 Cambodian Cannonball Run to Phnom Penh.

National President, Phil Johns, said from Sydney that as the match against Cambodia was an international match, “it was critically important to reinforce the national composition and structure, and values, of our Club by having an acting National President in my absence.

“Nick, our permanent Saigon President, completely gets the importance of us being a national club at all times and to elevate his position from Saigon President to Acting National President is a fitting progression.”

In reply, Nick said, “What an honour. I would be delighted.”

On a separate matter, it is expected that the Cambodian Eagles will agree to the Vietnam Swans’ request that tomorrow’s match result be recorded as the first game of the 2013 East Asian Australian Football League.

Other reasons for tomorrow’s match being particularly historic is that the Swans will wear black armbands in memory of Frank Pickering (player Dave O’Shea’s grandfather) and Annie Jesaukenko (sponsor and supporter). Mega Bretta Jotta will also be playing his last game as a permanent resident of Vietnam.

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The Skipper’s welcome to the 2013 Cambodian Cannonball Run

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 25, 2013

The 2013 Cambodian Cannonball Run.

The Skipper, Luke “Dukesy” Creamer delivers the welcome address to those players and non players on this Australia Day Weekend’s Cambodian Cannonball Run.

Tick… tick… Boom!!!

And it’s welcome to the Swannies 2013 campaign!

As Skipper, I just want to say how pumped I am to be playing footy this weekend and can’t wait to get out there. As is always the case, the Swannies are evolving and changing and this year it will be another new year with new challenges. We cannot dwell on past results or past players (as a great Swannie once said ”They are dead to us”). We can only look to this year and the brilliant stock of thoroughbreds we will be putting on the park this year and this weekend against Cambodia.

All I can say is that it will be great to welcome some new faces in Rick, Simon, Luky Miller, big Davy Robb, Michael and Tommy’s Bar on their first tours with the mighty Swannies.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end (except Midder Powell’s dream) and this looks like Mega Jotta’s last game for the Swannies as a permanent resident. Jotta has re-defined “mega” at the Swannies so let’s see him off in suitable fashion.

Australia Day, 2013

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Swannies mini functions continue in Sydney

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 25, 2013

Yesterday, there was another mini Swannies function in Sydney when Phil Johns caught up with former Saigon Prez, Sam Conroy.

Sam Conroy currently lives in the USA and was in Sydney for business.

Go you Swannies!

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Swannies kick off season with Cambodian Cannonball Run

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 24, 2013

Former coach of the Swannies in Hanoi and now Cambodian resident, Stanno, will play for the Swannies again in Saturday’s Australia Day blockbuster in Phnom Penh against the Cambodian Eagles.

He’s the president of Binh Duong; he’s a gun player; he’s a devotee of wrestling and he’s a brilliant writer. Today, Swannies’ superstar, Dave O’Shea previews this weekend’s blockbuster: Cambodian Eagles Vs Vietnam Swans.

The Eagles-Swans is a rivalry so big, not only in the AFL, but also in Asian Football.

Who could forget the two consecutive grand finals played between the West Coast Eagles and Sydney Swans in 2005-06? Who could forget some of the battles that the Vietnam Swans and Cambodian Eagles had last year? Cambodia won the season opener on their home soil. Then they beat two weaker Swannies’ teams in the middle of the year in Vietnam before being hammered at the Indochina Cup in Hanoi at the end of the year.

Once again this rivalry will kick of the 2013 Asian Football season. The Vietnam Swans will travel to Cambodia to take on the Cambodian Eagles on their own turf. The season opener will be played on Australia Day and it is a match worthy of being played on Australia’s National Day.

The Four Points

How will the Swans handle the loss of a number of star players? The loss of Nat Payne, Heater and Phil Ghassep will, no doubt, cause some problems in the backline. The Swans will be looking for some big performances from the likes of Irish Brian, Billy Crangky, Tra-vy and Damo Judd (the best Judd in Asian Football).

The man who goes by one name that must be spelt in capitals (GUS) will be looking to fire in Cambodia. The veteran Swanny plays his best footy in Cambodia and will be looking to kick a bag from the forward line.

The Swannies have one of the best “fire up” speakers in Asia in Andy Glendinning. People come from everywhere to listen to his pre-game pep talks. Just what will he say in Cambodia to fire up the team?

How will the Swannies perform without the inspirational National President, Fabbo Johns? After 127 consecutive Swannies tours, this will be his first missed tour. The Swannies will be looking for some direction and leadership from Saigon President, Nick Shiells who will be running the team from the sideline.

