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Swannies at MCG for second year

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 28, 2009

Daryl Taber, Dave Kainey, Phil Johns and Will Martin at the Boxing Day Test match

Today, at the MCG, former Presidents Kainey and Taber met up with current National President, Fabbo, along with former  Swan, Will Martin for the 3rd Day of the Boxing Day Test Match against the Pakistanis.

While there, they also bumped into former Singapore Wombats Prez, Adam Grant and current legendary Wombat, Hinks. All good.

At the end of Day 3, Australia holds a 307-run lead over Pakistan with seven wickets remaining.

Shane Watson made Australia’s 21st half-century of the season and has the opportunity tomorrow to convert his unbeaten 64 into Australia’s first century this summer.

But this is of academic interest to the Swannies who, tomorrow, will be playing in the 5th Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Classic at Royal Ivanhoe in Melbourne.

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Merry Christmas from the Vietnam Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Vietnam Swans

National Prez, Phil Johns, wishes the Swannies, Merry Christmas.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

Australian bushfires, Jakarta bombings, the tragedy of war remembered at Hellfire Pass on ANZAC Day… The scale was as vast as the Swannies are tiny.

Each time we felt daunted but we wanted to do “something”.

We took a collaborative approach engaging with the Bali Geckos, Lao Elephants, Thailand Tigers, the Australian Embassy & Consulate, Auscham, Austrade and the wider community.

As an active footy club we were able to use our already scheduled international matches as vehicles of symbolic support, and to pay tribute, to people who were only far away physically. On each occasion, collectively, we had just one shot in the locker – and we tried to use them with great care.

In addition, the Swannies have done lots of other things this year (see below). It has been busy, hectic and successful.

Thank you to:

  • Our sponsors and other supporters for your support this year.
  • Each of the players who, as Micky J says, make the financial and time commitment to “play when you can”.
  • The families and partners of the players who also support the growth and development of our Club.

Congratulations to the Saigon Shooters Netball Club – Saigon’s newest sporting club.

Finally, have a safe and Merry Christmas and… bring on 2010!

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Computers given to needy children

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 22, 2009

Dave Hadley and Derrin Limbrick (it looks like a cloud has taken a chunk out of Dave's head which is unfortunate)

Two weeks ago, RMIT Vietnam donated used computers to needy children. Crown Worldwide Vietnam offered to ship them to their final destination without charge. Swannies, Dave Hadley (from RMIT and the recipient of the Captain’s Award at the Swans) and Derrin Limbrick (from Crown Worldwide Vietnam and Saigon President of the Swans) were both involved. Below, Dave tells us what happened.

The Vietnam Swans players are used to teaming up on the field and often find themselves teaming up off the field as well. There are many stories of the Vietnam Swans teaming up for charity this year and this is just one of them. Spending a lot of time in the backline this season, Derrin Limbrick and I are used to helping each other out and watching each others backs on the field, so when I came knocking on Derrin’s charitable door, Derrin welcomed me warmly.

I work for RMIT University Vietnam as IT Manager and throughout the year have been working on a plan to donate over 250 computers to charity. With Fiona Terry’s help, a list of worthwhile charities was sourced, from HCMC to Danang to Hanoi.

Most things were sorted out in-house to make the computers completely free – except for logistics and delivery. I thought quickly of who could help. One name popped to mind straight away, Derrin Limbrick, Corporate Services Manager from Crown Worldwide. I floated the idea with him after training one day and we were away.

Two weeks ago we gave away our first 46 computers to charity: 23 to Saigon Children’s Charity and 23 to Binh Thanh Service of Education. Just in time for Christmas this week, 20 will go to Danang Paediatric Hospital, another 20 to Danang General Hospital and 26 to KOTO.

This has been my proudest moment working in Vietnam this year and Derrin and I attended the first presentation to the charities two weeks ago.

RMIT has posted a story on their website titled, .

A story also appeared in the Vietnamese publication, .

I am looking forward to teaming up with other Swannies for Charity and other events in the coming months and know of many other special projects the team has in the works. It is fantastic to be part of a team that is so community driven and this is one of the many reasons I am so proud of the Vietnam Swans.

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New photos from End of Season function

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 21, 2009

Linda picks up the Swannies' Groupie award and Santa drops in on the kids!

