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Merry Christmas from the Vietnam Swans

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Vietnam Swans

National Prez, Phil Johns, wishes the Swannies, Merry Christmas.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

Australian bushfires, Jakarta bombings, the tragedy of war remembered at Hellfire Pass on ANZAC Day… The scale was as vast as the Swannies are tiny.

Each time we felt daunted but we wanted to do “something”.

We took a collaborative approach engaging with the Bali Geckos, Lao Elephants, Thailand Tigers, the Australian Embassy & Consulate, Auscham, Austrade and the wider community.

As an active footy club we were able to use our already scheduled international matches as vehicles of symbolic support, and to pay tribute, to people who were only far away physically. On each occasion, collectively, we had just one shot in the locker – and we tried to use them with great care.

In addition, the Swannies have done lots of other things this year (see below). It has been busy, hectic and successful.

Thank you to:

  • Our sponsors and other supporters for your support this year.
  • Each of the players who, as Micky J says, make the financial and time commitment to “play when you can”.
  • The families and partners of the players who also support the growth and development of our Club.

Congratulations to the Saigon Shooters Netball Club – Saigon’s newest sporting club.

Finally, have a safe and Merry Christmas and… bring on 2010!

2 Responses to “Merry Christmas from the Vietnam Swans”

  1. willy said

    to fabboooooooooooooooo and the saigon boys and to rooster and lets not forget flyer and while i can chuck another and in there lets throw in every possible swannie to have donned a guernsey,

    merry chrisie and happy new year from the hanoi swannies boys.

    may 2010 be the year of the swan and an awesome one for all.

    love ya work fabbo. may you get a hole in one.

    go you swannies!!


    • Mr Hanoi President, Willy, Merry Christmas to you too Squire.

      Yesterday was all good at the MCG with Flyer, Taber and Will. Today, there will be holes-in-one aplenty at the Vietnam Swans 5th Annual Golf Classic in Melbourne.

      Should be a classic.

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