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Proposal – Draft Governing Rules for East Asian Australian Football League

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 14, 2013

On 10 January, 2013, the Vietnam Swans emailed to each of the other Australian Football Clubs in Asia a proposal to establish an “East Asian Australian Football League” (name of league is subject to discussion) that would commence this year. Below are the draft governing rules and regulations for consideration.

DRAFT PROPOSAL – 9 January 2013

East Asian Australian Football league (EAAFL)

Governing Rules and Regulations 2013


The following rules and regulations shall apply to the inaugural season of 2013 only. They shall be reviewed, and if necessary, re-written for the season beginning 2014 in line with the expected expansion of the competition.


  1. To create and manage on a regular basis a structured football league in East Asia, including
    1. managing team eligibility (who’s in, who’s out)
    2. creating the draw for 2013
    3. maintaining and distributing updated information on fixtures, match results, a league ladder and general league news (via a dedicated website)
    4. to promote the game of Australian Rules Football in the region
    5. to promote interest within the region of the results of league games amongst all clubs
    6. to manage differing points of view of participating clubs and facilitate dispute resolution
    7. to assist with the managing and organization of the Asian Championships in partnership with the hosting country
    8. to create the structure, rules and regulations for the future league commencing 2014

Governing Body

  1. All participating clubs shall have a representative on the EAAFL governing body.
  2. Key positions shall be elected from the governing body to run the league on a day-to-day basis. (EAAFL Commission) These positions shall be
    1. President
    2. Secretary
    3. Finance
    4. Sponsorship
    5. Operations
    6. Positions shall be voted on by the Governing Body using a simple majority.

Club Eligibility

  1. All teams currently playing in the East Asia region are eligible to join the EAAFL, provided
    1. A team can fulfill its obligation to play all it’s games according to the draw, including away games
    2. A team can field a full strength team on a regular basis
    3. A team can host home games on a field of suitable size and quality (NB if a team cannot adequately host home games, they can still be considered if they are prepared to travel for all the required games)


  1. A team will be eligible for exclusion from the league if:
    1. They fail to play 2 or more scheduled matches
    2. Cannot provide an adequate home ground
    3. Cannot provide a minimum number of players for each game
    4. Exclusion shall be via a 2/3 majority vote of the remaining clubs on the governing body

Rules of the game

  1. All games shall be played according to the rules of the game as laid down by the AFL in Australia, with the following exceptions
    1. The length of each game shall be 4 x 20 minute quarters with no time on (except in the case of long stoppages for injury)
    2. The number of players on the field may vary from between 14 – 18 depending on the size of the field. This shall be agreed between each team prior to the commencement of play. In the event of a dispute, the home team shall have the final say.
    3. The number of players on the interchange bench is uncapped
    4. A “send off” rule shall apply for unduly rough play or striking, to be determined by the umpire. A player must leave the field for 10 minutes and cannot be replaced during that time.

2013 Draw

  1. The committee shall create a draw for the 2013 season
  2. Prior to the creation of the draw, teams can submit preferred games, opposition and locations, which shall be considered by the committee. The committee will endeavor to include at least one preferred game in it’s draw for each club
  3. After publication, clubs have the right to request an adjustment to the draw if they can show good reason. Requests must be received within one week of the draw being announced.
  4. The final draw shall be binding on all participating clubs
  5. Clubs are free to play non-league games against any club (including other league clubs) at any time, however these will not count towards the league premiership.
  6. Where two clubs would normally play twice (or more) in one year and they have also been drawn to play in the league, they must nominate to the committee in advance, which game is the official league game.
  7. The draw will dictate the location of each match so that each club plays half their games at home and half away. Teams may switch venues by mutual consent, however in the event of a dispute, the original draw shall stand
  8. Once the draw is announced, competing teams may schedule the date and time of the matches to suit.
  9. If a team fails to play a scheduled game, the game will be forfeited and the points awarded to the other team
  10. All matches must be completed prior to the 2013 Asian Championships

League Ladder

  1. A league Ladder shall be maintained throughout the year
  2. Points shall be awarded as follows
    1. Win – 4 pts
    2. Loss – 0 pts
    3. Draw – 2 pts each team
    4. Percentage (for/against)
    5. The committee shall be responsible for maintaining the official ladder and updating the league ladder on the website
    6. At the immediate completion of a game, the home team shall be responsible for sending to the committee, the results of the game including:
      1. Final Score
      2. Goal Kickers
      3. Best and fairest for both teams


  1. At the completion of the 2013 season, the team on top of the ladder shall be declared 2013 EAAFL Premiers

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