Courtesy of the Armstrongs, the Swans Blog has picked up some additional photos from the Swannies’ End of Season function held on 12 December in Saigon.

Click here to see the photos in the .

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Saigon Prez and C’tee member arrive in Ottawa – minus luggage and minus 15 degrees

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 20, 2009

Derrin and Fleur arrive in Ottawa - without their luggage!

Saigon Prez, Dez, and Committee member, Fleur, are having a nice little holiday in Canada. Alas, It’s not yet all good for them…

Derrin reports:

I am looking for anyone who is willing to go down to the Russian Market in HCMC and buy two North Face Jackets and send them over to Ottawa (Canada) via Vietnam Post!!

We have hit minus 15 degrees here and United Airlines still have not turned up with our luggage.

I think that Vietnam Post might just have it over United Airlines for reliability…

Still managed to get to a Senators Ice Hockey game tonight.  Big fan.

Do you think that we might be able to spread our wings and start a Vietnam Swans Ice Hockey team…

A Vietnam Swans Ice Hockey team?? Sounds like Cool Runnings II!

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Miss Australia? Never mind, Miss World is coming here

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 19, 2009

Next year, on 6 November 2010, the in either Nha Trang or My Tho (in the Mekong Delta).

While the official venue is still to be announced, My Tho seems to believe that it is the front-runner and has wasted no time in hanging a banner welcoming people to the “Home of Miss World 2010″.

For those who don’t know much about My Tho, according to Wikipedia, My Tho is famous for its noodle soup, , which is made from “meaty pork bones, offal such as intestines, liver, and heart and fresh shrimp, and possibly deep fried wonton”.

Regardless of the final venue, the Vietnam Swans welcome the fact that Miss World 2010 will be held in Vietnam and trust that we will get a chance to meet Australia’s contestant.

Punters will recall that when Miss Universe was held here in 2008, the Swannies had our photo taken with the Australian contestant and Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic.

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“Angry” reports on the End of Season function

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 16, 2009

Dave “Angry” Hadley and winner of this season’s Captain’s Award, reports on last Saturday’s Swannies’ End of Season function held at Danny and Jo Armstrong’s pad in Saigon.

Some of the crowd at last Saturday's End of Season function

Players, Saigon Shooters, Families, Friends, Children, Sponsors, Santa, Spouses and Louses were just some of the dignitaries that showed up to the Vietnam Swans 2009 Christmas Party. What a bbq it was too, with many food groups jostling to take out best food of the day. The meat pies around dinner came a strong first, with the ribs and the smorgasbord coming a close second. The drinks came third, with the punch packing a… well, punch.. and the beer, wine and ‘other’ category keeping the crowds in high spirits.

I was extremely excited to hit the pool after the last party at the Armstrong’s house. Nothing better than having a drink in the pool, getting it full of chlorine from the children and Gus dive bombing you. This time there was no chance as there were too many people conversing. What an exciting bunch of people that attended, all very active in the Vietnam community. I found myself sweating and talking, listening attentively to the various projects the guests had going on. I could not get to the pool until about 7pm when the guests started to thin out. The bbq went on until late with the last few revellers rumoured to have left around 2am.

Can I hear a round of applause for the fantastic hosts, Danny and Jo Armstrong please. *pauses for applause*. Not only did they provide the house, the pool, the entertainment and the undying love, but they were the most gracious hosts for the entire bbq. I will remember Danny, sweating profusely, passing through the crowd with daughter in tow, giving out pies with sauce. What a family.

The official part of the day started with something being evident after an hour. The speeches went on too long. It would not be the Vietnam Swans without long speeches, its what we do. Matt Townsend was the master of ceremonies, using his quick wit to charm the crowd. He would then reappear as… Fanta Plaus (name cleverly changed in case children are reading this blog). Fabbo did one of his legendary speeches and he did not disappoint, taking the crowd over the magnificent year the Swans have had in 2009. Derrin, Fleur from the Saigon Shooters netball team and Danny all gave speeches.

National Prez, Fabbo, presents Gus with an award that recognises him for being the longest active serving Swannie's player. In history!

Awards? There were a few, most notable ones listed below. There is only one award in this writers eyes. The biggest award goes to the entire Vietnam Swans football team for having the most special and amazing 2009. Give yourselves a round of applause, you have definitely made a huge difference to any team or community that has crossed your runaway path this year.


