When: 07 March 2015
Where: Danang, Central Vietnam

The tight knit group of Swannies you see in the above photo will be no more for one and half hours on Saturday the 7th in Danang, when they boys divide about 200km below the 17th Parallel (sorry Saigon, Danang and Hoi An are in Hanoi’s recruiting zone!).

The Hanoi Swans have a rich tradition of defeating their southern brethren in previous Nth vs Sth battles, with the Hanoi Swans going into the clash undefeated and holding the original ANZAC Friendship Match Shield, previously awarded back when the Anzac Day game was an internal Vietnamese affair.

There is no doubt that the south has ruled the Vietnamese footy scene in recent years and will go into the game favorites, having the luxury of the lush grassed training fields at RMIT to prepare on and a deep playing list to choose from.

However, the cunning northerners hardened from years of grueling sessions at their modest Xuan La stadium and the various bia hoi’s around it, may yet have an ace or two up their sleeve with some talented Viet Celts and a Central Vietnamese-Australian or two likely to make their Swans debuts to help boost the Hanoians stocks.