The Vietnam Swans Swim Teacher of the Month award recognizing an outstanding swimming teacher in the Swim Vietnam team. To acknowledge the fantastic work that they do, the Swans present the recipient with a 500,000 VND cash prize, and a Vietnam Swans cap.

The Vietnam Swans Swim Teacher of the Month for January is Mr Sanh! He was chosen for the award because of hisSanh dedication to Swim Vietnam’s mission and his pure love of working with children.

As a child, Mr Sanh’s dream was to become a teacher. He has now been at Swim Vietnam for 6 years and is one of Swim Vietnam’s longest serving teachers.  He is a wonderful teacher and an extremely funny person, as well as father to two sons aged 23 and 21.

Swim Vietnam Director Jo Stewart’s favourite memory of Mr Sanh was when he initiated a game at a Swim Vietnam welcome party for some Australian volunteers. The purpose of the game was to clutch a coin between your buttocks, waddle over to a cup and attempt to drop the coin directly into the cup. Fortunately everyone was fully clothed so it was not too obscene, but was still bloody hilarious and the Aussie volunteers were highly amused!

When asked to describe himself in 3 words Mr Sanh said “I am a funny and adventurous perfectionist.” For Mr Sanh, Swim’s Vietnam’s three chosen words were “We love you!!!!”.

The Vietnam Swans would like to congratulate Mr Sanh, and thank him for his brilliant work!

Swim Vietnam does fantastic work in training swim teachers to prevent childhood drowning in central Vietnam. To learn more about this wonderful organisation, please visit their website and “like” them on Facebook