  • Players’ Player – Danny “Monkey” Monk
  • Best Club Man – Derrin “Dezza” Limbrick
  • Captain’s Award – David “Angry” Hadley
  • Most Improved – Jerry Jerry Jerry

The following two players received awards for 5 years of active service (the “5 Year Participation Certificates”) to the Club:

  • Gus “G Train” McEwin
  • Phil “Fabbo” Johns

For more photos, also courtesy of Angry Dave, click on the .

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Snags does “highest handball in history”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 14, 2009

Chris “Snags” Canty played for the Hanoi Swans in March 2006 when we claimed our first ever international scalp; the Jakarta Bintangs.

Today, on Facebook, Snags has posted a story from Potosi, Bolivia, with a photo of him handballing a footy. Snags makes the big claim, “Probably the highest handball in history. 4090 metres above sea level.”

Editor’s Note: With Snags’ skills, probably the highest hospital handball in history.

Snags and, arguably, the highest hospital handpass in history.

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2009 Vietnam Swans Players Awards

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 13, 2009

Awards announced!

Yesterday, the Vietnam Swans held our end of season function in District 2. Approximately 80 people attended including former President of the Swans in Hanoi, Potsy, Shane Bezzanto (Hanoi Swan in 2004) and Boris, currently a Lao Elephant, who will move to Saigon next month. We also had our sponsors attend.

The Club’s awards were also presented. Winners were:

  • Players’ Player – Danny “Monkey” Monk
  • Best Club Man – Derrin “Dezza” Limbrick
  • Captain’s Award – David “Angry” Hadley
  • Most Improved – Jerry Jerry Jerry

In addition, the following two players received awards for 5 years of active service (the “5 Year Participation Certificates”) to the Club:

  • Gus “G Train” McEwin
  • Phil “Fabbo” Johns

Thanks to the Glove, Matt Townsend, for being MC as well as ensuring that the kids got to see Santa.

Thanks to Danny, Jo and family for opening up your house for the function.

More to follow, including photos.

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Willy elected Hanoi Prez; Stanno Hanoi Coach

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 10, 2009

Following Hanoi President Potsy’s relocation to somewhere just outside Saigon, Hanoi has had a spill of positions. Former Coach, Willy was elected President. Stanno was elected Coach of the north. National President, Phil “Fabbo” Johns spreads the word.


To Willy and Stanno,

On behalf of all the Vietnam Swans:

  • Congratulations to Willy, former Hanoi Coach, on becoming the new Hanoi President of the Vietnam Swans
  • Congratulations to Stanno on becoming the new Hanoi Coach of the Vietnam Swans

Willy played in the then Hanoi Swans our first ever match back in 2003. He then returned to Australia for a short while before the irresistible lure of Hanoi brought him back. Nobody would disagree that “Willy or Won’t He” (He already has…) is somewhat passionate about his footy and the Swannies. He’s been a keen tourer, he’s been the coach of the Swannies in Hanoi and, over the last 15 months, has driven the Auskick program for school kids in Hanoi. And of course, yesterday, he became a father for the first time. Seemingly, he’s done everything.

Stanno is a relatively new recruit for the Swannies. He played his first international in August of this year against Lao in the Craig Senger Memorial match – and immediately made a big impression on the field. A fortnight ago, he made his first international tour for the Swannies travelling to Bangkok for the Indochina Cup. Again, he was a great contributor on and off the field and will be a very popular choice as coach.

All of the Vietnam Swans wish you luck and offer as much support as we can in building the Club in Hanoi.

To Potsy, the outgoing Hanoi President who has a new job near Saigon, thanks for all your efforts – and stay involved with the Club! Given you’re involved with the Hotel that will be hosting next year’s Miss World pageant, then, we’re all expecting our second photo shoot with a Miss Australia (or any Miss for that matter). Are you hearin’ us, Potsy??

Thanks again, Potsy.

Congratulations again to Willy and Stanno. And good luck!

Regards, Fabbo

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Saigon Shooters take Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 9, 2009

Two weeks ago, the Saigon Shooters Netball Club toured with the Vietnam Swans to Bangkok to take on the Thailand Tigers Netball Club in their own Indochina Cup. Below, Fleur Gamble, President of the Saigon Shooters, and Committee member of the Vietnam Swans, reports on the weekend.

