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Last day time training session before Malaysia match

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2013

In the lead up to the international against Malaysia on 20 July, CoCaptain, Billy Crang turns to the pen and writes about the importance of Saturday’s training session.

We’re just one week away from our first international since the departure of Captain Dukesy and Billy, together with fellow CoCaptain SOS, is determined that we get a score on the board prior to next month’s 2013 Asian Champs in Thailand.

Below, Billy talks about the importance of Saturday’s training session in Saigon.

With the return match against the Malaysian Warriors looming in just another week, it’s game face ‘on’ for the Swannies.  Saturday will be our most important training session so far this year. Coach Andy Glendinning will put the final touches on our preparation and anyone looking to claim their starting spot against Malaysia will have their chance to show Andy just what they’ve got.  Look for some guys who’ve been in and out this year to really try and put their hand up and claim some of the newly vacated positions in the fresh Swannies line-up.

I’ll be watching with particular interest to see a few individuals try and claim some of the most prized positions:

  • “New Frenchy” or Manu as everyone calls him to his face (6’4″ and built!) will push for any position (being so new, he doesnt know any of them yet!). With his fitness, size and skills, he could really fit anywhere; perhaps a cover for some of the recently departed run in the guts?
  • Tra-Vy has put on some amazing performances up forward but can he crack the forward line that has proven so elusive to many a Swannie defender?  With half the team holding their hands up when asked if they’re a forward, he’s going to still need one more impressive showing to get him over the line.
  • “Old Frenchy” or Mark or Macca has shown impressive knowledge of the game from his travels through Aus and will be welcomed by the senior players on any line across the field.  Surely dangerous forward and back and with the fitness to hold his own in the middle, it might be team balance that defines Mark’s first Swannies mission.
  • GUS – despite joining every recent farewell party and even leaving HCMC on and off in the past few months, GUS is STILL around and, many have mentioned, seems to have gained a stride in the past few months and has been strong in the air.  Is he finally ready to hold down a key forward position like CHF?
  • The Horn, Asian Football’s most experienced player can do it all but no-one can quite predict when he will finally “roll over the hill”.  Last year’s Asian Champs appeared to be that moment but he’s been back on the track this year showing plenty of signs of that old magic. If he even shows up, the Horn could really claim a spot anywhere.
  • (Ed’s note: please note Billy’s literary skills now having him refer to himself in the third person…) Billy must have the committee nervous after taking the Southern captain’s title from Dukesy and proceeding to lead by questionable example through the Swannies’ recent MSF(arewells) month. He now claims that, daily he’s in the gym or with a personal trainer and on the straight and narrow. But, no-one will really know until they see how he takes to the track this week. Could the coach controversially pull the controversial co-captain from his first ever game in the role?
  • Kurt approached the Vung Tau training carnival weekend with some intent that couldn’t have skipped Andy’s attention – especially as he was running past Andy in some of the track drills. Kurt will certainly look for a big run next Saturday and will need to reinforce why in the last day time run.
  • Fabbo has lapsed into the unemployment lifestyle most of the Swannies’ Southern committee have become accustomed to and some have questioned whether this will bring about a positive or negative to his on field performances.  After the last Malaysia game, Billy was heard to say he’s not passing to any other forwards ever again so he’ll be hoping that Fabbo can remember it’s a Saturday not a weekday and set his alarm for 11am and get to training and the game.
  • Nick-o had resigned himself to knee reconstruction until his 15th medical opinion turned out positive. That’s all he needed to hear.  Will he push for a goal kicking spot in the center or a goal-kicking spot on the flanks and how is his fitness going to hold up after so long off the field?

One thing is for certain at this stage: nothing is certain. So everyone will need to be at training this week in the lead up to what has become an incredibly vital lead up game to the Asian Champs. We can’t go into the 2013 Asian Champs winless!

Saturday’s Curtain Raiser – 1.50pm sharp

Saturday’s training session will also be ‘Club Legend’ (just ask him) and Asian Champs confirmed starter, Dave O’Shea’s, last as a Vietnam resident.  Having already had his request for a scratch match knocked back, Dave will have to focus his competitive energy on not getting embarrassed again by the French man-mountain Manu.

Saturday will be Dave O’Shea’s last session with the Swannies as a resident of Vietnam. But he can’t go until he’s done the 800m dash!

After being totally humiliated last week in Saturday’s track running in Vung Tau, Dave proceeded to drink his sorrows away throughout the afternoon (while Manu, obliviously, continued training on the beach).  By the time the AFL’s Hawks-Cats game kicked off at Matilda’s Bar, Dave was already in a bitter and unpleasant state.  Seemingly jealous of being out-run by a new-comer, Dave started to talk down the day’s events stating he would smash Manu the next day in an 800m if they had one.

Of course, the response with a wry smile from Manu was “why not?” So, it was locked in as the curtain raiser to the following day’s scratchy on the dog track.

Long story short, Dave had a panic attack prior to the start of last Sunday’s scratchy and couldn’t compete. He was shaking so much he couldn’t even tie up his shoe laces. Out of compassion, it was decided to let Dave move the race to this coming weekend.

It’s everyone’s hope that Dave doesn’t embarrass himself too much at his last Swannies training session but, even if he does, it won’t be the first time.

Betting markets will be available on the sly so bring a loose VND100k if you have an inkling on who might take this out.  I know where my money will be!

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