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Video Tribute for Swannies 2014 Hall of Famer, Phil “Fabbo” Johns

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 8, 2014

At the 2014 McMillan Dinner after this year’s ANZAC Friendship Match in Vung Tau, Michael Johnston and Gus McEwin were presented to the 250 strong crowd as the Swannies’ latest Hall of Famers. They were confirmed last year and join Mick Francis, Scott Stacey and Dave Kainey.

Then, to most people’s surprise, without an introduction, a video started. It was a tribute video for former National President, Phil Johns who had just been inducted into the Swannies Hall of Fame!

The video was prepared by Hall of Famer, Michael “the Magnificent” Johnston (current gun player from Hoi An and champion of swimming for Vietnamese kids). Messages are received from Dave Kainey (former Hanoi Swans President, Hall of Famer, gun player), Phil Jordan (former gun player – after he had played for the Lao Elephants), Adrian “Ado” Enright (former Hanoi Coach, gun player), Reinhard (no relation to Gina – but original Hanoi Swan gun player recruited from Holland), Luke “Dukesy” Creamer (former Skipper, gun player), Derrin “Dez” Limbrick (former Saigon President, gun player), Josh Little (former national coach, gun player), Antti (former gun player and original Hanoi Swan recruited from Finland) and Danny “Monk” Monkey (former Skipper, gun player). Special cameo appearances from Mark “Willy” Williams (former Hanoi President, gun player), Natty Payne (Original All Asia, former gun player) and Edoardo “Edo Man Mountain” Bozzola (former gun player recruited from Italy).

Highlight of video:Ms Ngan from Jim Beam.

Message from Fabbo:

Wow! What a humbling shock to be inducted into the Swannies Hall of Fame. And the setting, surrounded by such important people who are all actively contributing to the evolving story of the Vietnam Swans and footy in Asia… the 5th Annual ANZAC Friendship Match, the McMillan Dinner with 250 amazing people including AFL Legend and Hall of Famer, Alex Jesaulenko and all those incredible people on the video.

I was completely blind sided with the Award and its timing. But, rest assured, it hit the sweet spot in a way I could never imagined. Smashed right through my defenses in the backline!

To the people who made it happen, thank you. And thanks Micky J for putting together the video. Outstanding effort.

There are many, many other people I would like to thank who have helped me during my time with the Swannies. One person I would like to make a special acknowledgement for is Nick “Nicko” Shiells who was there that night.

Go you Swannies!

Forever we will run.

One Response to “Video Tribute for Swannies 2014 Hall of Famer, Phil “Fabbo” Johns”

  1. Willy said

    awwwwesome work MJ!!

    & a huuuge congrats Faaarbooo!! ;)

    & yep, highlight was definitely Ms Ngan.

    Go you Swannies!!

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