The Hanoi contingent of the Swans wrapped up their year in style on Saturday with northerners joining with the Viet Celts and Hanoi Dragons Rugby Football Clubs for a massive day of footy and presentations.
Winner of the 2016 Mick Francis Trophy Trung with Hanoi Coach Dan Hopkins

Winner of the 2016 Mick Francis Trophy Trung with Hanoi Coach Dan Hopkins

Following an entertaining display of contact Rugby from the Dragons and Gaelic footy from the Lady Celts, it was the Viet Celts who took the 2-1 advantage in the 3rd Hanoi International Rules Canister match. The Swannies unfortunately just not able to match the Celts wizardry with the round ball, Swans forwards once again floundering their many chances in front of goal while the Celts carelessly curled over 45m peaches from the boundary with gay abandon.

After long spells on the injury list great to see Crazy and Kerro back on the field just in time for the off-season, although apart from a spectacular left foot 6-pointer from Kerro, fair to say they had limited impact spending more time on the sideline catching their breath. Impressive were Swannies legend Dan Lucardie with his mate Evan Spencer making some spectacular saves in the goals, also impressive new local players Trung and Duc whose hard work and amazing dedication to learn the game continues to impress us all, although not too sure how Trung’s wife feels about his Sherrin in his bed.
All teams then retired to The Republic where a packed balcony overlooking the fragrant West Lake saw 3 Hanoi Swannies Awards and the national votes for the first half of the year read out.

Trung receiving his award from Swannies hall of famer Mick Francis at The Republic

Congratulations to Trung, winner of the 2016 Mick Francis Trophy as selected by Hanoi Coach Dan Hopkins. Trung has only been playing footy for a few months but has already put in more hours on the training track than most expat Hanoians combined. We look forward to big things from this champion. Eric Kerrison’s efforts off the field were recognised in him receiving the President’s Award and it will be Grant Keys’ turn to pick up the next few Bia Hoi tabs after being some love by his drinking mates receiving the Rick Trewavas Hanoi Players Player award.

Going into the Saigon Presentation dinner this Saturday night at Al Frescos Thao Dien in Saigon, after four rounds of Swannies footy, the votes currently look like this:

5 votes: J. Bairstow, G.Keys
3 votes: A. Maskiel, S.Milner, A. Glendinning, A. McEwin
2 votes: M. Horkan, S. Campbell,
1.5 votes: S. Walsh, J. Norris
1 vote: V. Swart, M. Hyde, T. Burdeu, Vinh, Roy Horgan

Keysy and Kerro with their respective trophies, Keysy also picking up the Viet Celts goal of the year medal following his hand of god fisted goal at South Asia Gaelic Games

Central Vietnam Games

South – J. Bairstow 3, Gus 2, Vinh 1
North – A. Maskiel 3, M. Horkan 2, G. Keys 1
Malaysia Away
S. Milner 3, J. Bairstow 2, R. Horgan 1
Anzac Friendship Game
G. Keys 3, Andy G 2, Tim Burdeu 1
Manila Cup (half points for tournaments)
vs Darkside Dragons – S. Milner 1.5, M. Hyde 1, V.Swart .5
vs Hong Kong – S.Walsh 1.5, G.Keys 1, S. Campbell .5
vs Malaysia – J. Norris 1.5, Andy G 1, V.Swart .5

The votes for the Cannonball Run series, Thailand tour, Asian Champs and IndoChina Cup will be read out at the Saigon presentation dinner this Saturday night. Details on the facebook event page