The Saigon Shooters - very pleased with their first ever international tour!

Since it’s inception in September 2009, the Saigon Shooters netball club has done nothing but fly! With a huge 19 ladies turning up for the very first training session the ball was sent rolling swiftly into the future from there.

On average 15-20 ladies front training every Wednesday night at the local Australian International School (AIS) in District 2 for an hour and half of fitness, ball skills and game play which is undertaken at various levels.

Our first and most significant success, aside from the club’s popularity, was our recent jaunt to the Indochina Cup in Bangkok. Our two teams of girls came kitted out in some fancy Fair Fashion uniforms and we were ready to play.

The Thailand Tigers, who fronted our two teams, were impressed by our tight and fast game. Both Shooters’ teams had successful wins against the Tigers.

Awesome shots were going in from all around the D from our amazing Shooters Kelsey, Paula, Cathy and Carrie. Hard work was represented in the centre court with a few new players really showing how far they have come since September. Most notably Bridget and Andrea in Wing Defence weren’t letting their opponents near the ball and new to the game, Rachel, was all over her Goal Keeping Position. Some of our most experienced girls did what they do best with Claire and Emma owning the ball all over the court – so much so they didn’t even need their team mates for some amazing skills.

Our height and strength was well recognised with Roz, Helen, Tracy and Fleur in Goal Defence. A special mention to our very well prepared Captains Lizzie and Keryn, who had plays, positions and sub options galore for each team to try out.

All in all the tour was a huge success on and off the court. We took home the Indochina Cup and we have certainly made friends for life. It’s onwards and upwards for us now with plans for a 5 team comp, tournament hosting and more touring in the works for 2010.

As we say in our camp “Shooters Fly”. Here’s looking to a flying future for us all at the Shooters and at our sister Club the Vietnam Swans!!

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Thanks to the Swannies in the Indochina Cup

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 8, 2009

The Vietnam Swans can hold their heads high after the Indochina Cup a fortnight ago.

Last week, National President, Phil “Fabbo” Johns sent the following email to those Swannies who played in the Indochina Cup in Bangkok.

Hi Indochina Cup Tourers

Well, each of us were there when it mattered last week in Bangkok when the Vietnam Swans played in the 3rd Annual Indochina Cup. Thanks to everyone on the tour.

The Swannies have had an amazing year this year – because we have guys who contribute on and off the field and make it happen. Apart from the home matches, this year, we have played 4 away matches (Kanchanaburi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok) which makes us a very active Club in the region.

Special mentions I would like to make are:

  • Sam Conroy – 1st International tour
  • Josh Little – 1st International tour
  • The Juke Box (Derrin’s mate) – Visitor’s first match for the Swannies
  • Jeremy (Rhys’ mate) – Visitor’s first match for the Swannies

Welcome to the international tour to each of you and I trust that you had a sensational time that will ensure that you become active members and tourers of the Swannies. For the two visitors, Juke Box and Jeremy, great to have you join us.

A particularly special mention to:

  • Scott Beasley, a Swannie who previously lived in Saigon
  • Rhys Stephens, a Swannie who previously lived in Saigon

It is a great reflection on the Club that these two guys, who helped build the Club, would want to set their holidays around a Swannies footy match. Testament to the power of our Club’s culture, prior to last Saturday, there was only a handful of faces that these two guys knew from when they were playing. Their presence was gold and, as expected, the way that the current generation of players made them feel so welcome was awesome. Hopefully, we will see a growing number of ex players returning for the occasional tour.


Greg “Stanno” from Hanoi who was on his his first ever international tour for the Swannies. Fantastic to see Stanno there keeping the Hanoi link alive (with Paul Schwedt) and dominating both on and off the field. In addition, we need to wish Stanno a big congratulations because, earlier in the week, he was elected Coach of Hanoi. Fantastic effort, Stanno. You will be gold in that position. (a separate email will go out shortly announcing Willy’s election to the President’s position in Hanoi (congratulations, Willy!) following Potsy’s relocation to Saigon).

Great effort by everyone.

Saigon Shooters Netball Team

And finally, congratulations to our committee member, Fleur, who did such a stunning job with firing up the Saigon Shooters netball team for such a massively successful tour. Awesome effort.

See below for photos and Angry’s post match report.

Well done Swannies. Again.


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