Where are they now?Chris “Snags” Canty has kindly forwarded his own profile (see below). Once upon a time, he used to shamelessly promote the Swans with the latest occasion being an entry in the Herald Sun about the . Now, Snags seems to be shamelessly promoting himself. Unethical? Maybe. However, a Club spokesman said that Snags was still welcome at the 3rd Annual Swans Golf Classic to be held in Melbourne (and possibly Hanoi and Perth?? Email if you’re keen) on Saturday 29 December.

 Chris Canty – After two years with the Hanoi Swans, that saw him hospitalized twice and full of sausages the rest of the time, Chris “snags” Canty currently resides 100 metres away from Victoria Park in Collingwood.

He is a soft-hitting journalist mainly covering stories on beer and pubs for Melbourne’s major newspapers, which can be read at . He is also the creator and editor of – which has helped tightarses since 2004.

Editor’s note: Still talks about the complimentary sausages at “the Bazza” in Hanoi.