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The 2013 ANZAC Boot Camp review, Vung Tau

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 7, 2013

The Swannies in Vung Tau for the 2013 ANZAC Boot Camp last weekend.

Gun Swannie and prolific writer for this website, Dave O’Shea, has just submitted his second article in as many days.

Today, Dave reviews the 2013 ANZAC Boot Camp in Vung Tau last weekend. Read on for more amazing prose from the Swannies’ biggest wrestling fan.

A small but hard core flock of Swans gathered together for the 2013 ANZAC Boot Camp which was held in Vung Tau for the second straight year last weekend (2nd, 3rd March).

Saturday Morning

We met at the beach below the Mary Statue at 10:00 in the morning in sweltering heat. New recruit, Rick led us on the warm up at the beach where we limbered up with some light jogging and stretching. After this, it was all pain.

We then ran up numerous stairs to the top of the Mary hill. This wasn’t too bad but it was only the start of our fitness adventure.

We then ran from Mary all the way to Jesus which was about 8km. Congratulations to ‘New, New Josh’ (who has replaced “New Josh”) who was the first one there.

As if this wasn’t enough exercise for the day, we then ran up the top of the hill to see Jesus up close and personal.

This was the end of the morning session and it was time for lunch and a short rest.

Saturday Afternoon

This was a little more fun as the weather had cooled down and the activities were a little less strenuous than running up mountains.

We met at the back beach near the Imperial Hotel and did some beach activities which included swimming, stretching, sprinting, sit ups, squats, flag races, pushups, lunges, and more abdominal work.

We then had a handicapped sprint race which was exciting enough to rival the Stawell Gift. Vinababes and Vinadudes came from everywhere to watch the race. A local Vietnamese guy ‘Phong’ set up a bookies stand and made a market for the race. New, New Josh was the favourite after his brilliant road run earlier in the day. He was placed at odds of 2,000 VND to 1.

The oldest Swanny in the field, Mr Powell showed poise and grace to surprise everyone including the local booky, and win the race. During the week Kobe Bryant (Lakers Basketball Player) told the papers that he is like a fine wine that gets better with age. He’s got nothing on Mr Powell.

When all the exercise for the day was over, Shannon (the man formerly known as Shagger) turned up and was full of energy.

Rick was the King of the Mountain in this leg of the 2013 ANZAC Boot Camp. Meanwhile, in a first for the 21st Century, the two photos in this article are digital images of hard copy photos. Go figure…

We went to celebrate a hard day’s work at Club Sponsor, Tommy’s Bar, for a few soft drinks and some dinner. It was great looking at all the Swannies memorabilia lining the walls, inside the bar.

Sunday Morning

The next morning was supposed to be a Beep Test, however technology let us down. No problem, when you have personal trainer extraordinaire, Rick.

Once again, we had to face the sweltering heat. This time it was in the middle of the dog track. We needed to test out the field before the ANZAC Friendship Match clash. We did a number of sprinting and strength exercises and we finished off with a great stretch.

Thanks to Rick for leading us on the ANZAC Boot Camp.

Congratulations to New, New Josh for taking out the 8km run and also being the ‘King of the Mountain’ winner. Congratulations to Mr Powell for winning the Soft Sand Handicapped Sprint Race.

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