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Greg Armstrong meets YVMDFL post bushfires

Posted by Vietnam Swans on May 30, 2009

Swan, Greg Armstrong and YVMDFL CEO, Stephen Walter, hold the two jumpers donated after the Bushfire Match against Bali; and the YVMDFL seniors

reported that the “deadly fire that burnt across the Kinglake ranges on Black Saturday was of such intensity that it would have been ‘impossible to suppress’, even 10 minutes after it began, the royal commission into the bushfires has heard.”

At the heart of Kinglake and Marysville sits the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football and Netball League (YVMDFL). On 27 – 28 March 2009. the Vietnam Swans and Bali Geckos jointly held a Bushfire Match and Fundraiser for the YVMDFL. At the fundraiser, we raised AUD4,517.

Last Saturday, 23 May, Vietnam Swan, Greg Armstrong, visited the hierarchy of the YVMDFL. Below is his email.

Meme and I made the journey to the home town of the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League, Woori Yallock, to watch an Inter-league match between YVMFDL and Ballarine. The day was greeted with sunshine and a big crowd who came to support their teams.

Upon arrival we were greeted celebrity style at the gates by the YVMDFL’s CEO, Stephen Walter and their President, Graeme Tulpin. We were taken up to the members’ lounge situated above the club rooms and provided with complimentary food and drinks for the afternoon and a perfect position to watch a great afternoon of country footy.

On behalf of everyone in the YVMDFL who were affected by the bush fires, both Stephen and Graeme expressed their gratitude and thanked all the efforts by the Vietnam Swans and Bali Geckos in raising money for those affected. They will be sending a YVMDFL jumper over to Vietnam as a token gesture of their thanks.

The day was topped off by both the U18 and Senior team winning on the day.

The YVMDFL's U18's; YVMDFL President, Graeme Tulpin (VN Swans match day banner in background); and some of their silverware

5 Responses to “Greg Armstrong meets YVMDFL post bushfires”

  1. willy said

    great stuff greg, thou me is a bit worried mate.

    did ya at least, sink one bia with the kinglake boys?? ya our fittest bloke, but our best drink’n rep..

    anyways, awwwwwesome work and congrats to footy.

    go you swannies!!

  2. willy said

    meant to say NOT our best drink’n rep..

  3. Kathy said

    As a Kinglake resident and supporter of the mighty Lakers, I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts and support post the fires. It means a lot. I wish the Swans a great year and will now visit this website more often in the future to follow the fortunes of your club.
    The Lakers have had a great year despite the devastation we suffered in February and are a good chance to take the flag. What a story that would be, eh?
    Will let you know how we go.
    Take care,

    • Dear Kathy

      We were extremely pleased to be able to offer some symbolic support. Quite a number of people associated with our Club had friends and relatives who were caught up in the fires so the ripples were certainly felt over here in Vietnam.

      That’s great news about the Lakers being a chance for the Flag. I hope you fare better than the Vietnam Swannies did at last weekend’s Asian Champs. That would be a fantastic story if you were able to pull off the Big One.

      Best of luck to the Lakers.


      Phil Johns
      National President, Vietnam Swans

  4. Big JOE said

    Thanks a lot Kathy.

    It’s great that, no matter how bad things get, sport can be a fantastic escape and allows people to put things behind them and get on with living.

    A positive attitude is the way to go . . . just like our attitude going into the Asian Champs . . . I’m hearin’ it didn’t go so well . . .

    There’s always next year (and we’re a chance to take out the HMAS Darwin later this month).

    Ya hearin’ me?

    Go Lakers and go VN Swans!!!

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