Sentimental Note

The Swans will wear two black armbands in the match. One will be for Annie Jesaulenko, wife of Alex. Annie was a great supporter of the Swans and a sponsor through, Xango Juice. The other will be worn for my pop (Frank Pickering) who passed away last year. The match will be played on the day of his birthday.


We expect that this match will be the inaugural match of the 2013 East Asian Australian Football League. Confirmation expected shortly.

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MMSF (Mini Mega Swannies Function) hits Sydney’s shores

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 24, 2013

Last night, three high flying Swannies were cellar dwellers in Sydney: Pacey Stacey, Andy Wall and Phil Johns.

Sydney’s shores came alive when a MMSF (Mini Mega Swannies’ Function) was held in the cellar of Andy Wall.

Joining Andy Wall, the man who sourced the club’s first ever set of Sydney Swans jumpers back in 2002/03 and Jim Beam was joined by Official Club Legend and Supa Coach (with a perfect score of zeros), Pacey Stacey. Also, National President, Phil Johns was there.

Meanwhile, rumours abound that former Saigon President, Sammy Conroy will fly into Sydney today.

Go you Swannies!

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Numbers build for 2013 ANZAC Friendship Match Dinner

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 23, 2013

The 2011 post ANZAC Friendship Match function in Vung Tau. Already, 86 bookings have been received from Australia alone for the 2013 McMillan Dinner. Photo, Adam Martin, Asian Images.

Yesterday, Dick Johnston, a 1968 dual premiership player with the then Vietnam Football League, confirmed that he will attend this year’s ANZAC Friendship Match.

The match will be played between the Vietnam Swans and Jakarta Bintangs on 27 April in Vung Tau.

Dick will come with a group of 12 Australians from Perth.

This brings the number of people who flying in from Australia to attend the match and McMillan Dinner (post match function) to 86. This figure does not include players/officials from either the Swannies or Bintangs – or anyone else from within Vietnam. So, numbers are growing very quickly.

Other distinguished guests to have already confirmed attendance at the McMillan Dinner, named after the late Kev, include son, Dave McMillan. Stan Middleton shall deliver the Middleton Address which has been named in his honour. Also, Peter Taylor who delivered last year’s Middleton Address about his best mate, Kev McMillan, shall also attend.

The 2013 ANZAC Friendship Match is just three months away.

Register your interest

To register your interest in attending the McMillan Dinner, at which the Middleton Address shall be delivered, click onto

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Nature in balance in Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 22, 2013

Bushfires have been raging across three states in Australia while Jakarta has been suffering from devastating floods. Sometimes it seems like nature is in total turmoil.

But here’s a nice story about nature being in balance in Vietnam.

At Christmas time, the Swannies very own Shannon Leahy travelled to Thanh An (near HCMC) with his Sherrin. Everything was going well – until the Sherrin ended up in a pond.

However, nature was quickly returned to balance when the footy was fished out and the footy was back on. Thanh An style!

Go you Swannies!

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A monster Big Day Out next weekend: Cambodian Eagles Vs Vietnam Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 19, 2013

The highlight of the Big Day Out in Phnom Penh next weekend will be the match between the Cambodian Eagles and Vietnam Swans.

The Cambodian Eagles’ Grant “Fitz” Fitzgerald provides details of the mega Australia Day Big Day Out in Phnom Penh, next Saturday 26 January which will feature the big clash: Cambodian Eagles Vs Vietnam Swans. Will be huge. See below.


  • Game Length: 15 minute quarters with 5 minute breaks between quarters and 15 minute break for half time.
  • Players on the Field: 14 per side. Cambodian Eagles currently have a confirmed squad of 19 players.
  • Start Time: Kick off at 12:30pm.
  • Transport: The Eagles will organise transport for the Swans to and from the ground.
  • After Party: The aim is to turn the game into an Australia Day event with the hope of getting a large number of spectators.

The Eagles have teamed up with ABAC (Australian Business Association of Cambodia) to organise the following entertainment for the day:

  • Gates open at 11am
  • Footy kicks off at 12:30pm
  • Kids entertainment – Jumping Castle, face painting, dragon water pool, half time kids events – sack races, tug of war etc.
  • Catering and cash bar provided at the ground
  • Following the game there will be a live band, (. They are a great band and should provide an excellent atmosphere/entertainment.
  • 5pm finish

After the match, teams will stay at the ground, mix with each other and enjoy the entertainment.

Afterwards, teams can move to Rubies Bar (behind the Royal Palace) for dinner from 7pm.

Mega weekend hosted by the Eagles coming up. For Swannies still wishing to sign up, please contact our Saigon President, .

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