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Australia Network News reports, “Hong Kong kicks away from Philippines to win AFL Asian Championships

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 18, 2013

“Hong Kong kicks away from Philippines to win AFL Asia Championships”, reports Australia Network News.

Australia Network News has published an article today titled, .

It also reports on the recent formation of AFL Asia.

The article is reproduced below.

The Hong Kong Dragons have beaten the Philippine Eagles in the 14th annual Australian Football Asian Championships.

The final score was 4.5.29 to 2.3.15.

It is the second consecutive premiership win for the Hong Kong Dragons.

The newly-formed AFL Asia hosted the championships at the Royal Polo and Equestrian Grounds near Pattaya, Thailand.

Thirteen AFL-playing teams from across Asia took part in the championships.

Strength in new football organisation

Formed by AFL-playing clubs across Asia, the new body was created at a meeting attended by Asian football club presidents in Bangkok a little more than two weeks ago.

The organisation says it will initially bring 15 clubs from 11 countries in south-east and north-east Asia under the one umbrella organisation, with additional clubs are expected to join in the coming years.

With the establishment of AFL Asia, the organisation believes they have satisfied the first steps towards a formal affiliation with the governing Australian Football League (AFL).

AFL International Development Manager Tony Woods welcomed the decision by Asia’s footy clubs to form AFL Asia.

“The AFL is very aware of footy clubs in Asia that have predominantly had expatriate Australian members,” he said.

“These Australians are well networked throughout the region and are passionate and committed to promoting footy across the region.”

Inaugural AFL Asia president, Phil Johns, says Asian football clubs have historically been a collection of independent clubs that have achieved incredible things.

“For more than two decades, Australian Football in Asia has been powered by passion,” he said.

He describes the alliance as “a game changer for Australian football in the Asian century”.

AFL Asia member clubs

Bali Geckos, Borneo Bears, Cambodian Eagles, Shanghai Tigers, Beijing Bombers, Guangzhou Scorpions, Hong Kong Dragons, Jakarta Bintangs, Macau Lightning, Malaysian Warriors, Philippine Eagles, Singapore Sharks, Singapore Wombats, Thailand Tigers, Timor Leste Crocodiles and the Vietnam Swans.

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