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Footy flashbacks: July 2005 and drumming up player interest to get to “Dead Cat” Stadium

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 9, 2013

Circa 2005, the then Hanoi Swans used to train at “Dead Cat” Stadium where the lights were just bright enough to work out to position real light towers.

The Vietnam Swans are celebrating our 10th anniversary and are about to embark on our 7th assault on the Asian Champs.

In an era where we can absorb 12 departures in our stride, train the house down as we prepare for the Champs etc, etc, it’s easy to forget our humble – but mega fun – beginnings.

Today, in a footy flashback, we return to an email dated 27 July 2005 urging ‘the Bloods’ to get to Thursday night’s training at the home of the then Hanoi Swans, Dead Cat Stadium (note: it would be another two years before the Club played in the Asian Champs). 

And what a big week it’s been in football!

With wild and cyclonic weather conditions, the Swans’ Homeground (Hanoi) looked more like Swan Lake just 15 minutes into last week’s training session.

It had already been an afternoon packed with high drama. Training debutant, Spence (Steady Eddy’s son) was a late withdrawal just prior to the session complaining of back pain. As a precautionary measure he was immediately taken to his bedroom and ordered to rest. He is expected to be available for selection next week.

The other debutant, Clint Lambert, created a bit of shock and awe by claiming this was his second training debut for the Bloods. No statisticians were in attendance to scurry to their record books to confirm whether it was fact or a just a cunning ruse.

Clint and the Stand in Coach had a fiercely competitive session in which sweat was raised. At the 14 minute mark there was shock, without awe, when the Goose in his Richmond jumper, Josh Magennis, turned up. A minute later, the heavens opened. But determinedly, “play on” was the call. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that amongst the Bloods, it is only Captain JD (Jarrod Dale) who can play on water. Dead Cat was abandoned by the three players at the 18 minute mark.

Four days later on 25th July – proving my point about the potential marketing strength of the Hanoi Bloods’ brand – the Vietnam Investment Review did a front page photo spread of 1st (or 2nd ) training session, Superstar, Clint…

On Monday night at the Barracuda Bar in the Phuc Tan on the Saigon River… I bumped into the Man with a Mountain of Mojo, Mr Gus (McEwin)! He’s back from Hoi An. Gus has promised to turn up to Dead Cat tomorrow.

So, when you add Gus’ name to that of mine, Josh, Clint, Micky J, Pumper, Darren, Liam, Scotty Stacey (where are ya, mate?), Tommy… I tell you what, it really is starting to read like a “Who’s Who” of the Bloods.


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