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Kien La files an update from Toronto on the Swannies connecting communities

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 31, 2013

Kien La from the Central Blues in Toronto, Canada with a few Swannies at RMIT University in Saigon, November 2011.

Yesterday, we reported on Central Blues (Toronto) player, Renee Tong wanting to win $10,000 to help her get to next year’s International Cup in Australia (you can help her win by voting for her. Click here now).

You will recall that Central Blues is also the team of Viet Kieu player, Kien La, who has played for the Swannies before back in November, 2011.

Today, we have received an update from Kien:

I’m in Canada now but planning on heading back (to Vietnam) around October.

Congratulations to the Vietnam Swans by the way on picking up the positions of President and Secretary of the new Asian Footy League. I just read that on World Footy News.

Speaking of WFN, Shane Hendrikson (WFN’s writer for Asia) is playing with my club this year and this past weekend, the Swannies’ name came up.  What a small world.

Also, another former teammate of mine is now playing with (former Swannies Skipper), Dukesy back home in Australia. I guess my name came up when they were talking about playing footy outside of Australia.

Such a small world indeed.

It’s amazing all these connections you make while playing footy around the world. Or, Awesome I should say.  Mega awesome.

The Vietnam Swans – connecting communities.

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